Monday, August 30, 2010

"Distant Violins" #12 number 12, cassette 1 1984

Steve Aka duckdogtwo has been inspired by the Fast Forward
to share this number 12 of the Distant Violins Cassette series.
I do love these cassette fanzine type things.

01 - Tiny Town - Queue up
02 - The Triffids Talk about having lunch with Julian
03 - The Triffids - Kids these days
04 - The Great Unwashed - Point that thing at somewhere else
05 - Iggy Pop - interview
06 - Pictish Blood - An end to all fear
07 - The Particles - I know a place
08 - Fronter Scouts - Belmondo
09 - The Great Unwashed - What you should be now
10 - The Great Unwashed - Middle sized mind
11 - Damn Heck - Floral Clock
12 - These Future Kings - Man who would be king
13 - These Future Kings - Skin Pages
14 - Newie - Eggs and fish

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Monday, August 23, 2010

John Schumann Plays Redfest

Here is a couple of old John Schumann (ex redgum) singles for an excuse to plug some gigs that schumann and the vagabonds will be playing in the near future. The venue is a festival called "redfest" that is a recent rebranding of the old strawberry festival that has been going for years on the southside bay area of Redlands. It's very kid friendly ( free for under 6years) and cheap as chips for everyone else. Ticket prices here

John schumann and the vagabonds play 2 gigs - friday night and saturday arvo september 3-4. Times here

These 2 singles come from the "etched in blue" lp. More details of all things Schumann can be found on his website here

download singles here

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vote 1 - Joh for P.M. !

Dont forget on saturday to do your civic duty and vote 1 - Joh for P.M. Here is a flexi disc of a rising anthem for you to sing along to at the polling booth. I've put it on my ipod and will take along some speakers for the community's pleasure. The flipside is an instru mental version and I hope I have learnt all the words by saturday to do a full karokee version for my local electorate. I was talking to Joh the other day via the ol' ouija board and he promises me "No more boats! Dont you worry about that! There weren't any boats in my time as Emperor of Queensland and there wont be any when I'm P.M. !"
Australia in the 1950's was a fantastic time and I for one cant wait to return there. If you think like me , you too should Vote 1 -  Joh for P.M. !

download here

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who's Gerald

At the time I thought we were cool cuz the Gobetweens had
a girl on drums, and so do we.

Dave McCormack

Dave McCormack's first band Who's Gerald from way back in the mid
80's. I've posted on them before, but Lee has kindly sent some
rare tracks of the band to me.
Thanks Lee

Now over to Lee

Banging in my Ear and You Really Got Me were recorded by me
at Creative Space studios late 1986 I think.
Cowboy was a demo the guys recorded themselves around the
same time. These were recorded with their original line up,
Dave, Paul, Cathy and Glen.

01 - Banging in my ear
02 - Cowboy
03 - Really got me

Download Here

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 ZzZ turns 35 !

This friday at the Bleeding Heart Gallery at 166 Ann st the city, is the opening night for a week long exhibition celebrating community radio station 4ZzZ's 35th birthday. The exhibition promises to contain memoriabilia / archive sights and sounds / posters etc - sounds like a hoot.

I've included here some posters and another copy of "radio times" from 1986 that may or may not be at the show. Also a few tv ads that 4zzz had produced for a radiothon many years ago.. big thanks to Rod from the pineapples for slipping me a vhs of these babies way back in the 80's.

If you slip over to "prehistoric sounds" blog you can catch a few radio spots from last century here..

This leads up to the annual radiothon starting this weekend. If you dont live in brisbane you can catch up via the internet thingy streaming stuff via the web site here. You can also donate at the site.

Saturday night at the Zoo hosts the launch of the new cd compilation "Beyond the Banana Curtain" - a sister cd to the fantastic 2000 compilation "behind the banana curtain"

download the radio times feb 86 issue here

p.s. Big thanks to Bob for allowing me to post a few things on his blog while he is in busy / travel mode :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Club Hoy

Some singles, an Ep and an album from Club Hoy a Sydney band
that existed from 1989 to 1993.
Tony send in all this wonderful music and a bit of background below,
thanks Tony.

