Friday, January 30, 2009

Robert Forster - Mt Buller, ATP, 10-01-09

Another fine recording from the Mt Buller, ATP this
time from Robert Forster and his wonderful band.
Much the same as the Brisbane gig with some
changes most notably the VU cover.
Many thanks to the taper crankingamps for his work.

Robert Forster - guitar, vocals
Glenn Thompson - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Adele Pickvance - bass, backing vocals
Matthew Harrison - drums

01. Temptation Inside Your Heart [Velvet Underground]
02. 121
03. Head Full Of Steam
04. Pandanus
05. Surfing Magazines
06. Quiet Heart
07. Make Her Day
08. German Farmhouse
09. Demon Days
10. Darlinghurst Nights

Download Here

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Saints - ATP, Brisbane, 15-01-09

And here it is volume 5 in all its glory, the Saints
most controversial performance of the tour.
Well first I think Chuck has done an awesome
job in cleaning up this recording, its really
completely listenable and the crowd chat
isn't that bad, I've heard much worse.
The band plays a short set, not playing
the entire album as advertised.
I'd love to know what happened there
and missing the signature tune I'm Stranded,
which apparently they planed as an encore,
but because they took too long returning to
stage the pressed for time soundcrew moved
their gear off stage to start the massive
set up for nicks band.
And so we missed out.
All the same short and sweet.
Thanks again to Chuck for all his hard work
and dedication to the cause.

The Saints - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

01 swing for the crime
02 this perfect day
03 erotic neurotic
04 a minor aversion
05 kissing cousins
06 one way street
07 messing with the kid
08 nights in venice

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughing Clowns - ATP Mt Buller10-01-09

.. the reformed Laughing Clowns turn in an enrapturing
performance of their jazz-affected post-punk and
conclude with the towering saxophone melody
and festival highlight of Eternally Yours. -
Andrew McMillen
LAST -FM review of ATP, Mt.Buller

A very nice recording of the Laughing Clowns first show of
their reunion tour as part of the ATP line up.
The same songs as done in Brisbane, without the encore.
Special thanks to the taper crankingamps.

Now for the big news from the clowns myspace site.

Forty Five minute sets at All Tomorrow's Parties
were just a
teaser for what the Clowns promise
this May.

Don't miss the reunion they
thought would never happen -
LAUGHING CLOWNS - live in May.

2nd & 3rd: Sydney, The Basement
Tickets on sale January 23rd from
or ..

or via phone: 92512797

You lucky Sydney people.
While you in a Clowns type mood check
out RLM's fab written piece called
Laughing Clowns - Secret Legends.
Find it Here


01. Soundcheck [incomplete] (2:06)
02. Intro (5:42)
03. The Flypaper (4:33)
04. Come One, Come All (6:59)
05. Everything That Flies (5:36)
06. Theme From 'Mad Flies, Mad Flies' (4:35)
07. Nothing That Harms (5:42)
08. Collapse Board (11:51)
09. Eternally Yours (11:43)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Saints - Don't Look Back, Performing - I'm Stranded. 14-01-2009. The Forum, Melbourne

Well its been a year today that this blog has been going.
Lots of fun, lots of fine people and nice little hobby for
me. I especially love covering the gigs I get to and
all the photography.But the best thing has been all
the fantastic people who's paths have crossed with mine.
What better way to celebrate but another recording
from the incredible number of gigs round the country
of late.

Performing the seminal aussie punk classic album, I'm Stranded
as part of the "Don't Look Back" concert series and rounding of
the night with some of the later albums classic tunes, this is a
gig to remember. Wish I'd been there, this is the setlist I was
expecting at Brisbane. Thanks to crimpies who did the hard
yards in making this recording available.
He had a bit of trouble with some drunk guy, however fine
recording despite all that. Get over to Carbie Warbies flicker
page to see a heap of fantastic photos of the night.
Find them here

01. intro
02. (I'm) Stranded
03. One Way Street
04. Wild About You
05. Messin' With The Kid
06. Erotic Neurotic
07. No Time
08. Kissin' Cousins
09. Story Of Love
10. Demolition Girl
11. Nights In Venice
12. encore break
13. Swing For The Crime
14. All Times Through Paradise
15. The Chameleon
16. Know Your Product
17. encore break
18. This Perfect Day
19. River Deep Mountain High

Recorded/encoded/seeded by crimpies

Chris Bailey (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Ed Kuepper (electric guitars)
Ivor Hay (drums)
Archie Larizza (bass, backing vocals)
with a three piece horn section on some songs

Download Here

The Saints at London in 77 : No Punk, No Future, From Eternally yours to Prehistoric sound

Get on over to melting pod for part 2, some fantastic
stuff in this pod much of which was new to me.
Takes you right up to the beginning of the Laughing Clowns.

