Monday, December 27, 2010

Kintore Gospel Band and Mt Liebig Band - Western Desert Gospel

Back in 1990 I did a pilgrimage of sorts to the Northern Territory,
I was looking to experience Aboriginal Australia and the real Australia
that I had heard so much about. It was an incredible experience
and I came back very different.
While in Alice I picked up a couple of Cassettes, the kind of thing
that you didn't see outside of the center.
This is one of them and is my first cassette digitization.
I have a few interesting cassettes to blog as I rescue them from
being lost. This music is wonderful Western Desert music,
beautiful, relaxing unlike anything else. It transports me back to
the desert with its rich colours and isolation.
I'm hoping that this music will find fans all over the world and
no matter where you are the western desert will come to you!
Right now Brisbane is anything but a desert, we have had so
much rain for so long now I can't remember anything like it
since 1974 when Brisbane went under.
I was rather young then so my memories are very dim.
This is music to brighten up the wettest day!

Download here

Friday, December 24, 2010

Music from the Swiss Alps

For my last musical travel post I've choosen this short
video I made in the hills between Zermatt and the Matterhorn
in the Swiss Alps. What a fantastic place!
The video is of real Swiss cows and their cow bells making
the best music I heard in Swizerland,
a kind of a minimalistic ambient thing!
Merry Christmas from the SSS blog

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A very 4ZzZ Christmas!

This wonderful 4ZzZ Christmas card from the mid 80s comes
to us thanks to Paislie who has heaps of great photos of Brisbane
bands and ZzZ stuff from when she worked for the station back
then and from bands she was in.
Thanks Paislie and Merry Christmas to all the SSS blog readers
from a not so sunny Queensland

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 ZzZ turned 35 today.

It only seemed like yesterday....
I forgot to get the Ol girl a present ... I should subscribe again I guess...

4ZZZ's History
“You’re listening to 4ZZ-FM Brisbane bringing you stereo FM rock on a frequency of 105.7 megahertz,” John Woods 12 noon December 8 1975 and The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again” was broadcast to Brisbane for the first time in glorious FM stereo.

4ZZZ’s first broadcast on December 8 1975 signaled a revolution in Australian radio, it was the first community FM station in Australia and pioneered the playing of contemporary Australian music on these shores.

A new breed of radio station was emerging around the country thanks to an initiative of the Whitlam government and in Brisbane it took the form of 4ZZZ.

Ever since then Brisbane's best loved independent radio station 4ZZZ, has been supporting local music and artists, putting on great events, presenting news and opinions not found in mainstream media and providing support to the local community.

 In 1985 they made a book to celebrate the 10th year - Download here

Some Saints vids

Wahoooo..  the five hundred series!  who woulda thunk it would have survived this long.. ..

Some saints vids for cousin Annie to celebrate.

found this on the tube tonight..  check out Bailey's incredible microphone technique..  many hours in the bedroom practicing i think...

This interview is from an old ABC rock show called Flashez

This is a quick grab from a great Australian Rock doco called "Long way to the top".. track it down and buy 1 for xmas

Same doco as above... hmmm  Bailey's Saints.. even Ed admits it... . .

Last but not least is the Saints on Recovery in Jan 1997 doing Good Friday

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wildlife Documentaries EP - The SSS blogs monumental 500th Post

Well loyal readers of the SSS blog we have made the very special
milestone of our 500th post.
When I started this blog back on Australia Day 2008 I never guessed
what a wonderful time it would be. Coming up to 3 years at the end
of next January I think Myself and Chuck shall have to think up an
great post for that!

This EP is a very special record I've kept up my sleeve for a special
occasion. Wildlife Documentaries was formed in the early 80s after
the original Saints split.
Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay returned to Australia,
Hay joined The Hitmen, and Kuepper formed Laughing Clowns.
Chris Bailey remained in the UK and set about assembling a
new version of The Saints that initially included Hay on drums
(who returned to the UK briefly).

After that, Hay formed this jazz-inspired combo
Wildlife Documentaries back in Sydney.
Described as a "steel skeleton with a heart of brass"
they released this ep on M squared in June 1982.
And that was it, shame really because this band had a
wonderful sound very much in the same vein as the
Laughing Clowns.
After the end of this band Ivor rejoined Bailey in The Saints
during 1985.

Howard Cairns has continued working is music and after 25 years
has recently put out a record read all about it Here

Wildlife Documentaries are

Ivor Hay - Drums and Vocals
Howard Cairns - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Spence - Bass
Michael Charles - Alto Sax

Also playing on this record

Louise Elliot - Tenor Sax
and Greg Thorne - Trumpet

Track List

Forest for the Trees
Promise Me
Ghetto Strength

Download Here