Saturday, December 5, 2015

Late Century Modern Recordings

Hello SSS readers,

Long time no post!

This week, I officially launched my label out of a Valley laneway, a tiny hole in the wall record and cassette bar Phase 4.The label's name is LCMR. The plan was and is to release Brisbane music that has never appeared on record before - whether that be the Outpatients, the Bex Crystals or some other band you may have only read about.

In the first instance, I went for an album that was never released on LP. The historian in me had to fill that void. And in that (vast) Kuepper catalogue, you'll notice that 1992's Black Ticket Day came out through the three major format options at the time: CD, LP, and cassette; and 1994's Character Assassination was much the same. However, the album in the middle (Serene Machine) did not - it was only a digipak CD and cassette release despite the fact it was recorded at Electric Avenue as an under forty minute, twelve track LP with half shared over sides one and two.
Serene Machine was made in an edition of 300 copies from MPO in France with Don Bartley's  master, the record cut by SST Br├╝ggemann in Germany. Judi Kuepper's original photograph was sourced after a bit of detective work, and the cover was restored to its proper ratio.

At the time of writing, it's available via the Phase 4 Record and Cassette Bar in Bakery Lane, 680B Ann St, Fortitude Valley and via LCMR's online store

Is there something LCMR should release? Drop a line in the comments section.

Have a lovely December!