The second part of the interview with ED KUEPPER about
THE SAINTS when they arrived at London in 77 until the
band split after Prehistoric Sound : a period of time which
was not too much covered in details by the medias until now...
I hope you will learn things you never hear before...:)
A lot of songs excerpts from the second and third albums to
illustrate Ed's talk !!
And some erotic pics in exclusive sent by my
new friend from Melbourne Carbie...:)


Find it here

Laughing Clowns - Brisbane, Gallery Of Modern Art, 23-01-09

25 years since this band last played here, a lot of excited people,
a venue that fits perfectly with the band and 5 musicians that
delivered on one of the most anticipated performances I have
even been to. What a night and thanks to Brisbane's resident
audio historian we have a recording.
Chuck has managed a great recording, in what is an enormous
cavern of a venue. He has also rushed the magic processing and
art production to give us this by Sunday morning, Brilliant work.
And by the wonders of what is the internet you may download
this in France or somewhere over the over side of the world
and be listening to it in no time at all.
All thanks to Chuck who specially got time off work to do this.
And to the clowns who gave us a very special performance.
While your at it check out two very different and well written
reviews of the night Andrew has brought to my attention.

Andrews review here

Andrew was blown away as most by the clowns


Everett's True's article about this show here.

I don't think Everett is down on the band he
just didn't like the venue and the crowd,
Odd I thought the night had an excellent

And tomorrow will be Australia Day which makes it exactly
one year since this blog began and what better way to

Laughing Clowns - 23-01-09
Gallery Of Modern Art
00 Intro
01 Fly Paper
02 Come One. Come All
03 Everything That Flies Is Not A Bird
04 Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies
05 Nothing That Harms
06 Collapse Board
07 Eternally Yours
08 Bully in Town
09 Winters Way

Edmund Kuepper - guitar/vocals
Jeffrey Wegener - drums
Louise Elliott - saxophone/flute
Leslie 'Bif' Millar - bass
Alister Spence - keyboard

Download Here

Laughing Clowns - Eternally Yours - Goma, Brisbane, 23-01-09

In another Striped Sunlight scoop, I have my 2nd video from
the night. This one has Ed Kuepper introducing the band in
typical Ed fashion before launching into the crowd favorite
of the night. Listen to the crowd when the sax part of
the song is first played.Its true to say the song is played
different to the clowns recording, some may prefer the
original, but I really like this.
Kenneth was impressed, here's how he saw it.

Eternally Yours! What a ride! Just loved the way they
dipped and worked up the momentum on that one like some
rollercoaster! At one point I just to yell,
"Here we go again!" ... and away we went!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Nothing That Harms, Goma Brisbane, 23-01-09

Another Striped Sunlight first I have a one song
video from last nights performance.
Bear in mind I was right up front next to the left
speaker column, so theres a bit of distortion,
however the action is superb and it gives you a
bit of an idea of what I've been talking about.

Laughing Clowns - Nothing That Harms Goma 23-01-09

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Laughing Clowns Come Back To Town

The mighty phoenix of the Laughing Clowns
will rise from the ashes to again show that
everything that flies is not a bird.
Jeffrey Wegener

And the phoenix did rise, all the expectations
were surpassed, in the kind of performance
that will be remembered here as one of the
greatest. All of the elements that made this band
unique were there, these guys are musicians
of the type streets ahead of the others and
they were clearly working well together and
enjoying it immensely.

As did the crowd who were captivated and
enthralled through the entire show.
The trouble is finding the words to describe
what happened on the stage, except it was

Ed Kuepper was his usual brilliant self,
joking and generally enjoying the whole thing.
Playing like the genius he is, but not dominating.
The Clowns was the band that introduced Ed's
vocal work to the world and they remain some
of my favorite of his vocal performances.
If his voice had been under any strain after
the ATP gigs it didn't show.

Ed's Amp guitar set up for the clowns is a bit,
um, smaller than for the saints. Gone are the
Marshall amps, instead a vox. The vg8 and strat
are still there, but we have a whole different sound.

