Thursday, November 27, 2008

Laughing Clowns Play Goma

Up Late, Goma Brisbane

Its Official!

Friday 23 January 2009

Tickets are $20 and are available through qtix or phone 136 246 (booking fees apply).

Become a Gallery Member today and receive a free ticket to Australia Up Late. Visit or tel: (07) 3840 7278 *subject to availability

' the most inventive and innovative Australian band

of the post-punk era.'

(Donat Tahiraj, Time Off, November 2005)

IT STARTED with a brief reunion - for one glorious song,
all 15 minutes of it - in London last year; now
The Laughing Clowns play Brisbane again.

The re-formed band will play the All Tomorrow's Parties festivals
in New South Wales and Victoria as well as the Up Late series at
GoMA. It will feature original members Kuepper, Wegener and
Elliott, double bassist Bif Millar, who joined in 1982, and keyboard
player Alister Spence.
Almost 25 years to the day since their last Brisbane show,
Ed Kuepper's early '80s band The Laughing Clowns will do a show
at the Gallery of Modern Art.
It's fitting the Clowns should re-form for a performance at GoMA,
since the band had such a strong artistic aesthetic:
Individual and original, pushing the boundaries
of what rock music could do.

Great news and so cheap at a 10th of the price of the last concert
I got tickets for and at my favorite place in Brisbane,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Behind the Banana Curtain - Various Artists CD2

Well continuing on the roller coaster that is Behind the Banana
Curtain, we travel forward in time from 1988 to 2000.
Starting with a song from a rare all girl band Batswing Saloon
we have a song inspired by my Favorite movie Harold and Maude.
There's Blowhard who are a musical institution in Brisbane
and who's frontman Rollo puts on one of the best shows
on 4ZZZ as an announcer.
Custard another Brisbane band that made it big and one
of our best. Dave McCormack the frontman,put on a stella
performance with a band for the pig city gig.
The Toothfaeries who would be the band Ive seen more
New Years eves in, than any other, Woodford favorites.
Screamfeeder who also out on a wild show at pig city,
Escape From Toytown fantastic song Fish and Chip Bitch
From Ipswich about Pauline Hanson a one time Liberal
candidate who was propelled into national political stardom
after making some very stupid and racist comments
to the media, disendorsed by her party she started
her own fascist party which had a serious impact on
the national political landscape before burning up.
Powerfinger who who have become Brisbane's best
known commercial export and last but nowhere
near least Regurgitator, who played pig city
2nd last(if you don't count the odd Gobs tribute)
and put on an amazing show.
Perhaps the best band to come out of Brissy in
the 90's certainly my pick.

Track List
01 - Harold and Maude - Batswing Saloon
02 - Another World - Purple Avengers
03 - Chill Out America - Chopper Division
04 - Girly - Creatures Downstairs
05 - Dreamkillers - Dreamkillers
06 - Boys Germs - Gravelrash
07 - V8 Rock 'n' Roll - Blowhard
08 - Children - Acid World
09 - Treat Yourself Gently - Isis
10 - Fantastic Plastic - Custard
11 - Dreaming - Wishing Chair
12 - I Believe - Toothfaeries
13 - Mudpool Goddess - Blood Party
14 - Drew Romance - The Melniks
15 - Dart - Screamfeeder
16 - Fish and Chip Bitch From Ipswich
- Escape From Toytown
17 - Day You Come - Powderfinger
18 - Sich Offnen - Not From There
19 - I Wanna Be a Nudist - Regurgitator

Download Here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Behind the Banana Curtain - Various Artists CD1

