Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Augogo Goodness

Thanks Steve Aka Baskingshark for these two singles.
Sputnik were the band that evolved into the Moodists.
Lets hear from Steve.

Ok. Here's a link to the two other Au-go-go Moodist releases,
with the Sputnik "Our Boys/Second Glance"
single and a few LP and
early b-side tracks that didn't make
it onto the 2003 "Two Fisted Art"

double CD compilation.

By the way, "Two Fisted Art" is a great package and well worth
down if you have even a casual interest in The Moodists.

Cheers, Steve

Download Here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andrew Pendlebury - Between The Horizon and the Dockyard

A request from Mona of Exile on moan street fame, who got Andrew
to sign this album's cover for my 45th birthday.
This is a most beautiful record with some of the most talented
musicians Australia has and one of my favourites.
Released 1990

Produced and directed by
Andrew Pendlebury
Mark Woods

Andrew Pendlebury all guitars
Mark Ferrie bass guitar
Peter Jones drums and percussion

Peter Linden
pedal steel on 2 and dobro on 4

Steve Hadley bass
James Black organ and additional guitars on 12

Stephen Cummings
vocals on 2 and 4

Track Listing:

01 Coming Thru Slaughter
02 She Set Fire To The House
03 Country Joy
04 Watch This Movie For Me
05 Corn Pickin'
06 Vonetta
07 Thru A Window
08 Almora
09 Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
10 El Negrito
11 Alla Cubana

Download Here

At The Solicitor's Request Original Cover

The Original cover and inner sleeve for the Brisbane
compilation album which was changed to
At The Solicitor's Request
The original post is Here
Thanks to Micheal for the covers,
fancy someone living in New York having this!

Ed Kuepper Live Studio 22, 1999

Must be about time for a bit of Brisbane's finest
Ed Kuepper, Its not easy finding good quality
boots of Ed, Ones that aren't official ones anyway,
this one is a 10 out of 10.
Studio 22 was a late night live music show on the ABC
here in Australia. Ed and his vg8 play a short but
wonderful set.
Thanks Chuck for ripping his video of this.
ANd if your after a recording of Ed's recent Goma
appearence get over to Turn it up Here

02-honey steel's gold
03-Little fiddle
05-all of these things
07-everything i've got belongs to you
08-when she's down

Download Here

Ed Kuepper - Everything I've Got Belongs To You, Live Studio 22

Friday, March 26, 2010

Couple More Moodists Singles

The Moodists were an Australian post-punk band that formed in
1980, when Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Steve Miller of punk
group The Sputniks moved from Adelaide to Melbourne.
They added bass player Chris Walsh and later added guitarist
Mick Turner. After recording two singles and a six track EP for
Bruce Milne and Greta Moon's Au Go Go label in Melbourne they
relocated to London.
This was at the behest of the Red Flame label who had released a
compilation of their Australian releases.
They then recorded the albums Thirstys Calling (1984)
and Double Life (1985).
The band supported Public Image Limited on their 1984 tour of
Australia, which was when I saw them play.
They returned to Australia in 1985 for six months
(Turner quit and reconvened his earlier group Fungus Brains;
he would later form The Dirty Three) and then travelled again
to the UK. During this time they toured extensively through
Northern Europe and also made a short tour of the USA.
In 1985 they recorded an EP for Creation Records. In 1986
they released two EPs on the TIM label.
All their recorded works from the time they first decamped to the
northern hemisphere were produced by the band and
Victor Van Vugt (who went on to work with Nick Cave,
Beth Orton and PJ Harvey as well as many others)
Their final gig was in London

The singles are
Enough legs to live on/Cant lose her
Runaway /Chevrolet rise
Download Here

Thanks Chuck for these little beauties

The Moodists -2005-Runaway

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little Au Go Go

A little mixed post today that mostly revolves around the
fantastic Melbourne record label Au Go Go.
We have a scanned copy of the Prehistoric Sounds fanzine,
with a great article on Au Go Go.
Download Here

Plus two singles that came out on the label.
No Mans Land - I Need More/Inside Your Heart
Download Here

and The Moodists- Gone Dead/Chad's Car
Download Here

Check out the fanzine for more information.

Thanks Chuck for the idea, scan and rips.
Any art on the singles would be appreciated.

