Friday, February 9, 2018

Brisbane - Prod & the Moonbaby/Ash in October

A bit of Brisbane electronic music history has made
it to vinyl in this Prod & the Moonbaby/Ash in October
split album release
Lee Ingram has done a great job in getting this out,
it sounds cool and sound quality on the wav files ive
heard are great, the vinyl must be fantastic
So Ill hand over to Lee to fill you in on the history
of this part of Brisbane music

I have made a lot of music over the years
 but these were some of the first songs
I ever worked on. Robert Draycott and I
were just 15 when we both bought cheap
Casio keyboards and started writing songs
together under the name Prod and the Moonbaby.
Within a matter of months we had recorded an
album in my bedroom on a 4-track cassette recorder.

The sound was primitive and bad quality
but was full of adventure and spirit.
Local radio 4zzz started playing our songs
so we self released a couple of cassettes.
Once we finished school we formed a real band
with Richard Fenney and Paislie Hadley
called Ash in October. We had access to a proper
(but dodgy) recording studio and spend many
weekends recording
. We played live gigs as often as possible
but venues in Brisbane in those days were scarce,
especially for bands using synthesizers
and a drum machine.
We plodded on and again found that 4zzz radio
were very supportive.
We released several cassettes as well
as a vinyl single.
This album has some of those Prod and the Moonbaby
songs recorded in my bedroom in 1984
as well as songs by Ash in October
which were recorded I think 86 and 87.

In Brisbane it is available at Phase 4 Records 
in the Valley. 
It is also available in Melbourne
and is also available through lots of
online stores in the EU.

Soundclip here -

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Peter Milton Walsh - Junk Bar 3-2-18 Brisbane

It was a beautiful and intimate evening of song
from one of the greatest songwriters ever
at the Junk bar last night.
Peter accompanied on a few songs played and sung
from the back catalog of his band the Apartments
taking us back some 30 years interspersed
with more than a few shorterned versions of stories
that those songs brought up.
His story telling, his beautiful often sad melodies
and his spellbinding songs all made for a special
evening, but then it always is


I've included a few shots and a video of one 
of those special songs
Mr Somewhere