Thursday, May 26, 2011

Martha's Vineyard - 5 track cassette

Here's a great post I got from Steve in Melbourne a couple
of weeks ago when it was rather cold.

Hey Bob
Miserable day in Melbourne, why not send something to SSS??
Here is digital copy of first cassette from Martha's Vineyard
from 1986.
5 tracks plus scan of cover
Don't know if you know of them
but should be right up your folky alley

Martha's Vineyard were an Australian rock band,
formed in Perth in 1986 by lead singer Peggy Van Zalm.
They shared a similar sound and outlook
to that of fellow Perth bands like The Triffids,
The Honeys and Chad's Tree. Van Zalm's strong
vocals drew comparison with the likes of Patti Smith,
Chrissie Hynde and Joni Mitchell.

Well with a rap like that who can resist?
Thanks Steve

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ToothFaeries - I Believe

These guys used to pack out the big tent at woodford folk festival for years...  I heard they reformed recently for a flood benefit gig at the Joynt hotel in South brisbane...  here's hoping they get back together for a tour..


excellent stuff!!!

Download here.

Lee Harvey and the Oswalds - Feed your Head

 Great name for a band!

Ex 4zzz announcers Greg Fryer and Shane (?) escaped Brisvegas to Adelaide in the mid nineties to study music and would return for the 4ZzZ 1997 market day with this band.

I managed to get a recording from the market day broadcast to supply a couple of bonus tracks to this recording - namely a live version of Floyds 'Interstella Overdrive' and an old Act song - 'Psyhco'....
The cd also contains another Act song 'Black n Blue'.
'Aussie Song' got into the Hot 100 from memory but cant find a copy of the list to share as yet.

Last time I saw a pic of Greg he was in a glass box in Federation Square as a life exhibit.
Found a podcast once where he just rants n raves about stuff for an hour...  nothing ever changes !!!!
He often vows never to return to brisvegas for more than 10 minutes....  ..

Download here.

Alien Virus

Alien Virus is a Sci-fi punk band from Brisbane 1988-present...
Napalm sticks to Kids was voted into the 4zzz Hot 100 for 7 years in a row.
Alien Virus also does some Escape from Toytown songs... 

Band members-

Cal Crilly-Vocals/guitar
Mike B-Bass/vocals
Troy F.-Bass
Old Members were
Peter Rabbit-Drums
Jump Freeley-Guitar
Clare Surly-Drums, check out her new band Vix and The Stix


Info lifted from

you can stream or download 10 songs at that site or go to 

and get some tickets to this and see them live supporting -

Friday June 10th, sees Steve Ignorant from Crass step onto an Australian stage for the first time. This is surely an event not to miss After receiving a rapturous response from audiences in the UK and Europe, and with US and Canadian shows around the corner we can now proudly announce THE LAST SUPPER TOUR featuring STEVE IGNORANT from CRASS coming to Australia in June 2011.


I saw Act play a few times and always had some fun, so time for a post :)

Cal Crilly
Anthony Schaeffer
Stephen Stanley
John Davies
Marcello Milani
Jump Freeley
Mike B.
Anthony Holzberger
Leo Fatseas

Cal Crilly - "We'll Act started out when Schaeff rang me after he saw this picture for a band ad where I said I wanted to start a band with "death, blackness and humour" a Bauhaus quote....
We met on Nov 1st 1984 at the Hungry Jack's Circle in the Queen St Mall, that was the end of the Mall back then.
Schaeff was with a skinhead girl I think called Nicole who was getting filmed by a group of Kelvin Grove art students for a project, that messed up video must be out there somewhere.
We went to the Riverside wharves and got drunk on Brandovino, first and last time for me, that's the last I remember....
I woke up in the watchhouse with my face flat to the floor, when I got to Roma St. Railway Station and looked in a mirror my hair was up in spikes on one side from the puke.
Schaeff had ended up in a fight and was taken to hospital.
We lost contact for a month or more.
Leo Fatseas was with us that night and when I later went to see Johnny Rotten and Public Image Ltd. play I bumped into him and that's how Act started..."
what better way to describe a band than to lift one of the members own comments :)

read lots more about Act and other Cal Crilly related bands on his Star Sludge blog found here
You can stream 6 songs or download them from this site - courtesy of Cal
ad from an old punk zine called 'Consumer Junk' - address no longer valid im guessing .

One of the songs not on that site is the "Spot the Flying Cat" ditty. Download here.
From memory this is a song about a cat that belonged to Brett and Scott Younger from 'post no bills' . 4 zZz announcer Troy Gibson aka Troy Frehley aka Jump Freely was in a phase of prolonged deep meditation on all things metaphysical ( especially things concerning the yin and yang of life) and one day at the 'post no bills' house saw the cat flying about and thought - good idea for a song. The track was recorded by fellow ZZZ announcer Dave Lennon (studying at milton SAE) with (from memory) ACT ppl backing up.. maybe Marcello on drums and Cal on geeetar.. dunno about Steven on bass but maybe-- certainly Greg Fryer was at the session as his unmistakable " MAAATTTE!!" finishes the song so its probably him playing bass.. Ildiko Putnoki from 'post no bills' did some keyboards as well .. anyhooo minor details.. The heavy 'meditation' of the time coincided well with their preoccupation with Barrett era floyd and this song shows its roots- a shambolic "Lucifer Sam" type ditty. It existed in cart form around ZZZ for some time and even got into the 1988 hot 100 at 72..- listed as an Act song..
most in the band would mutate into Alien Virus.
Shaeff would often talk of doing more music, but nothing transpired as far as I know.
Steven Stanley would head off to the deep north and get into IT
Marcello would get the Toothfaeries happening..
Greg would later disappear to Adelaide with another ZZZ announcer to study music proper and get the "lee harvey and the oswalds" project up.