4ZZZ burst onto the airways of the otherwise dull Brisbane airways
on the 8th of December 1975, this cd is the first of a 2 disc set
that celebrates 25 years of 4ZZZ broadcasting and their contribution
to Brisbane's music scene.But first many thanks to Chuck who lives
here in Brisbane and contributes this fine collection,
here's what Chuck says about the discs.
This cd set seems a perfect blueprint for a blog named
stripedsunlightsound so its in a very high quality bitrate
And so it is, 320 kbs to be precise,
so I've had to spilt each disc into 2.
Brisbane was a very conservative place politically, from 1968
till 1987 Queensland was ruled by Joh, the National Party
Premier, one time peanut farmer,(that's Joh in cartoon form
at the top of the blog holding the cross out to the radio)
who with corrupt politicians and police created a state
which people from the southern states would joke about,
for those who traveled across the border it was often
refer to as traveling behind the banana curtain,
turn back your clocks ten years.
It was in this atmosphere that the Brisbane sound was made.
The first cd of the two is a definitive collection of Brisbane
bands from 75 to say 88. The music changes as did the times,
if as Robert Forster says there's a 100 years between 77 and
78, when telling people the go-betweens started in 78 not 77
as some claim, then there's a millennium between 75 and 88.
We have 7 of the pig city bands on this cd, plus so many others
that should of been. There's at least 2 bands I knew people
from and songs which I grew up to.
All the songs are fantastic but I'll single out a few for special
mention. The Leftovers came out of Sandgate, just over the bridge
from me. It was a working class suburb with a rough reputation,
these days its a bit of a yuppie enclave, working class punk that
was the leftovers. Many years later the fabulous Loves e blur
would come out of the same place with their acid cabaret.
Mop and the dropouts also lived around here. The big 4 are
here the Saints, Gobs, Riptides and the Apartments all
who went onto bigger things. The Screaming Tribesmen and
Ups and Downs also made it onto the national stage.
Presidents Eleven with their song Summer Vacation became
the first Brissy band to be voted No 1 on the ZZZ hot hundred,
and the Colours should have with their haunting and beautiful
tune Blue Shirt. The Parameters song Pig City, recorded live
at 4ZZZ studios became the anthem for the city and
La Fetts tune SEQEB Scabs an anthem for all that was wrong
in Queensland. Last but not least I'll mention the wonderful
Cyclone Hits Expo by Choo Dikka Dikka, it was in 1988 that
Brisbane hosted world Expo, while it had a positive influence
on Brisbane there was a negative side, especially the loss
of much of the cheap inner city living space that was
taken over by the site. Cyclone Hits Expo is a protest song
that was played a lot at the time and never released until
this record. The only band that isn't here and should be
is JFK and the Cuban Crisis, I can't understand the

Track List
01 - (I'm) Stranded - The Saints
02 - Karen - The Go-Betweens
03 - Task Force - Razar
04 - Cigarettes and Alcohol - The Leftovers
05 - Sunset Strip - The Riptides
06 - Help - The Apartments
07 - Savage - The Fun Things
08 - Crazy Eddie - Xero
09 - Brisbane Blacks - Mop and the Dropouts
10 - Buzzsaw Rockstar - The Vampire Lovers
11 - Black Banned - Mystery of Sixes
12 - Blue Shirt - The Colours
13 - Igloo - The Screaming Tribesmen
14 - Alice D - Lovs e Blur
15 - Summer Vacation - Presidents Eleven
16 - Pig City - The Parameters
17 - SEQEB Scabs - La Fetts
18 - Winter Moving In - Post No Bills
19 - The Living Kind - Ups and Downs
20 - Too Much Acid - Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time
21 - Cyclone Hits Expo - Choo Dikka Dikka
22 - Death Row Road - Hotel Breslin

