Monday, July 9, 2012

Return To White Chairs gig announced !

Featuring many bands essential to Brisbane's music history, this is THE gig not be missed for 2012.

The long weekend Sunday September 30
P.O.W. Hotel -Nundah.

Brisbane bassist Susan Welch of punk band The Hostages ('79-81) releases the first in a series of live music reunion shows that present some of the finest of avant garde/punk/post punk/new wave music from '77-82, showcasing the incredible talent that the era produced.. one for the nostalgia buffs, screenings will also trip you down memory lane..

more info here -

Leftovers -
Xero -
Lemmings -
The Pits -
Black Assassins -


Monday, July 2, 2012

Quiet Heart: The Best Of The Go-Betweens

Very exciting news indeed! I shall have to grab this when
I get Adele and Glens new album.
And what a lovely cover!

Quiet Heart: The Best Of The Go-Betweens is an eighteen-track
compilation curated by past band members Robert Forster, 
Lindy Morrison, Amanda Brown and Robert Vickers 
to celebrate the work of the group. 
The album is the first retrospective to span The Go-Between’s 
entire working life and is coupled with a bonus live disc, 
Vienna Burns, which captures The Go-Betweens on stage in 1987.

The track-listing includes ‘Streets Of Your Town’, 
‘Surfing Magazines’, ‘Quiet Heart’, ‘Darlinghurst Nights’, 
‘Streets Of Your Town’ and 13 more tracks handpicked 
by the surviving members of the band. 
The album is out on August 31st.

For more information head to their Official Facebook page.