Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frontier Scouts - Museum Collection EP

Steve has ripped this EP from the Frontier Scouts from his
vinyl copy, Thanks Steve.

Track List
01 - Soul Too Sold
02 - A Fact Unknown, Even To You
03 - Under The Wings Of
04 - You Should Be Shot
05 - Like In Salem

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Four Gods 7" - Restless / Enchanted House

Ken has quickly responded to the call for the Four Gods,
This is a mighty fine band which I have some how missed.
I'd love to here more, it reminds me of the early Go-Betweens
and that is mighty fine praise from me.

Thanks must go to Tony Johnstone, guitar noise-maker
and good guy from "Sister Christmas"
for the lend of this single for ripping ... Ken

Thank You Ken and Tony

download removed

Frontier Scouts- When daddy blows his top / Out of your shell

Chucks has sent in another Gem, this 7" from the Frontier Scouts.
Thanks Chuck now lets hear from Chuck all about it

just dug up an old frontier scouts 7 inch and ripped for
the blog..

as mentioned in steve's mystery cassette post ..
great interview :)

lovin the fast forwards keep em coming

Download removed

"When Daddy Blows His Top" / THE FRONTIER SCOUTS (1983)

Music Video for THE FRONTIER SCOUTS directed by Robin Gold.
Photographed on Super 8 by Kriv Stenders.
Shot in Darlinghust, Sydney, April 1983.

Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses - Live at the wireless

Chuck has sent this little beauty into the
Stripy box,
The wonderful Tex and his Dark Horses,
Thanks Chuck

Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses
JJJ Live at the Wireless
Newtown RSL Sydney, sept 02 2000

01- She speaks a different language
02- This is forever
03- Her own life
04- Ice in the sun
05- What I done to her
06- To us
07- Still the same
08- Can't say no

Download Here

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 07 Cassette Magazine

Fast Forward issue 007 has some great stuff but most
notable is the Laughing Clowns interview and live
recording of Collaspe Board. This song featured as a
highlight at the recent Clowns gigs, now you can hear
it as it was in 1981

Thanks again to Steve for the artwork and picking up
the missing song problems.

Track list
01 - Jeff Ansell - The Doomsday Demagnetizer
02 - Steve Adams' Park Drive - Spy Theme
03 - John Lydon interview
04 - Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys - I Wanna Be
Your Girlfriend

05 - Winchell's Donut Corp. - Halloween Fun
06 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know
07 - Crackajacks - Shorty The Barber
08 - Two Way Garden - We've Just Fallen
09 - Laughing Clowns - Interview
10 - Laughing Clowns - Collapse Board
(Live, 12 Sep 1981)

11 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The Missing
Leave It To Beaver (Part 4)

12 - Audio Arts - Interview with Bill Furlong
13 - Tiny Holes - Walking On Air
14 - Sunday Painters - Interview
(includes track 'Lake')

15 - Sunday Painters - The Outsiders
16 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know
17 - Village People - A Big (new) Wave & Howdy
18 - Pete Best Beatles - Citizens Dance
19 - Pete Best Beatles - Dance Song
20 - Jeff Ansell - Our Man, Jim

Download Here

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 06 Cassette Magazine

Issue 06 of the Fast Forward casszine has some notable
tracks. Top of the list is the interview with Rob and Grant
of the Gob's complete with 3 very rare live tracks.
Almost 20 minites of Gob's pleasure!
Also tracks from the Primitive Calculators and
Hunters & Collectors make thiswell worth the
download, also includes scans of the 13 page booklet.

Track List
01 - Architecture - Theme Song
02 - Jeff Ansell - F.A.T.E
03 - Clue A
04 - Pep Lester - Do It Yourself
05 - Intro
06 - Go-Betweens
(Interview - includes songs 'Karen', 'One Word' &
'If One Thing Can Hold Us' from 3PBS-FM)
07 - Clue B
08 - Primitive Calculators - The Glitter Kids
09 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The Missing
Leave It To Beaver (Part 3)

11 - Clue C
12 - Hunters & Collectors - World Of Stone (Demo)
13 - Interview with 'Postcard Records'
14 - Clue D
15 - Theme

Download Here

Fast Forward Issue 05 Cassette Magazine

Issue 5 with an interview and songs from xero, plus
so much more

Track List
01 - Stuart Beatty - Theme Track

02 - Introduction

03 - Dorian Gray - The Children Of Sombre Town

04 - Scattered Order - I'm Not Whole

05 - The Informatics - Hungry Pets

06 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know

07 - Interview with Neil Spencer (Editor of NME)
08 - (Impatient) Youth - This Is The Front Line

09 - Dorland Gray & Margo O'Neil - A Right Royal Ruckas
10 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The
Leave It To Beaver (Part 2)

11 - Interview with Equal Local

(including tracks Widespread & Barren and Wasted)

12 - Dance Set - Nothing's Gonna Break Us Apart

13 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know

14 - Interview with Xero (including tracks Girls,
Pelaco & Strangers, Immigrants And Bandits)
15 - Outro.