Grant McLennan produced Club Hoys first single "On And On"
(which is here in a ripped mp3 from youtube clip only)
and then the track "Water My Toes" from the Da Da Da Da EP
(the other tracks were produced by Radio Bordman frontman,
Rob Younger).
Note apart from the "On And On" tack all other tracks are mp3
rips from the original CDs.

Apart from the Grant McLennan connection the Club Hoy drummer,
Vince Sheehan, was also the drummer for John Kennedy's
Love Gone Wrong.

Here's a cut and paste of info from the Australian Rock Databse website:
Club Hoy
Sydney 1989-1993
On And On 1990 2

Single AUS Waterfront DAMP 128 (edition of 500)

Da Da Da Da 1991 4 Produced by Rob Younger
and Grant McLennan

Double-Single AUS Hoyden/Regular K10304

Thursday's Fortune 1991 12 Produced by Martin Armiger

CD AUS Regular D24006 (D30613)

Trumpets 1992 4 Produced by Daniel Denholm
and Robbie Rowlands

CD-EP AUS Hoyden/Regular D11328

House On Fire Single
Not Like That Single
On and On Single
Thursday's Fortune Album
Trumpets EP
Walk Away Single plus Bonus

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zero - Live West End, Sometime in 1978

A rare a wonderful recording from David K,
the earliest known recording of this legendary
Brisbane band.
Posters come from Chuck and his archive of
Brisbane band posters.

Thanks David and Chuck,
now let me hand over to David.

This gig was held at AHEPA Hall in West End, Brisbane
(where Rio Rhythmics is now) some time in 1978 and this is
the first line-up of Zero (as they were spelled then).
It's interesting to note two things. One, they're
essentially a covers band, but doing a ridiculously eclectic set,
from Sonny Boy Williamson and Chuck Berry through
Patti Smith to the Sex Pistols and Junior Murvin
(I suspect via the Clash, though I wouldn't be surprised if it
was direct). The other interesting thing is that,
according to Barbara, who passed this on to me, they'd been
playing for what was literally a matter of a few months before
this gig, which surprised me, given the quality of the playing.
As far as Barbara knows, this is the only recording of that
first line-up. Enjoy.

Peter Adams - guitars, vocals on Anarchy In The UK
Chris Anderson - guitars, voice on Johnny Be Good,
bass on You Got To Help Me
Irina Lukas - vocals
Debbie Penny - drums
Sax + flute - Barbara Hart
John Hunt - Bass, harmonica on You Got To Help Me

Download Here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

James Freud - Singles

From the Models to James Freud, Chuck has ripped 3 limited
edition singles.

Hurricane bw Everythings Alright
Modern Girl bw Worlds of Tragic Tales
Enemy Lines bw Only the Young

Thanks Chuck

Download Here

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swiss National Day

An unusual post today and a bit of an announcement to all
who follow this blog.
Today is Switzerland's national day and my Swiss fiancé
Carmen decided it was time I had some cultural education.
It was a nice afternoon on a wonderfully warm and sunny
winters day, I can't say I'm terribly better educated on
all thing Swiss, but I do love an accordion mainly because
of the Argentinian tango connection!

I do enjoy folk culture of course and it was lovely display.
There was Swiss food, music and tradition dress all on display.
Not my usual fare on this blog however, but it does lead
into the announcement that My wedding is fast approaching
and after that We shall be honeymooning for 6 weeks in
Europe. We shall be travelling in Switzerland, Germany,
France and going to Venice in Italy.

Switzerland is under control, and We're planning to visit
Berlin and Paris. So I'm throwing it open to you the readers
for any ideas or advice on where to go, what to see, or
anything. Of course we only have 6 weeks so We can't do
everything, but any advice will be gratefully received.
I now this blog has a large European readership.
So happy Swiss day and I look forward to your comments!

While I'm away I'll be giving Chuck the keys to the blog,
He'll be keeping the blog rolling and I shall have full
mobile internet capacity on our new 3G Ipad.