Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Kransky Sisters - Three Bags Full

For those who don't know of Queensland's own musical comedy trio
The Kransky Sisters let me try to explain.
Written and performed by Annie Lee (Mourne) and
Christine Johnston (Eve) in collaboration with
Carolyn Johns (Dawn), the Knansky's are 3 sisters who come
from Esk a small rural town not 45 mins from Brisbane.
They tell hilariously disturbing tails from their lives in
Esk and in this show "Three bags full" all the way to Europe.
Along the way they weave in songs that they learnt from the
radio, its a incredibly diverse collection of covers that
get the Kransky treatment and a song is never the same
after that!

There was Devo's Whip It, ACDC's Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap,
The Bee Gees Stayin Alive, Steve Millers Stuck in the middle
and so much more.
They even picked an unfortunate fellow from the audience to
become Greg an honorary Kransky.
At the end of their wonderful performance they walked out
through the audience to the sounds of one of their earlier
signature tunes Single Bed
I last saw these guys maybe 15 years ago at Woodford Folk
Festival and as brilliant as they were back then they have
only improved with age.
The show is at the Powerhouse until tomorrow night!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lighthouse Keepers – Ode to Nothing

Ode to Nothing replaces the 2 disc anthology of Phantom’s long-gone Lipsnipegroin by offering a compact overview of Sydney pop group the Lighthouse Keepers' three or so years in a ‘best of’ (or in a more perfect world, a Greatest Hits!) fashion. And so Feel Presents have created a neat little g’day to those who’ve gotten down on hands and knees sifting through crates of records in the hopes that they might get a chance to hear more than a stray compilation track by the Lighthouse Keepers and a debriefing for those who were around to see them explode and implode.

The Lighthouse Keepers were the folk-pop infused wedge between the Particles and the Cannanes; with all three sharing the multi-instrumentalist Stephen O’Neil, whose Canberra beginnings in Guthegga Pipeline spawned another future Cannane member in Gavin Butler and principal songwriter, Greg Appel. But I’m going too far backward, so moving forward five year to a space between 1983 and 1986; the Lighthouse Keepers toured the country and abroad on the back of records released by Hot and their own independent label Guthegga Pipeline Records.
Hot kindly repressed their Gargoyle single, and subsequently released Ocean Liner, their double-A side Ode to Nothing/Seven Years and sole LP, Tales of the Unexpected. And in between there was the mini-LP The Exploding Lighthouse Keepers. What Ode to Nothing does is scoop the cream from these releases and turns it into a 15 track entrée.
Hot of course had other Sydney-based groups along the lines of the cousins referred to earlier; the Celibate Rifles, Laughing Clowns, the Triffids and not to mention the Warumpi Band from the red center. The first three of these groups have basked in the sunlight of warm press after their break-ups or sabbaticals when people uncover what Australian independent music has to offer, though the Lighthouse Keepers have strangely avoided similar praise by local and international press. Too twee to be indie? Too folk to be post-punk? Flannelette shirts 15yrs too late or 5yrs too early? Whichever theory you might want to go for (or maybe none of these at all) - this release will hopefully cement their place as one of Australia's wondrous groups of the 1980s and rightfully place primary songwriter Greg Appel in the calibre of vehicle leaders David McComb, Ed Kuepper and Peter Milton Walsh.

A4 flyer from a selection of Sydney shows in 1984. (Donat Tahiraj Archive)

When Clinton Walker’s punk and post-punk bible from 1982 Inner City Sound was reprinted in 2005, Walker extended the original 1981 ending to 1985, much to the disappointment of some puritans out there. And what the extension did was to smartly include groups like the Lighthouse Keepers. The caption beside the very same photo that is the basis of the Ode to Nothing CD cover and back sleeve shot of their LP describes them succinctly, “after the Go-Betweens and the Triffids had legitimized acoustic guitars in a post-punk context, the Lighthouse Keepers picked up as if where the Particles left off. Arriving with a splash in Sydney from Canberra in 1983, the Keepers boasted the unmistakable voice of Juliet Ward and the positively strange but great songwriter in Greg Appel.”

My English teacher once asked his puzzled grade 12 class, “what makes for a great poem?” And as we struggled to find the right answer, he whispered – “its timelessness.” This is what makes the Lighthouse Keepers great, its timelessness – and even though this compilation is long overdue, it nonetheless exists in a way that’s tasteful through a thoughtfully selected group of songs that captures the beauty of the Lighthouse Keepers.