Download Here
Part 1
Part 2

Sunday, November 23, 2008

David Parsons - Ngaio Gamelan

Well folks its my 200th post and to celebrate a very special record
that few people have heard about, from an artist few people know
anything about. When I first heard this record it threw me head
long into a incredible, expansive musical world. It was on a show
on the ultra amazing Internet radio station Hearts of Space, I
first heard this record, on the first show of theirs I heard.
I've lost count of how much new music HOS has introduced me
to, but this post is about David Parsons
David comes from New Zealand, with some 13 albums to his
name and a number of world music site recorded album sets
including the mammoth 15 volume Music of Islam and the
fantastic 5 volume Music of Armenia. He plays many
instruments, sitar being the one that started his musical
After nearly five years of traveling, including 11 months on the
road in one year, the Parsons family returned to New Zealand
in 1997. Parsons finally returned to his own music. Consciously,
he says, his approach hadn’t changed. He was still working
intuitively, still picking up the sitar when he needed a burst
of inspiration. But subconsciously, he suspects a profound
influence. “I couldn’t believe the precision of the rhythms
we heard while we were traveling,” he says. “So my approach
didn’t change, but the materials and ideas did.” Drawing on
the melodies and instruments he had recorded around the
Eastern Hemisphere, Parsons set to work on a project that
would bring the amazing experience of the world’s ancient
acoustic traditions into an electronic setting.
It would become the record Ngaio Gamelan.
Using samples of his hours of recordings of instruments like
the Armenian duduk (an oboe made of apricot wood), the Iranian
(a spike fiddle), and the sarangi (the Indian box cello),
Parsons created a sound world that was enriched by his years of
travel. The trademark darkness that colored his prior recordings
was leavened somewhat by the brilliant chimes of the Indonesian
gamelan, the metal percussion orchestras of Java and Bali .
“I knew the duduk would fit with the Balinese gamelan,”
he says. But the practicalities of bringing those two tunings
and traditions together would have been difficult to do without
electronics. After spending so much time with some of the world’s
great acoustic traditions,
Parsons says, “it was hard to warm up to synthesizers again.
But if you use them for what they can do, not what they can’t do,
it works out. The synthesizer is good at aural landscapes
and sound sculptingcreating sounds you’ve never heard before.”
Since Balinese gamelans are tuned to specific scales,
Parsons had to play the sounds into his sampler and then
'temper' the sampled sounds to fit into the scale needed.
This record is a true masterpiece.

01 - Urarto to Ubud
02 - Tjampuhan
03 - Laplapan
04 - Ararat Legong
05 - Jalan Jalan
06 - Sarangi Saron

Download Here

David Parsons - Ararat Legong

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Right here - a go-betweens tribute - va

Another tribute album more in keeping with the theme around

01 - Pray TV - Bachelor Kisses
02 - Flat Stanley - Love Goes On
03 - Smudge - I Just Get Caught Out
04 - The Buzzards - Was There Anything I Could Do
05 - The Meanies - Lee Remick
06 - Sean Sennett and Friends - Dont Call Me Gone
07 - The Steinbecks - Draining The Pool For You
08 - The Earthmen - The House Jack Kerouac Built
09 - Tender Engines - This Girl Black Girl.
10 - Frente - Clouds
11 - Snout - Karen
12 - Go Between - Go-Betweens
13 - Headache - Core Of A Flame.
14 - Free Moving Curtis - Hammer The Hammer.
15 - Holocene - Spring Rain
16 - Killjoys - Devils Eye
17 - Lust In Space - Apology Accepted - Part Company
18 - Ashtray Boy - Right Here
19 - Sunglass - Bye Bye Pride
20 - The Blackeyed Susans - Dive For Your Memory.
21 - The Drunk The Monk and The Spunk - Rock n Roll Friend

Download Here

To Celebrate Leonard coming to town

As you readers all know this blog is all Australian with a
bit of New Zealand thrown in, however a break with
tradition and an album that includes artists that come
from overseas. The reason for this special post is
Leonards coming and I shelled out $400 for 2
tickets, the single most expensive concert Ive
payed for, but you know its not likely he'll be back again.
Its only money as a friend said who also shelled out the same.

Can't wait, been waiting for this and was kind of resigned
to the concept that it would never happen.
On this fantastic tribute album we find some Australian
artists, my pick would be Robert Foster doing Tower
of Song. Which according to an interview about
this record, when Leonard was asked what song he
would pick if invited to contribute
"Tower of Song’ because it is easy to sing.
I don’t like things which are too complicated.."
So lets hear from Leonard fans both here in
Australia and all over who are taking the
opportunity to see a living legend do his thing.
Thanks to for the original post

01. The House of Love: Who by fire

02. Ian McCulloch: Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye

03. Pixies: I can’t forget

04. That Petrol Emotions: Stories of the street

05. The Lilac Time: Bird on the wire
06. Geoffrey Oryema: Suzanne

07. James: So long Marianne

08. Jean-Louis Murat: Avalanche IV

09. David McComb & Adam Peters:
Don’t go home with your hard-on

10. R.E.M.: First we take Manhattan

11. Lloyd Cole: Chelsea hotel

12. Robert Foster: Tower of song

13. Peter Astor: Take this longing

14. Dead Famous People: True love leaves no traces

15. Bill Pritchard: I’m your man

16. Fatima Mansions: A singer must die

17. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Tower of song
18. John Cale: Hallelujah

Download Here

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Moodists - Engine Shudder

I saw this band play once, they were support to a PIL gig
here at festival hall. Fantastic and quite a good pairing with PIl.
I have seen Dave Graney many times over the years, the last time
early this year was support for the Don't look back, Ed Kuepper
Died Pretty gig you can read about here
Dave was a bonus that night, a rare solo performance from
a living legend.

