Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jimmy Little - Messenger

Well its that day again when many celebrate the nation of
Australia and many don't instead celebrating survival
and remembering the begining of a series of crimes
against their people.
And many of us stand in solidarity with the first nation
people of this great southern land

For myself I'm one of those, no waving the british flag for me
It is also the day this blog began, 10 years ago today I made
my first post and I still do every 26th of jan mark this time
with a post and a great Aboriginal artist
Jimmy Little was a pioneer, a trailblazer whos long and amazing
career was the inspiration for many indigenous artists after
From 1960 until 2012 he release over 30 albums, this album
Messenger is from 1999 and is him definitive collection of
Australian songs of the 1980's
There are many of this blogs fav artists in there
So download and put this on what ever your doing
and remember this ancient land has a proud and strong
past that stretchers back over 40 000 years

Track listing
01 Down Below (Cruel Sea)
02 Under the Milky Way (The Church)
03 The Way I Made You Feel  (Ed Kuepper)
04 Randwick Bells (Paul Kelly)
05 Quasimodo's Dream (Reels)
06 Into Temptation (Crowded House)   
07 Cattle and Cane (Go-Betweens)
08 (Are You) The One I've Been Waiting For (Nick Cave)
09 Black Fella / White Fella (Warumpi Band)
10 Alone With You (Sunnyboys)
11 Bring Yourself Home to Me (The Jackson Code)
Download Here