16 - Theme Track

Download Here

Steve's Mystery Tape

Steve has given the readers of SSS blog a mystery to solve
and we all like a good mystery.
I personally have no idea, but its got some great stuff
on it, so I will be interested to know more myself.
I shall hand you over to Steve and the few clues he can
give us.

I was wondering if you or any of your readers can help me
identify a
mystery cassette I've had lying around for over
25 years.
It's something I bought from a bargain bin in an
independent record
store (probably in Brisbane) in around
The tape is black and has no distinguishing features
except a $3.50
price tag. It may have originally come with a
but I just got the cassette.

The bands I recognise on the tape (Frontier Scouts, Pork &
Four Gods)
are from Brisbane, so I guess it may be a Brisbane
only comp.
I've never seen this tape listed anywhere
(and I have looked).
Anyway, if anyone knows what it might
be or feels like a bit of a
challenge, or is just plain curious,
here's a link:

Download Here

Cheers, Steve

Well in no time at all, Donat Brisbane's resident music
historian has solved the mystery.
Thanks Donat

This cassette is issue 004 of the PUBLIC EYE tape zine,
which came out of S.A. This dates from late 1983.
Comes with a 24 page A5 booklet.


01. Mystery Virus - Squashing Ants
02. Interview with Andrew Wilson
from the Frontier Scouts by David Nichols

03. Frontier Scouts - Like In Salem
04. Spleen - Runaway
05. Fetus Memory - Humans Are Not Needed
06. Powerage - World War III
07. Mystery Virus - Work
08. The Market Gard ners - My Mind is Being Drained
09. Toy Division - Sound Maze Interview
10. Toy Division - Beurit
11. Frontier Scouts - Enchanted House
12. Pork - Pork tork to themselves
13. Pork - Sectioning of the Pancreas
14. Spleen - Nutty Spacemen
15. The Market Gard ners - Accessory 2 the Fact

Mystery solved! All spelling as written in booklet.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pioneer singer Ruby Hunter dies

Ashleigh Wilson
From: The Australian
February 18, 2010

Aboriginal singer, composer and occasional actor
Ruby Hunter has died.

A Ngarrindjeri woman, Hunter was born in 1955 at a
billabong near the banks
of the Murray River in South
She was a member of the stolen generation,
having been removed from her
family and placed in foster
homes. While living on the streets of Adelaide

as a teenager, she met Archie Roach, who would become
her partner and lifelong
musical collaborator.
She released her debut album, Thoughts Within, in 1994,
and won a Deadly Award
six years later as female artist of
the year. She later collaborated with Roach
and Paul Grabowsky
on Ruby's Story, an acclaimed work based on her life

and her search for identity.
Hunter's manager Jill Shelton confirmed today that the
musician had died
overnight at home in Victoria's western
district. She reportedly suffered
a heart attack.
Hunter had been due to perform at the upcoming Adelaide
Festival with Roach.
Paul Grabowsky, the festival’s artistic
director and a former collaborator
with the pair on the
celebrated production Ruby’s Story, today said he was
saddened to hear of Hunter’s death and sent his condolences
to her family.

"Ruby was one of the truly great voices of our country," he said,
"and as a member of the Stolen Generation, her story,
so beautifully and candidly told, is a truly emblematic one;
to hear her tell it was an honour."

Truly sad news indeed, I only just saw her perform at the last
Dreaming Festival some 6 or 7 months ago.
It was to be last time of many.
She was a dynamic performer with a voice that always surprised me,
given her small size. She was always fantastic with Archie and
together they were something very, very special.
She will be sadly missed

Let My Children Be - Ruby Hunter

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fast Forward 004 cassette magazine

Some nice stuff in this edition, Rowland S. Howard's
Young Charlatans performing his song Shivers.
Not Australian but an interview with
the fantastic John Cooper Clark.
Even an Adam and the ants special!

