Friday, May 28, 2010

Sound of Sydney (vol. 1) - Various Artists

Finally I'm getting to the wonderful sound of Sydney series
and what a series it is. 3 volumes of the best of Sydney, this the
first was released in 1983. Not only does Brisbane band
Moving Parts make it on, theres my favorite the Skolars,
ska band the allnighters and early Spy V. Spy.

Track List
01 - The Products - Powerplant
02 - Personnel - Never Be Your Man
03 - Fast Cars - Saturday's Girl
04 - Allniters - She Made A Monkey Out Of Me
05 - The Girlfriends - Gone With The Wind
06 - V. Spy V. Spy - Brightside
07 - Fast Cars - No, No
08 - V. Spy V. Spy - Do What You Say
09 - Progression Cult - Subordinate
10 - Division 4 - She's Just Not Anybody
11 - Division 4 - Stop Dreaming
12 - Skolars - Something (Should Be Done)
13 - Moving Parts - Dress Up Picasso

Download Here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Robert Forster Interview - Part 1 - Andrew McMillen

Andrew has posted part 1 of his recent inteview with Robert Forster
Spanning his years in The Go-Betweens, his solo career
and his new life as a producer and rock critic.
He chats to the Brisbane icon about his early years in The Gap,
the Bjelke-Peterson regime and meeting longtime collaborator
Grant McLennan.
Fantastic interview can't wait for the rest.
Find it on Mess and Noise

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Models 7" singles

Chuck has ripped and scanned us four 7" single from
one of the greatest Australian bands the Models.
We have Big On Love B/W Preacher Black Lagoon,
I Hear Motion B/W No Talking,
Lets Kiss B/W A Man In A Boat,
Local And Or General B/W Telstar.
Thanks Chuck!

Download Here

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving Parts - How Could I

Maloo has sent me this track "How Could I" from little
remembered Brisbane band Moving Parts and this leaflet
from a venue of the time.
Thanks Maloo, now over to you

Hi, Moving Parts track attached. I was the drummer in
another band (The Proteens), we used to play with this
Poster attached.

MP were I feel the best live band in this period of time.
I have no idea what happened to them.
These tracks were on a giveaway single from a gig.

great blog, thank you for your effort,


And Steve Aka Baskingshark has added to this post,
thanks Steve

I remember seeing Moving Parts in Sydney supporting
It was a small venue (I forget which) in 1980
just before I
NXS had released their first album.
I thought Moving Parts were by far the better of the two
bands that night.
Their song "Living China Doll" is still one of my
from that era.

Here's the link to the singles
"Living China Doll" and "Chevy" 
and the track "How Could I"

Download Here

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vampire Lovers - Singles

The Vampire Lovers, also known as Vampyre Lovers or
Vampire Lovers were a Brisbane punk rock group formed
in 1982 The band existed from 1982 to 1984 and reformed
in 1988 to disband in 1990.
Generally recognized in Australia by the alternative crowd for their
first single from 1983 called "Buzzsaw Popstar",
the band eventually released one mini L.P. called
Acid Commandos from Planet Fuzz,
which appeared in 1991, one year after the band broke up.
Consequently, it did not receive as much attention as their early
Thanks to Chuck for this wonderful gothic punk,
now lets hear from Chuck

the first single released in 1983 according to
"who's who australian rock"

this version rereleased in 1987 ready for the bands
second coming..

new lineup not on this release but on heavy planet
fuzz includes
jason shepherd brother of hoodoo guru brad,
shane cooke the bassplayer
had played with the other
in a band called four horsemen in 85 -86..

sweetheart's blown mindless single released 1984

heavy planet fuzz single released 1988
on brisbane label called bent records..

2nd generation psychopath
filmed by brisbane original punk rocker steve kunde

and buzzsaw popstar

Download Buzzsaw ep and two singles

Monday, May 17, 2010

Right Here, A Tribute To The Go-Betweens. 2010 Remastered Version

Well it must be about time for a Go-Betweens post,
I have sat on this since February, actually I forgot about it.
DOH, anyway here it is. Craig who put out this fantastic
tribute has, in his own words

managed to tweak the GOB tribute I put out a few years ago..
I had a person request it and ended up just doing a complete
revamp on the whole track listing..
even tweaked the coverart (kinda)