The career of the Moodists can be roughly split into two halves.
The first lasted from 1980 to ’85 featuring Turner and the
distinctive bass playing of Chris Walsh. The second with Malcolm
Ross and David McClymont from Scottish pop group Orange Juice
on board, lasted barely a year.
The nucleus was Graney and Miller who all hailed from the South
Australian country town of Mt. Gambier. In the late 70s they went
Adelaide (where they hooked up with Clare Moore) before moving to
Melbourne in 1981. Here bass player Chris Walsh and guitarist
Mick Turner were added and they put out two singles and the mini-LP
Engine Shudder on Au-Go-Go before relocating to London on signing
with Red Flame.
The Moodists early songs like Where the Trees Walk Downhill,
Gone Dead and the Thirsty’s Calling LP are hard, raw, and driving.
Paradox rock – musically ambitious yet consciously crude.
Literate songs interpreted inarticulate. Brooding, insular and
petulant.The Moodists didn’t appeal to a particular audience
like the Birthday Party, Hunters n Collectors or even the Scientists.
To be a Moodists fan was an individual thing. An admiration you
didn’t blurt out. Detractors at the time saw the Moodists as poor
cousins to the Birthday Party.Graney playing Sancho Panza to the
quixotic Nick Cave. However,hindsight shows the Moodists
hold up better. Less affected and less connected to the time.
"That’s a pretty generous view," Graney says.
I really think the Birthday Party were much more coherent,
confident and connected. We ran on a different kind of energy,
sullen, unspoken, interior, inarticulate. Occasionally we hit on things
that really rocked. Like the Birthday Party, we were always
experimenting with song structures. We were relentlessly modern in
attitude."On the records Thirsty’s Calling and Double Life all the
songs are two or three chords. There are no key changes,
no choruses, and no solos.It was all performance and energy.
The later period was a move into more classic songwriting and
arranging. In some ways the early stuff was more "modern"
in that we were always looking for ways to express things,
in some ways its really old school, like a blues aesthetic."

01. Gone Dead

02. Kept Spectre

03. Chad's Car

04. Woken Strength
05. This Road Is Holy

06. Chatter Shapes
07. The Disciples Know

Download Here

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Ordinary Field

One for all the Not Drowning, Waving fans.

A reader to whom I'm most grateful, sent a link to a web site,
in response to a question from Richard on the Sing Sing post,
way back in June.
You can download both the Mini Lp and the unreleased
Album from this brilliant band from the site.

An Ordinary Field were a Melbourne band that existed between 1986 and 1989.
Their recorded output consists of one six track mini LP,
‘No Hands for the Preacher”, released in May 1987 on the Rampant label.

The band also self funded the recording of a full length album for
Rampant Records, which was to have been entitled “Will”.
This was never released, a consequence of Not Drowning Waving
leaving the Rampant label in 1988 (AN ORDINARY FIELD “shared”
Not Drowning Waving’s drummer (Russel Bradley) and engineer (Tim Cole)).

An Ordinary Field were:

Russel Bradley – drums and percussion

David Brown – guitar

Peter Brown – keyboards and programming

Chris Burns – vocals

Adam Duke – bass

AN ORDINARY FIELD played a number of live shows in
Melbourne in 1986 – 1989. They disbanded in 1989.

Download site Here

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bushwackers - Bushfire

There's been a bit of interest in the Bushwackers round here lately,
so time for a wackers post. In my younger days this band was
almost as much of an influence on my developing folk interest
as Redgum. This was aided a lot by the fact they put out two
excellent songbooks which, like Redgum meant I could play
their songs. This is what folk is all about of course.