Au Go Go Records
From Wikipedia

Au Go Go Records is the name of a Melbourne, Australia
independent record label. It was founded by Bruce
Milne and
Philip Morland from a house in Brunswick
Street, Fitzroy in
1979 and is now operated by Greta Moon.
The label started releasing bands on the Melbourne punk
and New Wave scene.
Its first release was in 1979 with the EP Overnight by
Two Way
Garden. The labels first 25 releases were the
bands' debut
recordings and included some seminal
Australian acts such as
The Young Charlatans,
Mungabeans, Marching Girls, Clint Small,

Scarpa Flow, Little Murders, the Zorros and Dorian Gray.
Philip Morland left and Greta Moon joined in 1982.
By 1994 the label started to increase its profile due to the
and overseas success of bands like The Moodists
Dave Graney and Mick Turner of The Dirty
Releases from this later period included the
"Swampland" (which was actually the b-side
of the single,
with the a-side being "This Is My Happy
Hour") and God's
"My Pal", one of the label's most popular
releases, as well
as titles by Ollie Olsen's band NO,
Harem Scarem, various
compilations such as the
"Asleep At The Wheel" collection
of (mostly unsigned)
Melbourne bands, and the well-received

"Hard To Beat", a double album tribute to the Stooges,
featuring many Australian acts.
The label also branched out into international releases,
issuing albums (under license) by overseas bands such as
Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Junior and Big Black.
Au Go Go was also instrumental in helping these bands tour
Australia.In 1987, with the success of the mail-order service,
the record shop was started. The shop shifted to a smaller
space in central Melbourne in June 2000, but closed in late
2003 after losing its lease. Bruce Milne started an offshoot
Giant Claw Records, in 1989, to issue 7" singles.
He is currently involved in running Melbourne
pub/rock venue the Tote, in Collingwood, as well as a new
In-Fidelity Records.
Au-Go-Go continued throughout the '90's, issuing early
from such Australian acts as Spiderbait, The
Meanies and
Magic Dirt, the latter becoming one of the
label's top attractions.
Magic Dirt left Au-Go-Go in 1999,
and the label never fully
recovered. Due to a lack of funds,
many of Au-Go-Go's releases
are now out of print and are
fast becoming collector's items

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Issue 13 Fast Forward Cassette Magazine

The moment you have all been waiting for, we have reached
the end of the Fast Forward posts.
For some reason unbeknown to me this was the last release
from Fast Forward, but its a good one.
There is an interview with Edmund and a rare live Laughing
Clowns track, no less than their instrumental masterpiece
Mr Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town.
Worth the price of a download alone!
Also the wonderful Sacred Cowboys also live.
I hope you have enjoyed the Fast Forward series.

Track List
01 - Charles Bukowski & Quentin Crisp - Style
02 - And An A - Holiday Crowd
03 - Tiny Tim - Interviewed by Virginia Moncrieff
04 - (Cough Cough) - Jungle Song
05 - (Cough Cough) - Enfante
06 - Sacred Cowboys - Is Nothing Sacred
(Live at Troy Studios, Melbourne)
07 - Steve Taylor (Features editor of 'The Face')
- Interviewed by Andrew Maine
08 - Big Band Combo - Shivers
(The Ballroom, Melbourne, Sep '82)

09 - Jeff Holland - Alf Docker Reporting '
'Political Life-Styles''
10 - Laughing Clowns - Ed Kuepper
interviewed by Geoff King

11 - Laughing Clowns -
Mr. Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town

(Live 2JJJ, 5 June '82)
12 - The Manikins - Walking on Water
(Planet Sound, Perth, 15 June '82)
13 - Philip Brophy - Sub-cultures
14 - Honeymoon in Green - Fireman
(Learnt not to Cry)
15 - Blurt - Ted Milton interviewed by Clinton Walker
16 - Blurt - Benighted
(Groningen, the Netherlands, 15 Aug '82)
17 - Legendary Pink Dots - Stoned Obituary
18 - Robert Smith & Simon Gallup - A Few Stylish Tips
19 - The Fall - Mark E. Smith interviewed by
Bruce Milne & Robin Plunkett
20 - The Fall - Hexen Hour (Prince of Wales Hotel,
St. Kilda, 2 Aug '82)

Download Here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 12 Cassette Magazine

Issue 12 and its jam packed with all sorts of goodies,
theres a track from Brisbanes finest, Tangled Shoelaces.
The Scientists have an interview and a live track and
Jay Ashton from Bucks Fizz Drops in to say 'Hello',
what more could you ask for.

01 - Jay Ashton (from Bucks Fizz) - Drops in to say 'Hello'
02 - Intro (with music by Tsk Tsk Tsk)
03 - Blow Monkeys - In Cold Blood
04 - Asphixiation - Kim Beissel talks to audience
at Stranded, Sydney, April '82
05 - Colin Newman - Interview
(includes excerpts from 'Not To', 'Lorry' & 'Map Ref.')
06 - Colin Newman - H,C,T,F,R
07 - Scientists - Interview
(includes excerpt from 'When Worlds Collide')
08 - Scientists - Swampland
(Live at Sydney University, May '82)
09 - Ed Bahlman (of 99 Records) Interview
10 - Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
11 - Start - Let's Dance
12 - Crackajacks - Jump Cats, Jump
13 - Eskalators - Eskimo
14 - Hot Half Hour - Lamp That
15 - Safehouse - Things That You Say
16 - Go Circus - Cha Cha
17 - Tangled Shoelaces - World
18 - Grace Jones - Drops by
19 - Denise Drysdale - Interviewed by Jeff Ansell
20 - The Couch - Full Treatment
21 - Flesh - Imagination is Wild
22 - What is This Thing Called Funk
(Out-take from Palimpest)
23 - Phil McKellar - Some Good Things To Do
24 - Hot Half Hour - Yank (
Live at Jump Club, Melbourne, July '82)

