Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mercurials - The Mercurials

As we saw in the last post the first time Mark Ferrie and
Andrew Pendelbury plated together was in 1976 at the
Station Hotel. Thus begun a long history of working together,
The Mercurials is the latest in a long line of projects.
In 2003 Mark met Adi Sappir busking in the subway at
Flinders St Station. Adi had arrived in Melbourne from
Israel 18 months earlier. The Mercurials was born out
of this chance meeting, in 2004 the band started recording
tracks which would become their debut CD.
It was released in 2005.
They have released 3 CDs, the latest last year.
Find everything Mercurials Here on their website

This is a brillant debut, beautiful, original, special.
Very talented musicians doing what they want to do.
Mark says not a lot of people get what they are doing,
but those who do make it all worth while.
Like the song they cover here,
Nick Drake's "Time has told me",
this is music from the soul and for the soul.

Thanks to Mark who sent me the last copy of this album.

We were still trying things out and working out how
to combine
different elements.
Feel free to upload it if you like, we probably won't be
(we're already planning our next album)

Mark Ferrie

Download Here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Live at The Station - Various Artists

A rare historic recording comes to us via Mark Ferrie who sent
me this album to share, thanks Mark.
Let me hand over to Mark to tell you all about it.

01 - Myriad - The Ballad Of The Station Hotel
02 - Myriad - Rock 'n' Roll Highway
03 - Myriad - Glenrowan
04 - Dingoes - Marijuana Hell
05 - Dingoes - When A Man Loves A Woman
06 - Saltbush - Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
07 - Saltbush - Stay All Night
08 - Wild Beaver Band - What Am I Doing Here
09 - Wild Beaver Band - How Come All You Dudes
Look Like Cowboys
10 - Wild Beaver Band - Messin' around The Town

This is a live recording from 1976 of various Melbourne groups
performing at the Station Hotel, Prahran. It originally came out
on the Lamington label and was produced by Keith Glass
(of Missing Link fame). The Station was the original inner city
rock pub venue in Melbourne, spawning a tradition that lasts
till this day (although certain new government legislation
is threatening to kill off this part of the city's culture vis.
the recent closing of the Tote).
This record also documents the first time Andrew Pendlebury
and I actually played together.

Mark Ferrie

Download Here

The Saints and Ed Kuepper - Prehistoric Sounds Article

Here we have a great article giving the complete history of the
original Saints and a 1994 interview with Edmund.
Great stuff with some great photos.
Thanks Chuck.
Download Here

Prehistoric Sounds - The Models Article

This 1994 Prehistoric Sounds article of the Models details
their entire career from the beginning to the end.
A fasinating read.
Thanks Chuck for this scan.

Download Here

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Riptides Play UQ Centenary Celebration

The Riptides began life in 1976 when 5 UQ Architecture
inspired by the new punk sounds of the time,
began to dabble
in making music. After name and line-up
changes, the group finally
solidified as the Riptides in 1978
and released their first single
‘Sunset Strip’.
The reaction was instant, with favourable reviews in the
and overseas music media and initial pressings of the
selling out quickly. Constant touring and a follow-up
‘Tomorrow’s Tears’, built on that success and the band
to Sydney in 1980. Renowned for their live performances,
the group built its fan-base
to become one of the most sought
after live acts in the country,

eventually signing to Regular Records. Only a handful of
followed as the inability to fully capture their raucous
live sound
on disc and constant line-up changes let to the band
calling it quits
in 1983. In 1988 the Riptides reformed briefly to
release a live album titled
‘Resurface’ that finally captured the
magic of their live shows
and became one of Rolling Stone
Magazines’ top 100 albums of all time.

As one critic put it “describing the magic of Riptides is,
in the words of the Lovin’ Spoonful, like trying to tell a stranger
about rock and roll”.

As part of the Centenary celebrations of the University of Queensland
Brisbane's famous UQ music export headlined and well I can't miss a
Riptides gig. Mark was his usual brilliant self, the band including his
son Cal and later joined by the original Guitarist on Sunset Strip,
were superb.

The location at the the Uni's Great court was a wonderful place to
see a band. The crowd was diverse and the band ripped thought
a great selection of riptide tunes. Ending on the fab "Shake It"
where the band got all these kids up on stage. At the end Mark
thanked everyone and told the parents they really should collect
their children, best not to leave them with the band.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Models - Local And Or General - UK Version

The Uk Version of my Favorite Models album is a joy to listen
to, I'm sure there's been a bit off remastering and the
inclusion of the re-recorded Cut Lunch tracks fits perfectly.
This rare collectible was sent to me by Mark Ferrie himself,
Mare off course was the bass player, sometime vocalist and
songwriter during this most brilliant period of the Models.
Thanks Mark and over to you.

I'd never owned a copy of this and I can't actually
listening to more than the few tracks.
This is the English
record company's version of the
album we gave them
(ie the Australian version of
"Local..") which they put
together after we'd left
England and re-recorded a couple of
tracks off the
"cut Lunch" EP at their request.

The music on this CD has been taken off a UK
cassette version
of the album that a mate of mine
came across a few years ago.

Mark Ferrie

01 Man O' Action
02 Tearing Hair Out
03 Atlantic Romantic
04 Bantam Had
05 Unhappy
06 Rate Of Change
07 Local & Or General
08 Truth About Truth About Scientists
09 Two Cabs To The Toucan
10 Drunk in the House
11 Dying For My Country At The War
12 Drive And Reflex

Download Here

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Custard - Wacked Not Wacky

Chris sent me this little long out of print beauty from premier
Brisbane band Custard for my recent birthday.
Released in 1996 its a compilation of rare songs
and the Buttercup album and of course good fun.

