Sunday, March 26, 2017

ED KUEPPER RESTRUNG with Queensland Symphony Orchestra 25-03-17 Tivoli, Brisbane

It was a very happy and restained Ed that took to the stage
with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra last night to
put on one of the most memorable Ed shows Ive seen
and Ive seen a lot.

From the opening rendition of Ghost Gum from the last cab to
Darwin, to the entire Lost Cites album, to the small selection
of older Ed tunes it was beautiful and moving experience

This should be recorded properly it was fantastic, the arrangments,
the 40 members of the orchestra and the very animated conductor
Richard Davis made for a unconventional but unforgetable evening

Heres the setlist from the night
Ghost Gum [from Last Cab to Darwin soundtrack]
Friends with the Leader
Free passage to Mars
[It's ] Never too late
What can I leave you
The Ruins
Fever Dream
Some said...
Queen of the Vale [as in V.A.L.E]
Honey Steel's Gold
Collapse Board
The way I made feel
Horse under water
Electrical Storm