Friday, February 24, 2012

Blackeyed Susans - All Souls Alive (1993)

The Blackeyed Susans 2nd album released
back in 1993 is a wonderful record for this
rainy weather we are having here in Brisbane.

Graham Lee said of the album,
"You couldn't describe it as a sunny record,
I don't think anyone would've been expecting that.
But there's a willingness to experiment."

10 tracks of beauty from this wonderful band
for a wet weekend.

Track list
01 - a curse on you
02 - we could've been someone
03 - every gentle soul
04 - memories
05 - sheets of rain
06 - reveal yourself
07 - i can see now
08 - apartment no 9
09 - dirty water
10 - this one eats souls

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sirocco - Wetland Suite

A truly fitting piece of music for the weather
we are having at the moment here
mid February in Brisbane.

This masterpiece from the amazing Sirocco evokes both the
humidity and the rich soundscape of the wetlands.
This 1993 album was the result of an event in the endangered
Macquarie Marshes in NSW where they played the Suite.
A wonderful piece of music as is all of Siroccos work,
unfortunately it has been lost in time.
A previous Sirocco post that tells you all about the band can
be found here
I saw these guys many times back in the 90's and they once
put on a gig which is one of the most memorable I have ever seen.
You can read about that on the older Sirocco post!

So if your somewhere that hot and sweaty than this should
fit the mood, or if your in one of those places that are in
deep freeze at the moment this may warm you up!