Ode to Nothing is available in Australia by Feel Presents and distributed through Fuse.
The Lighthouse Keepers are performing two sets at the Sandringham Hotel in Sydney on September 9th. Tickets available through Moshtix.
Would the last person to leave please turn-out the lighthouse?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cybernana - Riot Day

Well it's that time of year again to let the moths see some light and throw some money at the Zed machine so they can gasp some air for another year...
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This double cd was released to celebrate the infamous 1996 4zZz market day in which the army of australia invited itself to join in with the queensland police for a good ol' fashion hippy (punk) bashing... they called it a riot  - as we all know when kids are playing in the mud after a storm they should be sent home to have a warm bath and those that dont will be punished to the full extent of the law....
Funny how lately good ol mother England has been in a national debate for days following destructive dangerous mob activity as to whether local plod needs any army assistance... but back last century in Queensland the Army was ready and willing to assist moments after a few kids started playing in the mud... some say the army even practiced assistance the day before.....

Disc one is live from the Stages:
1. Blitz Babiez - Domesticated
2. Dogmachine - Disorder
3. Turtlebox - Sport
4. Feedtime- You
5. Drop - A letter to the prime minister
6. Porno Flick Bitches - Fuck shit up
7. Dregs of Humanity - Loss
8. Disrupt Youth - $49
9. Blowhard - Ben's one
10. The Wishing Chair - The real thing
11. Velour - Drop

12. The Subterraneans - Messiah
13. Screamfeeder - Bruises
14. Webster - Magic 2 Minutes
15. St. Jude - Knee
16. Pollen - Twitch
17. The Invinsible Empire - Last go round
18. Misery - Inverted Prophet
19. John Lee Spider - Johnny Smith
20. Weave - Games
21. Taxi - Country

Disc two is electronica from the Doof tent with a hidden track from the press concert after the market day riot
1. Organarchy - Vocoder Message
2. Jandy Rainbow & Ande - Union
3. Adrenalentil - Large family Units
4. Flowmadik - PeopleWithin the Underground
5. Grumblemorph - Bass Level 160bpm
6. Earthmetal - Homo Mojo Rising
7. Grumblemorph - All That Scratching (acid scratch mix)
8. Grumblemorph - Dubbed
9. Jandy Rainbow - Lovechild
10. Pygmy Limbo Dancers - Rumble in the Park
11. press conference aftermath (uncredited on cd)

Download Here

an interesting article from the courious snail can be found here -

The folowing year was at Albert Park and called Zed Bubble - Market Day.
A lot of the early part of the day was broadcast on zed and relayed to several other states on alternative radio stations.. I managed to tape about an hour of this broadcast in the afternoon to catch old mates "lee harvey.."
bands caught live are Dream poppies , godnose and Lee Harvey and the Oswalds with some interesting voxpop and interviews with custard... enjoy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Bongin' Baby - 2 Weeks of Decadence

Big Bongin' Baby appeared around Brisbane around the tail-end of the 1980s and had frittered out by the early 1990s; appearing sporadically ever since. Notorious for not turning up to shows booked for them, while leaving a trail of cricket-inspired montage poster art for their shows.

The Bongers assumed the Pits philosophy of the early 80s by playing a brand of Brisbane suburban punk that takes away the pomp and seriousness that this city can sometimes create in its music. It's under-produced, under-rehearsed and under-valued - in other words, Toilet Rock.

2 Weeks of Decadence was their debut release from 1992, and by the sound of things it was recorded with a lot of compression at Vibrafeel studios in downtown Inala. Perhaps it's its relative obscurity that keeps it from being held as one of the most essential Brisbane 45s of its time, but nevertheless until someone out there puts together a compilation CD of their shambolic commitments to tape, then this is sadly it.

Big Bongin' Baby at the Treasury Hotel, 1992. Photo stolen from JJ Speedball.

Guitarist/vocalist Gutterball Pete and his brother Awesome Andy on bass, and a succession of drummers with names like Roger Adultery, Charlie Gay Pride and Barnaby Cones went on to release a split single with the Onyas, the 6 track EP Under Attack from the Squares - both released in 1994, and an LP in 1999 - Appetite for a Whopper.

Gutterball Pete went on to form the Cool Millions in the late 90s and the Golden Orbs and in the early 00s, as well as a guitarist for Strutter. He currently plays in the Royal Family. Awesome Andy has played with the likes of the Dangermen and the Wretched Villians among others.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cutters - Self Titled 4 Track Cassette

Another wonderful gem from Paislie's music collection,
a 4 track self titled cassette from 1980's Brisbane band
The Cutters. Their 1st single has been posted here
previously, Here.
So I think we are only missing their 2nd single.
For those who don't know Andrew Barlett who
went on to great things outside of music was in
this band who to my ears remind me of one of
his favourite Brisbane bands, Ups and Downs.

Thanks Paisley!