Jeff Wegener was on fire, he retains his place
as the greatest drummer I've ever seen and
the only one who has got my attention over
everything else going on in a band, repeatedly.

Louise Elliott is just an incredible improvisational
musician, she is the lead focal point in a band
where everything can compete for your attention
all at once and she gets it.

Leslie 'Bif' Millar is a fantastic bassist and a
admirable musician who put on a fine show.
Innovative and a worthy partner to Jeff in the
percussion section, I thoroughly enjoyed his

Also on tour was Alister Spence on
keyboard, the only not original member,
he is a brilliant and well respected jazz
musician who apart from being very happy,
added a lot to increase the depth of sound.

Goma the venue for the event is Brisbane's
pride and joy, our fantastic fairly new
Gallery of Modern Art, the prefect place to
see a band who have often been identify
as an art band. Before the gig we just wandered
round looking at the fantastic exhibits, it was a
great vibe and a great way to get in the
mood. Eds inclusion of collapse board in
the set was a very funny reference to the
Gallery's exhibit theme, optimism.

The visual art on display behind the
band during the performance is the
stunning work of Judi Dransfield Kuepper
and David Granato, which of course was

I know heaps of you guys were
there and it was great to catch up with Glen
at the show, but I what to hear all your
I was rather organized this time and took
a pen and paper to record the set list.
Best of all news has come in Chuck made
the gig against the odds and recorded it.
Fantastic news indeed.

Laughing Clowns, Goma, Brisbane, 24-01-09.

Set List
01 Fly Paper
02 Come One. Come All
03 Everything That Flies Is Not A Bird
04 Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies
05 Nothing That Harms
06 Collapse Board
07 Eternally Yours
08 Bully in Town
09 Winters Way

Check out in the comments for plenty more reviews
from blog readers. , such as

The great music of the past shone in an atmosphere
that was joyous for the past of not only the band,
but of the majority of the audience and that audience
that included me!
The Laughing Clowns are one of the greatest bands ever!


Been a while since I've been so excited by a gig that really
really delivered. My expectations were very high
and I was certainly not disappointed.
Hence exclamation mark overload! :)


As others have said, great set and Bully was a highlight
for me after Eternally Yours. Also, Ed actually said that
Winters Way pre-dated the Saints, implying I think
that it was a simple little number.
How far from the truth.


So add yours too.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town

Well its tomorrow night that the clowns come to town.
To celebrate here's the clowns incredibly rare, half
mastered, bloody brilliant Mr Uddich-Schmuddich
Goes To Town. This album is so rare Ed Kuepper
himself is reputed to have only ever seen one copy,
his own. Never released on CD this is a vinyl rip.
I have scanned the cover and the photo inside.
This information on half mastering came inside.

The record was mastered at half speed.
This process involves running both the master tape
and the cutting lathe at half the normal speed.
This results in more defined high frequencies,
greater separation between channels with overall
improved trackability.
The increased time required for this process has
always been reflected in the much higher price
of other albums cut in this fashion.
In keeping with Prince Melon Records policy,
the price of this album has been kept in
the same price range as standard albums.

One of my most prized records.
This is a fantastic record to listen to.

01. In Front of Your Eyes
02. Come One, Come All
03. Laughter Around the Table
04. A Knife In the Head
05. Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies
06. A Song of Joy
07. Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town
08. When What You See

Download Here

Mick Harvey Leaves Bad Seeds

News that hit this afternoon, Mick Harvey has left
The Bad Seeds after 25 years.
So the Brisbane ATP gig was the 3rd last time mick
was to play with the Bad Seeds, Cockatoo island next
and the Belvior Amphitheatre in Perth on the 20th
his last gig. Makes ATP even more special.

Here's the press release.

For a variety of personal and professional reasons
I have chosen to discontinue my ongoing involvement
with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
After 25 years I feel I am leaving the band as it
experiences one of its many peaks; in very healthy
condition, and with fantastic prospects for the future.
I’m confident Nick will continue to be a creative force
and that this is the right time to pass on my artistic
and managerial role to what has become a tremendous
group of people who can support him in his endeavours
both musically and organizationally.
It was a fantastic experience to finish my touring days
in the band with the recent shows in Australia
and the unique events that took place in conjunction
with All Tomorrow’s Parties, especially Mt. Buller,
which was one of the many highlights of my involvement
with the band throughout the years.
I shall continue working on the Bad Seeds back catalogue
re-issues project over the coming year and look forward
to the new opportunities I shall be able to accommodate
as a result of my changed circumstances.