Thanks Craig

Track Listing
01:(Intro) Go Between
02. Bachelor Kisses - Pray TV
03. Love Goes On - Flat Stanley
04. I Just Get Caught Out - Smudge
05. Draining The Pool For You - The Steinbecks
06. Lee Remick - The Meanies
07. Karen - Snout
08. Clouds - Frente
09. Devil's Eye - Killjoys
10. Right Here - Ashtray Boy
11. The House Jack Keroac Built - The Earthmen
12. Dive For Your Memory - Blackeyed Susans
13. Rock 'N' Roll Friend - The Drunk, The Monk & The Spunk


14. Hammer The Hammer - Free Moving Curtis
15. This Girl, Black Girl - Tender Engines
16. Spring Rain - Holocene
17. Apology Accepted/Part Company - Lust In Space
18. Bye Bye Pride - Sunglass
19. Don't Call Me Gone - Sean Sennett & Friends
20. Was There Anything I Could Do? - The Buzzards
21. Core Of A Flame - Headache

The Original Track Listing

1. Bachelor Kisses - Pray TV
2. Love Goes On - Flat Stanley
3. I Just Get Caught Out - Smudge
4. Was There Anything I Could Do? - The Buzzards
5. Lee Remick - The Meanies
6. Don't Call Me Gone - Sean Sennett & Friends
7. Draining The Pool For You - The Steinbecks
8. The House Jack Keroac Built - The Earthmen
9. This Girl, Black Girl - Tender Engines
10. Clouds - Frente
11. Karen - Snout
12. Go Between - Go-Betweens
13. Core Of A Flame - Headache
14. Hammer The Hammer - Free Moving Curtis
15. Spring Rain - Holocene
16. Devil's Eye - Killjoys
17. Apology Accepted/Part Company - Lust In Space
18. Right Here - Ashtray Boy
19. Bye Bye Pride - Sunglass
20. Dive For Your Memory - Blackeyed Susans
21. Rock 'N' Roll Friend - The Drunk, The Monk & The Spunk

Download Here

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pollen - Jesus In A Jar

The 2nd Brisbane band from 1995 sent to me by Marco
is Pollen. I can't remember them myself,
so if anyone does feel free to share your recollections
in the comments.
Thanks Marco!

Pollen I believe were originally a Gold Coast band.
They released two EP's and one full length album also.
Saw them a few times around Brisbane
(4ZZZ market day, Queens Arms Hotel).

Again, they were great and should all own mansions.

This is their first EP. It features their original singer
a rawer, harder production which moved to a
pop sound on following releases.
Highly recommended.

Download Here

Webster - Nugget Ep

Marco has sent me two cd's from 1995, both are Brisbane
bands and both rather good.
I remember this band from the time, who can forget a name
like Webster.
Thanks Marco.
Now lets hear from Marco.

Webster were a fantastic pop rock band from Brisbane
who later
made the move to Melbourne before disappearing.
I remember seeing them live only once at Brisbane's Treasury
They delivered. They put out 4 EP's and one full length
all of which
I can say were brilliant.
This is their second self-titled release and
the one that
introduced me to the band. This is heartfelt, fun, clever
expertly delivered pop that should have found a bigger

Download Here

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Triffids - A Secret In The Shape Of A Song. 17-04-10 Belgium

I recently found this fantastic recording on kakophonia
of one of the recent European shows of the Triffids and friends
tribute to David McComb.

Guest musicians and singers include
Rob Snarski, Mark Snarski, Mick Harvey, Melanie Oxley,
Warren Ellis, Julian Wu, Adrian Hoffman, Simon Breed,
Stef Kamil Carlens, Harald Vanherf, J.P. Shilo,
Chris Abrahams, Phil Kakulas, Mark Dawson.
Its a brillant recording and until this show comes
to Brisbane, it will do nicely.

I shall link to the original post,
thanks to kakophonia for making this available.