Riptides Return To Brisbane

In case you haven't heard this fab news, I'm ripping off
Andrew Bartlett's post on his blog.
Chuck discovered this because Andrew had linked to a
Riptides post here, so I'm queots Andrew who is a
musician himself and big fan off all things cool.
Not to mention a one time Queensland Senator from 1997-2008.
Find Andrews original post here

Ground-breaking Brisbane band The Riptides, who
played an
influential role in the post-punk independent
music scene in
Brisbane and Australia, are reforming for
a one-off show at 4pm
on Sunday 18 April at the University
of Queensland’s Great Court.
It’s happening as part of the
University’s centenary celebrations.

The band was formed in the late 1970s by students at the
University, crystallising as The Riptides and releasing
their seminal
tune ‘Sunset Strip” as their first single
(actually originally released
just before a name change,
while the band was called The Numbers).

They had many line up changes over the 5 or so years of
their history,
featuring a range members who played in a
number of other influential
Australian bands.

Given The Riptides had such a movable feast of members,
I don’t know
as yet know who will be amongst their lineup
for this upcoming show,
but their singer and frontman,
Mark Callaghan, the main constant in the
will certainly front and centre again this time around.

Mark Callaghan gained greater commercial success with
But many Brisbane music fans – especially
of my vintage – still think

of him first and foremost as the singer from The Riptides.
The band reformed as one of the acts performing at the
Pig City show in
2007, headlined by the briefly reformed Saints.

Riptides Tommorrow's Tears

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rowland S Howard - Live at Ric's Bar 05

More fantastic stuff from Dj Wolf Trash.
I know this will get a few people excited!
Thanks Dj Wolf,
over to you.

Taken from a two night weekend residency at Ric's Bar
in Brisbane
in mid 2005. The legendary Rowland S. Howard
performs select
songs from his Teenage Snuff Film album.
Solo on the Saturday
night and backed by the Devistations
on the Sunday night.
The shows were dubbed night of the
living dead due to Rowlands
appearance and the older
crowd who came out of the woodwork

to see the performance.

- Recorded by dj wolf trash and judy jetson

Rowland S. Howard Solo - Ric's Bar Here

Download Rowland S. Howard & The Devistations - Ric's Bar Here

A Very Stooges Xmas

Are you ready for a wild time, dj wolf trash has sent me
some of his rare and exclusive recordings.
These 2 recordings are from this Dec 2006 show here
in Brisbane. Put em on and turn it up
Thanks Dj Wolf Trash for the recordings and
Lets hear from DJ!

A Very Stooges Xmas took place back in late 2006 at
The Troubadour with three of Brisbane's finest
rock'n'roll roll
bands paying tribute to the band they
love by covering the first
three Stooges albums in their
entirety. The Dangermen
[The Stooges], Hits [Fun House],
Giants of Science [Raw Power]

It was a unforgettable night of rock'n'roll that left ears
and livers destroyed.
Hope you enjoy the recording
- recorded by dj wolf trash and The Foundry
* The Dangermen recording was inaudible.

Download Giants Of Science Set Here

Download Hits Set Here

Bailey & Kuepper (The Saints) May Shows

Bailey & Kuepper – two names that are synonymous with quality
music of antipodean origins.
Both gentlemen being of course two of the founding members
of the Brisbane band that lit the fuse of what exploded into Punk:
The Saints.
Highly successful recording artists both as solo artists and as
leaders of bands, each with a vast back catalogue of solo and group
recordings, humongous if combined.
Chris Bailey has continued recording and touring all over the world
for the last two and half decades both as a solo artist and with the
Saints. In addition he is the lead singer in the General Dog,
has been a special guest on many a recording and has lent his skills
as a producer to other artists.
Ed Kuepper also has a much lauded history as a solo artist and with
his bands; Laughing Clowns and The Aints. He has worked as a
producer with other artists as well as composing several
soundtracks. Kuepper joined Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in
2009 and continues to tour and record with his current backing
band the Kowalski Collective. Australian audiences last saw
both gentlemen reunited upon the stage as ‘The Saints’ for the
‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ Festival early 2009.
We are happy to announce Messrs Bailey & Kuepper are planning a
Grand Tour of musical soirees together. They will be performing not
only a selection from their collaborative works, but will also draw
from their respective solo recordings.

Prior to setting off on the road, this selection of songs will be
stripped back, reworked and recorded for release as an acoustic
offering via the infamous and esteemed Liberation Blue label.
Ladies and gentlemen: we are thrilled to confirm that
Bailey & Kuepper will present their music soirees on the same
day each week, at the same venue, thrice during the month of May
in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shakedown Original Brisbane Punk 1979-83

Shake Records and Savage Music (essentially the same thing) was
the label run in Brisbane during the late '70s by David Holiday and
Peter Miller from Just Urbain, and Rod McLeod from the Young
Identities. The first release orchestrated by this brains trust was the
Cigarettes and Alcohol" 7" from local heroes The Leftovers.
With no-one within earshot waving chequebooks at them,
and having caught the DIY bug, they had nine releases in all,
eight 7"s and a live cassette. Roll call:
Just Urbain, Young Identities, Bodysnatchers and Kicks.

The bands here are among the most primitive, inept and snotty
DIY noiseto be found in Australia at the time. The singles sold
out their tiny handmade pressings (usually 100 to 200)
within months and quickly became highly sought-after.
These days they are next to impossible to find.
Almost the entire label's output is compiled here
(save a few songs from the Kicks cassette)

Thanks To Micheal for this great compilation of Brisbane bands.

Download Here