Download Here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black Tears

The inquest into the death of a Palm Island man in police custody
has reopened in north Queensland.
Cameron Doomadgee (Mulrunji) died in police custody on Palm Island
in 2004. An inquest into the death held in 2005 concluded that Senior
Sergeant Chris Hurley caused the fatal injuries.
He was found not guilty of manslaughter and assault in 2007.
In what may yet be the greatest miscalculation,
Sergeant Hurley later appealed the original inquest findings
and a district court judge ordered the inquest be reopened.

On September 27, 2006 deputy coroner Christine Clements had
released the findings from the inquest she conducted into the death.
These included that Hurley had caused the fatal injuries when he
repeatedly punched Doomadgee after they entered the Palm Island
police station. As the autopsy revealed, Doomadgee suffered bruising
to the face, four broken ribs, a ruptured portal vein and his liver
was so damaged it was cleaved almost in two.

There has never been any doubt in what caused the death of Mulrunji
only if his horrific injuries were the result of his being beaten to death,
or the result of an accidental fall.
I wasn't terribly surprised when Hurley was acquitted, I didn't expect
justice after all, but I'm still buggered how the death was found to be
Lets hope this time the truth is revealed!
Brisbane darlings Powerfinger wrote a song about the sorry saga,
they were threatened with legal action and toned things down a bit.
Anyone who wants a bit more detailed reading on this subject
have a look at this article from the Australian, Here

A big thank you to Carmen for the idea for this post

Black Tears - Powerfinger

Fragile little thing go lightly on the wing
Don't be put off your game
If troubled wind should blow you off your way
Natural love and trust
Have downed their tools and struck
The nation's heart it rusts is no surprise
and seems so appropriate today

Black tears on a red rock
Fall right through and they dry up
How could it fail to grab your attention
Black tears on a red rock

These trees bear a strange fruit
Harvesting lies and poisoned blossoms of the truth
There's blood on all our hands and blood on our boots
And black tears on a red rock

An island watch house bed
A black man's lying dead
An island watch house bed
A black man's lying dead

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 11 Cassette Magazine

Fastforward Issue 11, the sex issue.
Loads of great stuff in here, theres a Go-betweens interview
and an interview with original Saints drummer Ivor Hay
about his wonderful band Wildlife Documentaries.
Oh how I loved that band.

01 - Intro
02 - Kid Moccassin
03 - Pel Mel - Shoes Should Fit
04 - The Go-Betweens - Interviewed by Andrew Davies
05 - Dorian Gray - Priceless Dream
06 - R. Stevie Moore - No Body
07 - R. Stevie Moore - Interviewed by Bruce Milne
08 - R. Stevie Moore - Advertising Agency of Fcking
09 - The Tablewaiters - Confrontation with a Mountain
10 - Colette and Chantelle - Interviewed by Jeff Ansell
11 - Red Dark Meat - Oh! Carol
12 - The Triffids - You Can Keep It
13 - Andrew 'McRuffles' Davies - Blitz Classical Masterpieces
14 - Turn Over (and Let's Do It One More Time)
15 - Beatrice Faust - Excerpt from 'Women, Sex and Pornography'
16 - Speedboat - Sex Without Grunting
17 - The Cramps - (New Kind of) Kick (Berkeley Square, 7 Nov '81)
18 - The Cramps - Interviewed by Mel Cheplowitz on
KALX-FM Berkeley
19 - The Cramps - Drug Train (Live, San Francisco, 6 Nov '81)
20 - Annie Beach - Hi, I'm Craig
21 - Aeroplane Footsteps - Latin Whisper
22 - Birds of Tin - Day at the Beach
23 - Bernadette Nolan - Hi to all F.F. listeners
24 - Wildlife Documentaries - Ivor Hay interviewed by
Virginia Moncrieff
(includes excerpts from 'Tremble' & 'Forest for the Trees')
25 - Wildlife Documentaries - Promise Me
26 - Premier Peanut
27 - Nuvo Bloc - Beaten to a Pulp (Demo)
28 - Karen Ansell - Theme for the Invisible Man (Edited)

Download here

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 10 Cassette Magazine

Issue 10 and more fantastic stuff from Fast Forward.
Steve has lost the original Magazine and cassette for this
issue so if anyone can help please do.