1. introduction by "Handsome" Steve Miller
2. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think (vocals: Graham Lee)
3. Place in the Sun (vocals: Alsy MacDonald)
4. introduction by Alsy MacDonald
5. Tarrilup Bridge (vocals: Jill Birt)
6. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Rob Snarski
7. In the Pines (vocals: Rob Snarski)
8. Hell of a Summer (vocals: Rob Snarski)
9. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Mick Harvey
10. The Seabirds (vocals: Mick Harvey)
11. Kelly's Blues (vocals: Mick Harvey)
12. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Mark Snarski
13. Bury Me Deep in Love (vocals: Mark Snarski)
14. Bright Lights Big City (vocals: Mark Snarski)
15. Life of Crime (vocals: Mark Snarski)
16. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces some birthdays
17. Rob McComb projects and comments on old family pictures
and reads some of Dave's poetry
18. This One Eats Souls (The Blackeyed Susans)
19. Ocean of You (The Blackeyed Susans)
20. Leaning (The Blackeyed Susans)
21. The Good Life Never Ends (The Blackeyed Susans)
22. Red Pony (The Blackeyed Susans)
23. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Melanie Oxley
24. Embedded (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
25. I Want To Conquer You (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
26. Lifelike (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
27. Raining Pleasure (vocals: Jill Birt)
28. Goodbye Little Boy (vocals: Jill Birt)
29. Jill Birt announces Adrian Hoffman
30. Bad Timing (vocals: Adrian Hoffman)
31. Beautiful Waste (vocals: Adrian Hoffman)
32. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Stef Kamil Carlens
33. Personal Things (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
34. Trick of the Light (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
35. Lonely Stretch (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
36. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Simon Breed
37. Stolen Property (vocals: Simon Breed)
38. Wide Open Road (vocals: Simon Breed)
39. Jerdacuttup Man (vocals: Graham Lee)
40. Save What You Can (vocals: Simon Breed)

Encore #1:
41. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Harald Vanherf
42. Property Is Condemned (vocals: Harald Vanherf)
43. Setting You Free (vocals: Mick Harvey)
44. Pile Up (vocals: Belgian kids)

Encore #2:
45. Enemy Mine (vocals: J.P. Shilo)
46. Fairytale Love (vocals: Graham Lee, Rob Snarski & Adrian Hoffman)
47. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces The Triffids for a final song
48. Tender Is The Night (The Long Fidelity) (vocals: Alsy MacDonald & Jill Birt)
49. The Triffids take a bow

Find the original post Here

Friday, May 7, 2010

Inner Sanctum - Missing Link Compilation

Ken has digitalized this fantastic compilation from 1979,
15 tracks, 15 artists, all from the missing link label.
Heaps of rare tracks and classics.
Some bands which went on to bigger things like
the Sports and Dave Warner and some that should of
like the Victims, who's track here is a classic.
Even a track from Norman Gunston.

As Ken says,

It's a cracker imo ...
diverse as all get out and is one of my favourites.

Thanks Ken

Track list
A01 Bleeding Hearts - Hit Single
A02 The Sports - Twist Senorita
A03 The Millionaires - Please Don't Mention the Junta
A04 The Victims - Television Addict
A05 Uncle Bob's Band - Mr Domestic
A06 The Pelaco Brothers - Mechanics in a Relaxed Manner
A07 The Boundary Four - Corroboree Rock
B01 Dave Warner's From The Suburbs - Summer '78
B02 News - Nobody Wants Me
B03 The Record Bandits - They're Closing Down the Import Shops
B04 Young Modern - She's Got the Money
B05 Relaxed Mechanics - Truckin' Casanova
B06 Thorburn - Brick Wall
B07 The Belair Bandits - Nights in Rio
B08 Norman Gunston - Hor's D'oeuvre

Download Here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grant McLennan. 12 February 1958 – 6 May 2006

Its been 4 years since that Saturday afternoon when
Grant McLennan left this world. He is of course still
with us with the work he left behind, we can only dream
of what he would have done with these last 4 years if
he was still here.
I only met Grant once, we had a small chat, he was
a warm friendly fellow, I told he how I had used a
Go-Betweens song for an important event, it was one
of Roberts songs, he said it was a beautiful song for the
purpose. He touched my life like so many others,
his music a large part of the soundtrack of life for over
20 years and I wish he could have lived at least as long
as his hero Bob Dylan.

Peter Milton Walsh has writen a most beautiful piece
on Grant and today.
Read Peters post here

Monday, May 3, 2010

Burning The Story Bridge - Various Artists

A brilliant Brisbane compilation from 1993.
Older tracks like Mystery of Sixes classic self titled
song, tracks from Dreamkillers, Bad Ronald,
Brisbane's finest Blowhard and even from
one of Brisbanes biggest exports Powerfinger.
Thanks to Chuck for this wonderful cd.

Download Here