Lime Juice tub - Trad/Bushwackers

When shearing comes lay down your drums
Step on the board you brand new chums
With a ra-dum ra-dum rub-a-dub-dub
Send him home in a lime juice tub

Here we are in New South Wales
Shearing the sheep as big as whales
With leather necks and daggy tails
And hides as tough as rusty nails

Now you have crossed the briny deep
You fancy you can shear a sheep
With a ra-dum ra-dum rub-a-dub-dub
We'll send you home in lime juice tub

There's brand new chums and cockies sons
They fancy that they are great guns
They fancy they can shear the wool
But the buggers can only tear and pull

They tar the sheep till they're nearly black
Roll up roll up and get the sack
Once more we're away on the Wallaby Track
Once more to look for the shearing oh

The very next job they undertake
Is to press the wool but they make a mistake
They press the wool without any bales
Shearing's hell in New South Wales

And when they meet upon the road
From off their backs throw down their load
And at the sun they'll take a look
Saying I reckon it's time to breast the cook

We camp in huts without any doors
Sleep upon the muddy floors
With a pannikin of flour and a sheet of bark
To wallop up a damper in the dark

Its home its home I'd like to be
Not humping my drum in this country
Its sixteen thousand mile I've come
To march along with the blanket drum

01 Stringybark Creek (The ballad Of Ned Kelly)
02 Annie
03 Van Diemans Land
04 Lime Juice Tub
05 The Flying Pieman
06 Bushfire
07 Past Carin'
08 Hard Luck Stories
09 Wild Horses
10 Fannie Bay

Download Here

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Boys Next Door - The Birthday Party

The follow up to Door Door was this 1980 missing link release.
Originally released as a Boys Next Door record as was the
next Ep Hee Haw, the 2 were later combined into the album
Hee Haw by the Birthday Party.
I've looked all over the net and the original track listing and
artwork is nowhere to be found. This record is miles away
from Door Door, the band have found an incendiary sound,
completely original and showing all all promise of what is
to come.
The music is often abstract, melodramatic, sparse and often absurd.
The kind of words used to describe the Birthday Party later.
Happy Birthday/Riddle House was the single a kind of culmination
of their direction to date, then the band left for the UK.
Never to be the same again.

Download Here

Friday, November 14, 2008

Boys Next Door - Door, Door

Released in 1979 this record had an incredible impact, not
only on me, but many people who had followed punk into
its metamorphism into post punk. On their next record
these guys changed their name to the Birthday Party
and the beginnings of what is to come. It was the
Birthday Party who changed music, at least round
here, anyone who was into such music was never the
same after that. Heaps of bands that I knew of followed
in their footsteps.

This album is very much a transitional album, which the
band dismissed as sounding too poppy, and the band
around this time was moving the more abrasive sounds of
contemporary post-punk. The album's final song and single,
"Shivers", was refused air play for its mention of suicide in
the first line and served as an indication of the more sinister,
dark direction the band was headed.
missing link records

At the time of its release Australian bands like the Angels
ruled the airwaves, I remember playing this round the
time of the end of Grade 12 and Classmates who hadn't
been exposed to anything heavier than ACDC or The Angels
just couldn't get their head around it.
If your a Nick cave fan and somehow missed the
Beginning of his career, you have to listen to this.

Track List
01-The Nightwatchman
02-Brave Exhibitions
03-Friends Of My World
04-The Voice
05-Roman Roman
06-Somebody's Watching
07-After A Fashion
08-Dive Position
09-I Mistake Myself

Down Load Here

Boys Next Door - Shivers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Riptides - Wave Rock

A request from Bobby.

Watching The Riptides’ singer and only original member
Mark Callaghan run, high-kick and grin around the stage is a
bit like watching an over-enthusiastic Dad meeting your pals
at a 21st – embarrassingly uncool, but completely endearing.
Thankfully, the dancing and clapping crowd adore the
five-piece’s surf-rock, especially the instrumental Shake It,
and closer Sunset Strip.

Rave Magazine review of the Riptides at the Pig City Gig
17 July 2007

Callaghan and Hiron revived The Riptides again for successful
summer tours during 1989 and 1990. In early 1991, the pair
entered the studio with new guitarist Tony Adams, session
drummer John James (J.J.) Hackett (ex-Mondo Rock) and
South-African-born producer/ drummer
Ricky Fataar (ex-Beach Boys) to record the first full-length
Riptides studio album. Wave Rock appeared in August 1991
and produced the singles "Stop (Don't Start)" in May 1991
and "Here Comes the Sun" in August 1991.
I believe they toured after for a bit and called it a day,
until the fantastic performance at the Pig City Festival
last year. The idea of Cal being an over-enthusiastic Dad is
quite funny considering he was joined on stage by his son for
the performance. Sorry I have no artwork for this CD and
if you have please sent me a link.