Update thanks to Mr Anon who posted these links
in the comments

ACT: How to Confuse the Media (Cassette)

Side A: Here
Side B: Here

Razar Reunion interview 'Time Off' 1989

A great gig sooo many years ago. Steve Kunde tells me he video taped this gig with some Griffith uni equipment and handed the tapes over at the end of the show...  ANY COPIES CIRCULATING ???!!!!

I remember Act was supporting - great band ..  next post ;)

4ZzZ Hot 100 - 1988

Always a good source for Brisbane music of the time ;)

Lots of other 4ZzZ hot 100 lists can be found here -
They are missing a few if anyone can help them out with old radio times info...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Go-Betweens - RAM cover story 19 Oct 1988

An interview with Robert and Lindy just after the "16 Lovers Lane"  release.

Quote of the day : Lindy- "I call it our Peter, Paul and Mary album, if you want to know."

Click pics to enlarge.

Sunnyboys - sonics cover story -oct/dec 1982

An old Australian music mag called Sonics from 1982 that featured the Sunnyboys touring setup as a cover story. Click to enlarge pics for reading.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunnyboys - 7in Giveaway Birthday EP

Matty shares with us a rip of a rare give away Ep from
the legendary Sunnyboys.
Thanks Matty!

"... taking the novel approach of giving for your birthday,
sunnyboys doled out this little gem to their congregated
faithful- a
free 7" EP containing 4 live tracks, at a gig to
celebrate their first
birthday in 1981.
One this country's finest, they exploded over an

unsuspecting public in the early '80's and, sadly,
imploded a (too)
short while later leaving behind a trail
of 3 albums and a slew of
magnificent singles in their wake.
Thankfully those singles, and the 4
tracks here
(amongst an entire cd of fantastic live recordings),
since been reconvened and lovingly dished up on
the comprehensive 2-cd
This Is Real- Singles/Rare/Live on (and available from)
the Feel
Presents record label- A Real Beauty!!..."

By-the-by, anyone loving this here blog who doesn't
already own the
utterly indispensable
"Tales From The Australian Underground, Vol. 1 &
can pick them up at the same time from the
"Feel Presents" website.

01 What You Need
02 Why Do I Cry
03 I Want To Be Alone
04 Let You Go

Download Here

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Rat's Picnic - Demo Cassette

Bazzil from the wonderful Prehistoric Sounds blog has
sent this rare and exclusive piece of Brissy music history!
A digital rip of a demo cassette!
Thanks Bazzil !

A demo cassette from old 80's Brizzie band "Water Rats Picnic"
I took a few photos for them back in the day and caught them
playing a few times at The Treasury and Sensorias among other places.
Maybe a few readers will remember them
Her ya go,

Track List
01 - She's A Bore
02 - Dreams Are Lost
03 - '49 Chevy

Water Rats Picnic
Brisbane 1987 - 1989

Members :

Paul Adams - Guitar
Chris Donnelly - Guitar
Luke Mallon - Drums
Anthony Taaffe - Vocals
Peter Wolffe - Bass

Water Rats Picnic - (demo)
Cassette Release - 1987

From the archive section of

Download Here

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the Go-Betweens - Live in Sydney 1986

Its the 6th of May and its been 5 years since Grant passed,
I cant help thinking of all the wonderful and enriching
things the world has missed in this time.
To remember Grant and the music that was so much
part of his life and gave us so much joy,
Steve has shared with us this previouly unheard
recording from 1986, an era of the Gobs that is
one of my favorites.

So download it and play it loud!

The GBs played the Graphic Arts Club in Sydney
on 30 March 1986 and I asked the sound mixer,
who I kinda knew if he would tape the
show for me. This is a digital copy of the tape.

Download Here

Monday, May 2, 2011

Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2011

The iconic Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival began
in 1994 and this year is the first time I've checked it out.
It was the fact that GANGgajang and later inclusion of
Hugh Cornwell of Stranglers fame that sealed the deal
for me. I got heaps of great photos of the bands and
great performances from both, I know Hugh isn't
an Australian artist but I'm posting his photos too.
I was pretty excited, I would have loved to have seen
the Stranglers when they played that infamous gig
way back in the dim history of Brisbane, but I only
heard from some of the lucky ones who were there.

I also got to met Peter Enright who has contributed to this blog and
was at the festival with the artist in residence Donna Hawkins,
she was creating a public participation artwork which Peter and
his friend were documenting.
Read about it Here

Ganggajang where fantastic as always, Mark Callahan's
lets say more successful band after the Riptides is a great
party band. In that respect not a huge departure from
the Riptides and no doubt they wouldn't be remembered
if it wasn't for the classic song "Sounds of Then"
They had the crowd eating out of there hand and
Mark is the prefect frontman, at one stage he made
a reference to his first ever gig being not far from here,
at the Caxton Street hall.
He even managed to get past the melting of his bee's
wax on the didgeridoo's mouth piece melting in the
hot Queensland autumn sun.

Hugh Cornwell was fantastic to see after all this time,
playing through a great selection of Strangler's tunes in the
warm afternoon sun, was quite an experience.
They did plenty of my favs, his signature tune Golden Brown,
No More Heroes, Hanging Around, Peaches, Always The Sun,
Nice 'N' Sleazy, No Mercy and Duchess.