Friday, January 25, 2019

Blekbala Mujik’s self-titled album

Well its been around the 11 year mark since my first post here on the
jan 26 weekend.
I see the debate about changing the date has become more
mainstream in the last decade and I see a whole lot of people think
that this is some new thing driven by politically correct snowflakes,
but sorry to say it isnt
Ive been standing in solidarity with our first nation people concerning
this for some 35 years I was a young teenager when I first heard how
and why this is a divisive date
I recently came across a publication from 1938 that shows the very
same sentiments and concerns we see today, not much has changed
Check it out!

Anyway it seems the conservative side of politics here is threatened
by the growing move to change this bad taste poorly conceived
celebration of the beginning of a brutal British penal colony
 Good bugger them
Anyway heres some brilliant music from the Australians most
left out by all this
Download and play it loud today
Recorded over 5 years, Blekbala Mujik’s self-titled album
was described by Bruce Elder in 1995 (Sydney Morning Herald)
as ‘…the most artistically successful and commercial recording
released by CAAMA Music.’
The success of the album propelled the band onto the WOMAD
stage in Spain, a tour of Europe and the USA
and into the mainstream Australian Music Scene.

Reminiscent of Yothu Yindi’s electrified sounds
and infectious grooves (both bands share Ian Faith as producer),
Blekbala Mujik’s debut also hints of the Desert Reggae scene,
which was yet to come to the forefront of
the Central Australian Music.
From the catchy and exuberant ‘Drangkinbala’,
with it’s Caribbean Reggae feel to the surprising mix of
traditional singing and synthesizers on ‘Come-n-Dance’
this is a eclectic and exciting album,
which still sounds fresh nearly 20 years on.

Blekbala Mujik (May 1996)
CAAMA/Shock Records


01 - Mimi - Wajbagada
02 - Walking Together
03 - Drangkinbala
04 - Buffalo Stampede
05 - Don't Worry Just Be Happy
06 - Come n Dance
07 - White Cockatoo
08 - Mibala Yubala
09 - Mimi
10 - Walls
11 - One More Story
12 - Farewell

Download here