Fast Forward 004 cassette magazine April 1981
01. Artificial Organs - "Fast Forward Theme"
02. Introduction
03. (Cough Cough) - Interview & 2 tracks
(Study For Falling Apart & Take Me)

04. Johnny Topper - "Did You Know?"
05. Young Charlatans - "Shivers"
06. Interview John Cooper Clarke
07. The Residents (Missing Link Records Ad)
08. Johnny Topper - "The Case Of Missing Leave It To Beaver"
serial pt 1

09. Adam & The Ants Special
(Interview with Adam's Aussie Uncle)

10. Peter Lillie - "Endless Twist"
11. Interview Pere Ubu
12. Johnny Topper - "Did You Know?"
13. Ria and the Normal "CD-CA"
14. The Residents (Missing Link Records Ad)

Download Here

Fast Forward 003 cassette magazine

Fast Forward 003 cassette magazine

01. Excitement Pathetix - "The Age Of The Fun Cassette
02. Introduction
03. Artificial Organs - "Situation Normal"
04. Interview Laughing Hands
05. Laughing Hands - Untitled
06. Mark White - "Dream About Fun
07. AEIOU - "Last Surfer"
08. The Couch - "By The Auther Of Psycho"
09. Interview with Gang of 4
10. The Particles - "(Bits Of) Wood"
11. Outroduction

Download Here

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holus Bolus - Cassette

One of my favourite contributors to the SSS blog, Steve aka
Duckdogtwo, has sent me this fantastic, rare, cassette
complete with art. Another one of these cassette music
"Casszines" which has some great tracks and interviews.
Steve has spilt all the tracks, making some 40 in all.
Great casszine, a lot of work went into this.
Most exciting is the Tangled Shoelace's stuff and
by some coincidence an interview with Mitch Jones,
M2 founder who I know has been reading this blog.
Thank You Steve for this wonderful Cassette that now
enters the digital age.

Download Here

Fast Forward 002 cassette magazine

Cassette 02 brings us some great birthday party stuff,
and rock writers Stuart Coupe & Clinton Walker

Fast Forward 002 cassette magazine December 1980

01. introduction
02. The Birthday Party - "Figure Of Fun" demo
03. interview Nick Cave & Roland Howard
The Birthday Party - "Yah"
04. Graeme Pitt - "Untitled"
05. interview with Stuart Coupe & Clinton Walker
06. Vital Cortex - "Mark On The Wall"

Download Here

Fast Forward 001 cassette magazine

Based in Melbourne, Fast Forward released some 13 issues
between 1980 and 1982.
Its focus was on indy music and especially Australian.

Thanks to Steve Aka Baskingshark whos rips these are
and for the scans of the original artwork/packaging.

Fast Forward 001 cassette magazine November 1980
01. introduction
02. Teeney Weenys - "Father Likes Daughter"
03. Editions interview - "All Dressed Up"
04. Mod In Melbourne
Little Murders - "Trouble With Love"
05. interview Raff Edmunds
06. Pel Mel - "No Word from China"
07. Informatics - "Concorde Affair"

Download Here

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boxed Brownies - M Squared Compilations 1981

C60 Cassette - released December 1981

A live collection of Systematics, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast,
Splendid Mess and Scattered Order tracks recorded mainly at
"Brownies" Paddington Green Hotel during 1981.
Recorded onto cassette then treated and mastered back at the studio.

Packaged in a 7 inch reel to reel tape box with inserts.

01 - Were you invited? - Systematics
02 - And people are blowing their minds - Systematics
03 - Let it Be - Systematics
04 - Boiled Dinner - Systematics
05 - Flowers on the Wall - Systematics
06 - You told me that you loved me - Systematics
07 - Promenade Promenade - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
08 - Funny Timing - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
09 - The Neopolitan man inhales water - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
10 - Copper Hatz - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
11 - Dumb Waiters - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
12 - The Livers at the bottom of the well - Part One - Splendid Mess
13 - Part Two - Splendid Mess
14 - Part Three - Splendid Mess
15 - Part Four - Splendid Mess
16 -Screaming Tree - Scattered Order
17 - World's longest intro - Scattered Order
18 - Mass Murder - Scattered Order

Download Part1 Here

Download Part2 Here

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Growing pains - various m squared bands

"... Experimental music is fine by me, but once you go into the
studio and start cutting the marketable product,
surely you need to have your musical strategies organised
and understood." - Roadrunner November 1980

This starts a trend at M Squared for releasing compilations of
wide ranging sounds and ideas from various bands and hybrids.
You can't please all the people all the time.
Contains the track that gave the name to The Makers of the
Dead Travel Fast and an off the wall Stones cover from those
northern beaches' favourites The Barons.
Some record stores objected to the cover image.

12 inch compilation EP - released October 1980


01 - Pussman polka - Pleasant Peasants
02 - Paint it black - The Barons
03 - Midnight on balancing day - Systematics
04 - Yvonne is out again - EST
05 - Girl from Ipanema - Height / Dismay
06 - Bent Up - Scattered Order
07 - Dead travel fast - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast

Download no longer available due to re-release

Track Yvonne is out again not re-released
is available below