Track list
01 - here comes the sun
02 - stop (don't stop)
03 - she will return
04 - live
05 - heroes and villains
06 - not for love
07 - radio humanity
08 - infamy
09 - all that falls
10 - all guns blazing
11 - hideous

Download Here

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Far Out Corporation - Far Out Corporation

A request from Matt.

Far Out Corporation was a band led by late singer-guitarist
Grant McLennan, mostly known as a singer, songwriter
and guitarist for the Go-Betweens. McLennan started the
group with Ross McLennan on drums, Dave Graney's bass player
Adele Pickvance and Powderfinger's guitarist Ian Haug.
The band was formed as a side project for all its members
other than Ross McLennan, as they all were members of
larger rock bands than Far Out Corporation.
The group's name is a reference to the rock supergroup
Far Corporation, which was also comprised of various
musicians. In 1998, the group recorded their first and
only album, which was named FOC after the initials of
the band's name.In late 1999, McLennan's old band
The Go-Betweens unexpectedly reformed.

Track List
01 Don't Blame The Beam
02 Hold
03 Sick Bed
04 Montreal
05 Shadow Overload
06 If You Want Release
07 Sketch
08 The Shower Song
09 Suicide At Home
10 Parachute
11 Still Burn Down

Download Here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the quiet folk of northcote - VA

Pilgrim Jake from Melbourne shares with us a wonderful
compilation of folk artists from his home town, thanks
Jake. Here's what its all about.

Here is a broad sample of folk/ chamber music from Melbourne
Theres a vibrant musical scene with a strong folk
The gentler sounds of Melbourne town come from
the rattle of its trams
and the rustle of coats upon bluestone.
These have infused with musicians
who have in turn been nurtured by plentiful venues,

strong independent radio and an appreciative audience.
'Under the hill' presents artists that are a part of Melbourne's
contemporary quiet scene.The sounds might be characterized
as slow
strings and a hint of warm brass set to song.
If parts of the folk movement
of England in the 70's was
distinctly Folk-Rock electric,
then this could be a burgeoning
folk - chamber pop,
with a touch of ethereal acid folk revival.

Many of these bands are also a part of a musical family,
supporting and interweaving members amongst one another.
It makes for delightful gigs, steeped as they are in such
and warm melancholia. Ruckers hill in
Northcote overlooks the city.

It is atop this hill where many such congregations occur,
and is home to Melbourne's domestic bohemia.
Thus the compilations name and where you should look if you
visit. A few tracks are Australian antecedents in the same
vein and
one is not a Melbournian, she just sounds like she
but all the rest are local.
This is a sample of what can be found.

Download Here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Summerhaze - Summerhaze

Many thanks to fellow blogger Pilgrim Jake who shares this
wonderful and rare recording with us, made my day.
The first (self titled) album of the band Summerhaze was
released on Larrikin records in 1987 in Australia.
Largely the work of Cathie O’sullivan, its front woman,
its quite an unusual album. Her voice is clear,high
and striking and is accompanied by her on harp on at
least some traditional songs folk songs (eg cruel sister)
with the other band members on percussion, strings and a sax.
The sound falls somewhere between folk,folk-rock classical
and elements of jazz. Many of the songs are written by Cathie.
There is even a hint of psych-folk in some songs.
Unknown to Pilgrim Jake I saw Cathie O’sullivan play solo
one beautiful night, under the stars, at was possibily the 3rd
Maleny Folk Festival. Just Cathie, her harp and the stars,
truely wonderful. I also have a solo album of hers which
you have spurred me on to digitalizing.
Wonderful music folks download it and thanks again
Pilgrim Jake, do drop in and share you recollection of this.

Track list
01 Cameron Quartermain
02 Loving One
03 Manhire Poems
04 Wind I Night Windows at Careys B
05 Cruel Sister
06 Inland Born
07 Sunny
08 O Waters
09 Maids of Mitchelltown
10 Silly Winds

Download Here

Ups & Downs - Rash

The 3rd and final recording from Ups and Downs was their 1990
Ep Rash. A return to the guitar based sound after the less guitar
based sound of the last album. A solid record just too short.
The band broke up not long after and Greg and Darren Atkinson
went on to form Big Heavy Stuff.

