Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coloured Stone - Koonibba Rock.

Well its invasion day here again in Australia, the day that in rather
bad taste Australia celebrates its very own nationalist day on the
day that the 1st fleet arrived at Sydney Cove to set up a penal
colony and start the invasion of this country.
Not really a great day to celebrate!
The people whom were the custodians of this land were then subject
to some of the worst treatment of people in history.
This is also the day that the SSS blog began back in 2008 and is
now 6 years old. Every year on this day I post as I did back
at the beginning a record from one of the great Australian Aboriginal
artists and today its the trailblazing Coloured Stone
Hailing from Koonibba some 8 hours drive northwest of Adelaide in
South Australian, this band was among the first to put out records
and this their first Lp from 1985 contains their classic 1984 single
Black Boy which went to number 1 in Fiji and sold some 120000
copies. Still going today it is Bunna Lawies band, being the lead
singer and songwriter he has kept producing fine music for over
30 years and some 13 Lps with the latest due out this year

So download and play this this Australia day!

Download Here