Track List
01 - The Fortunes of our Lives
02 - Television Mercy
03 - More Than Fire
04 - Time

Popsicle - Various Artists

A rip of a nice little Melbourne centric cassette,
Thanks Paislie

This is a demo cassette I got in Melbourne,
I can't remember anything about when or
where or how or why,
but it's an interesting mix of bands.
I've copied in the photocopied cover that came with it.

enjoy, Paislie.

Download Here

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Poles - Over and Beyond and Through

THE POLES - Over and Beyond and Through (Tate/Bolland)/ Ha! Ha! Ha! (Tate/Bolland/The Poles)

Recorded at Basilisk Studios
Engineer - Martin Bishop
Produced by the Poles

Scott Bolland - Vocals
Joseph Borkowski - Bass
Andrew MacLennan - Drums
Scott Stone - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Michael Tate - Guitar

This single, one of the 500 individually screen-printed 45s is the band's sole release from April, 1981. The Poles (much like the Patients) are frequently recalled by fellow musicians of the post-Saints Brisbane musical landscape as having been an exceptional, if not influential live band.

The year is 1978. Kenmore. Clinton Walker's having a party at his family home. Mick Tate, Janine Hall and Scott Bolland decide to form a band. By the time conversation turned into playing, Janine meets up with Rowland Howard and Ollie Olsen who are up from Melbourne for a weekend in Sydney and with Jeffrey Wegener they form the Young Charlatans.

The band moved to Sydney in November 1979, and played alongside the Laughing Clowns on numerous occasions at the Metropole; and shared bills with the likes of the Sunnyboys.

Dave Tyrer was an early guitarist in the band, who later played in the Go-Betweens for one show in July 1980 armed with a Roland guitar-synth, along with former Toesuckers drummer Clare McKenna (who later went on to play with Xero and the Holy Ghosts). This was the only time both of them played in the Go-Betweens. During the course of 1978-79, Tyrer played guitar in the influential Bex Crystals, one of Brisbane's early female-fronted punk bands who were regulars of the famed restaurant/venue, the Curry Shop. Their story has yet to be fully written. It'll happen!

Dave Tyrer playing in the Go-Betweens at the Sincerity Ball held at Baroona Hall, 4th July 1980 and behind him a backdrop designed by Gary Warner. Zero, FX, and Kroll & the Bluebirds also played that night. Photo by Paul O'Brien.

Guitarist and primary songwriter Mick Tate is now a freelance cartoonist working in Sydney.

Another member of note was bassist Joe Borkowski, who was an early chronicler of the Saints with his 35mm camera. It would be safe to say that all of the band's photos prior to their signing with EMI were taken by him.

This cassette is from a recording session done on a Portastudio by Ed Kuepper and Bruce 'Cab' Calloway in 1981.

After the swift demise of the Poles, Borkowski joined the Sydney incaration of Peter Milton Walsh's Out of Nowhere, playing on their single Remember Remember/No Resistance released by Prince Melon in 1982. Borkowski later emerged as a live member of the Apartments during 1984, and played cello on a Died Pretty track around that time whose name currently escapes me. He's also referenced in the Go-Betweens song Darlinghurst Nights.

The image above appeared in Clinton Walker's 1981 book, Inner City Sound and a caption which read:

"The Poles were inspired to take up music by the Saints, and took it from there themselves, to become another slant on the Brisbane Sound. They were probably best described as "a wonderful slice of modern pop halfway between the Shadows and the Saints.""
Over and Beyond and Through
appears on the Inner City Sound CD - the must-have companion to the VCP reprint of Walker's iconic book - released through Laughing Outlaw.

Furious Turtles - Endangered Species ep

These guys were everywhere in Brisbane in the mid-eighties.. Totally Ska-licious!!

Ray Moynihan the guitarist was a 4 ZzZ announcer/ news Journo and in several other bands including 'I Am Vertical' with Geoff Woods and Andrew Bartlett. He is now a medical journalist of some note. I will try and dig up a great interview with 612abc Steve Austin last year regarding his new book.
Bruce Forbes - sax , keys
Tim Littler - guitar

Mick Hoelscher - drums , percusion
Chris Coulter - bass , trombone , keys , vocals
Martin Thompson - guitar , vocals

Time Off - 25 september 1987 p14
Download here.

Robert Forster / Wonderous Fair- spill Live reviews Rave Mag 1994

Live Review section of Rave mag 30 march 1994 p26
A double up of reviews from street press Rave magazine from march 1994. Dunno where the Forster pic comes from - Roxy is an indoor venue...  looks a bit hippy with that long hair :)

Batswing Saloon - Time Off article 1989

Time Off 02 feb 1989 page3
A nice article regarding Batswing Saloon from about the time of  "Harold and Maude" release.