Track list
01 - Awesome
02 - Jack (What The Hell Does That Mean)
03 - Safer (Remix)
04 - Karma
05 - Untie Ian

Download Here

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ups & Downs - Underneath the Watchful Eye

Ups and Downs 1988 debut album released on Mushroom is a
strong record, full of wonderful pop, fantastic vocals and a refining
of the sound that you heard on the Sleepless mini album.
Lit by the Fuse and Moments Away were the album singles
and are both great songs.

Track list
01 - Moments Away
02 - Slave
03 - Always
04 - Waiting for an Answer
05 - Let me Down
06 - Lit by the Fuse
07 - Next Plan (Next version)
08 - Often on Sundays
09 - No Rope is long enough
10 - Closer to Heaven

Download Here

Ups and Downs - Lit By The Fuse

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riptides - Sunset Strip, Single

Where it all began, recorded in Brisbane and released on the
Go-Betweens Able Label. I can remember hearing in the
early 80's that ZZZ had to keep their copy under lock and
key as copies were selling for $100. The song 77 Sunset Strip is
a classic Brisbane song, how is it bands write such perfect
pop songs right at the beginning of their career's.
A bit more riptide history from

The Riptides formed in 1977 as The Grudge.
The band emerged from the Architecture Department
of the University of Queensland. In 1978, The Grudge
changed names to, firstly, The Neon Steal and then
The Numbers. The Numbers were part of the burgeoning
Brisbane punk/new wave scene which also gave rise to
The Leftovers, The Apartments, The Go-Betweens,
The Survivors, Razar, The Humans and The X-Men.
In September 1978, The Numbers issued the rare
`Sunset Strip' EP (500 copies) on The Go-Betweens'
Able label. The tracks `Sunset Strip', `Magic Castle'
and `Rules of Love' were punchy and energetic and
featured a brilliant, English-flavoured 1960s-inspired
pop sound.
In early 1979, Robert Vickers left The Numbers.
He traveled to New York where he joined The Colors;
in 1983, he joined The Go-Betweens. Mark Callaghan
switched to bass, and The Numbers became The Riptides
(in order to avoid confusion with a Sydney band also
called The Numbers). The band remixed the `Sunset Strip' EP
and reissued it in July 1979,credited to The Riptides
(in a pressing of 2000 copies).

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Riptides - Self Titled 1983 album

The Riptides Self Titled 1983 Album is a true classic in the canon
of classic Australian Albums. Jam packed with fantastic tunes,
beautiful pop music and loads of fun. This album captures the
spirit of the band and gives you a fair idea why they were so
much fun live.

Track list
01 tomorrow's tears
02 only time
03 money for life
04 riptide
05 shake it
06 mona lisa
07 hearts and flowers
08 day has gone
09 no regrets
10 tombs of gold
11 the wedding song

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The Riptides - Tomorrow's Tears

The Riptides - Hearts & Flowers

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ups & Downs - Sleepless

A Request from Andrew here in Brisbane.
Formed in 1983 Brisbane band Ups and Downs played a brand of
ethereal, well-crafted,jangly guitar pop that called to mind
Australian post-punk icons The Church.
The bands influences also extended to overseas groups like
Cocteau Twins, REM,Siouxsie and The Banshees
and The Flamin' Groovies.Indeed, the name Ups and Downs
was derived from a track on the Flamin' Groovies 1978 album, Now
and they supported them On their Australian tour of 1987.
This album was recorded in the summer of '86 at Sydney and
gives us the fantastic songssuch as The living Kind, their
cover of Neil Diamond's Solitary Man, In The Shadows and
The Perfect Crime.
In the year 1990, Greg and Darren Atkinson split up the band
and formed “Big Heay Stuff”.
The band reformed last year to play at the Pig City gig here
in Brisbane and were fantastic, another highlight.

Track list
01 Sleepless
02 The Living Kind
03 Hearts
04 Alarming Situations
05 In The Shadows
06 Solitary Man
07 Where Is The Sun
08 The Perfect Crime
09 Traveling

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Ups and Downs - The Living Kind

Ups and Downs - Solitary Man