Mick Harvey, 22nd January 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

Listen to this one loud, that's Chucks advice and good advice too.
What can I say Chuck has rushed this wonderful recording
of what was an amazing Nick and the seeds performance.
I've seen Nick with the seeds some 3 or 4 times and this is my
favorite time. Its an action packed night folks so get downloading
and turn up the volume.
Thanks again Chuck for all the hard work and this brilliant

Track list
00 intro
01 night locusts
02 dig lazarus dig
03 tupelo
04 weeping song
05 red right hand
06 midnight man
07 love letter
08 ship song
09 moonland
10 mercy seat
11 deanna
12 call author explain
13 papa wont leave you henry
14 more news from nowhere
15 lyre of orpheus
16 get ready for love
17 stagger lee

Download Here

Cold and the Crackle - Not Drowning Waving

Richard from the bowie is a cranky cat blog has ripped
his vinyl copy of this Not Drowning Waving's fantastic
3rd album. I have this on cd but the vinyl differs from
the later cd release.
So jump on over to Richards blog and say hello.

Find it Here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Saints - At Brisbane, From School To I'm Stranded

Annie over at Meltingpod has put together this podcast
which sounds great, I'm downloading as I type.
So get along and have a look at Meltingpod
there is also reports from the various ATP gigs
around the country and also photos including
Laughing Clowns shots.
Here's what Annie has to say about the pod.

After the All Tomorrow’s parties festival where The Saints
reunited for a few shows with the original members
Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay,
I thought it was the good time to publish at least this old
interview I recorded with Ed Kuepper in August 2007 !!
In this first part we started when Ed met Chris and Ivor
at school in the first years of 1970 until the Saints left
Brisbane for London with their first album self-produced
in 76 “I'm Stranded”.
In the second part : the Saints at London !

The Saints - Mt Buller, Victoria All Tomorrows Parties 09-01-2009

A fine audience recording of the Saints performing at
Mt Buller for the All Tomorrows Parties weekend.
Complete with a horn section they play all the best
songs from the bands so sadly short career.
Unfortunately the taper crankingamps,
to whom I'm eternally grateful,
had his batteries go flat just after the
encore song began, so we miss it.
A wonderful and much longer performance
than at Brisbane, with a few songs they
missed up here. Includes a never before
heard saints cover of All Tomorrows Parties.
Richard Sharmans wonderful and might I
add professional photos can be found here
Some more pro shots are here,
They are the work of NerdBurger a lovely
fellow from over at the Ausrock forums.

Track List
01. intro (1:09)
02. Swing For The Crime (4:45)
03. This Perfect Day (3:07)
04. The Chameleon (5:01)
05. No Time (4:04)
06. A Minor Aversion (5:59)
07. (I'm) Stranded (4:22)
08. All Time Through Paradise (4:48)
09. The Prisoner (7:11)
10. Know Your Product (4:07)
11. Messin' With The Kid (8:20)
12. All Tomorrows Parties (3:03)
13. Nights In Venice (8:14)
14. encore (1:36)
15. River Deep Mountain High (0:09 only - remainder missed)

Download Here

Monday, January 19, 2009

Robert Forster - ATP 15-01-09 Brisbane

Another Striped Sunlight exclusive, Chuck who recorded
all 6 acts at the Thursday, Brisbane All Tomorrows parties,
has been burning the midnight oil to rush off the press
this fantastic recording.
Not only is this a bloody fine recording, its a wonderful
performance from one Brisbane's finest, on what was
a beautiful summers afternoon in Brisbane city.
Rob starts proceedings 5 minutes early just to squeeze
another song in. He is joined on stage by his band, the
same who just finished a world tour last year and
everyone's enjoying themselves.
Its a short but action packed set jam packed with
favorites, drawing from all parts of his exceptional
Like Chuck I'm looking forward to the entire 6 cd
set of this gig as the recordings make there way
through the various complicated processes.
Many thanks to Chuck who is a most generous
fellow indeed.

Track List
00 intro.
01 if it rains.
02 heart out to tender.
03 head full of steam.
04 pandanus.
05 surfing magazine.
06 quiet heart.
07 make her day.
08 german farmhouse.
09 darlinghurst nights.
10 here comes the city.
11 people say.

Size: 105.74 MB

Download Here