01 - Intro
02 - The Chemicals - Laughing Strip
03 - Mental As Anything - Golf Shoes
04 - Greedy Smith - Cooking With...
05 - Mark Lane - Reflections
06 - Patrick Gibson & Michael Tee - Interview
07 - With A Lie - What Poison
08 - Human Backs - Kettle Of Fish
09 - Plays With Marionettes - Kelter Kelter
10 - Plays With Marionettes - Interview
(includes exerpt from Swing Swing Swing)
11 - Drop Bears - Fun Loving
12 - Our Fab HM Chart
13 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of Missing
Leave It To Beaver Pt 6 (Final)
14 - Fattish Fettishists - Slapping flesh
15 - The Clash - Interview
16 - Thealonian Music - Patty And Cathy In Greenland
17 - Phil Perkins - Este's Request
18 - Laurie Anderson - Interview
19 - Jumbo Zen - Self Contained
20 - The Fabulous Marquises - Young Turks
21 - Battle Of Bacillus Part 2
22 - The Birthday Party - Interview
23 - The New Five - No Emotion
24 - Mr Badass - Subscription Rap

Download Here
Part 1
Part 2

At The Solicitor's Request - Various Artists

A classic compilation of Brisbane artists that has long eluded me.
Thanks to Michael who lives in New York.
Aint the internet an amazing thing.
Has to be the greatest album cover of all time!

At The Solicitor's Request.

(Was first called "At the Fuhrer's Request"
but was changed due to legal advice)

12" LP - 1988
Rubber Records

01. Leftovers - No Complaints
02. Just Urbain - Rather Stay At Home And Watch TV
03. Public Execution - SS Brigade
04. Mystery Of 6's - Black Banned
05. Young Identities - Threats
06. Kicks - In Fear OF God
07. Razar - Rask Force
08. Vampire Lovers - Buzzsaw Popstar
09. Strange Glory - Burning Angels
10. Prince Of Weasels - Fly Trap
11. Vacant Rooms - Time For Truth
12. Dementia 13 - Hacksaw
13. The End - My Confession

Download Here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fast Forward 008/009 Cassette Magazine

Bumper post for the combined Fast Forward issue 008/009.
Loads of great stuff on here, the Machinations,
the wonderfully named, People With Chairs Up Their Noses,
a rare track from SSS blogs fav brisy band,
JFK & The Cuban Crisis, Sardine V, Dead Can Dance,
Crime & The City Solution and loads more from overseas
and Australia.

Track List Issue 008
01 - Fast Forward Orbiter
02 - Dean Richards-Peter Doyle & Orchestra - Terra Seckt
03 - Machinations - Interview (includes exerpts from
'Average Inadequacy', 'Machinations' & 'Arabia')
04 - Machinations - Terminal Wharf (Live)
05 - Connotations - Let's Go Native
06 - Stand Tall
07 - People With Chairs Up Their Noses - Go To Jail
08 - The Cure - Interview with Robert Smith
09 - The Cure - One Hundred Years (Live in Surrey, Dec '81)
10 - O.R.D.U.C. - Speedy
11 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The Missing
Leave It To Beaver (Part 5)
12 - Necrophilia News Network
13 - Ian Dury - Interview
14 - JFK & The Cuban Crisis - Office Boy Meets Office Girl
15 - Jon Rose - part of '19 String Violin Music' (Live)
16 - Sardine V - Stuck On You
17 - Kraftwerk - Interview (including exerpts of tracks
'Komputerwelt', 'Taschenrechner' & 'Nummern')
18 - Alan Underhill - Silicon Sundae Part III
19 - Unauthorized Duplication Prohibited

Track List Issue 009
01 - Dead Can Dance - Fatal Impact
02 - Article - At The Moment
03 - Cheri Knight - Prime Numbers
04 - People With Chairs Up Their Noses - Leave Home
05 - Legion Of Honour - Red Square Errand
06 - R. Stevie Moore - The Flavor Is Mine
07 - Height-Dismay - Dusk
08 - John Foster's Pop Philosophers - Kennedy Saga Part 1
09 - Morton Taylor - Blank Wrap
10 - Crime & The City Solution - Moments (Live)
11 - Positive Noise - Seventh Man
12 - Customer Service - Call Me Dynamic
13 - The Invisible College - Luxury Of Horns
14 - Bruce Pravitt - Debbie
15 - Mark Foster - Thinking Cap
16 - Beats Working - Monkey & The Rocket
17 - Alan Underhill - Silicon Sundae Part II
18 - Guilded Youth - Weirding Nights
19 - The Same - Time Line
20 - Public Image Ltd - Edited snippets of
riot on 15 May 1981

Download Issue 008 Here
Part 1
Part 2

Download Issue 009 Here