Monday, November 30, 2009

Cubbyhouse Fanzine and Cassette "What We Did On Our Holidays"

A rare piece on Brisbanes music history,
a do it yourself fanzine and a cassette with
some very rare Brisbane recordings.
The Dumdums on the first track was none
other than Tex Perkins and his first band.
Pork a legendy band that incited both rapturous
joy and intense dislike.
My Tangled Shoelaces were a fantastic, wimisical bunch
of kids whome went on to become Wonderous Fair,
my personal favourites.
And This Five Minutes an excellent band that were also
a fav of mine. Chuck discovered a long dead post on the
blog that started me off blogging,
asked me if I had the said recordings
and found somehow in his attic a long forgotten copy of
the original fanzine that was sold with these recordings.
Bazzil from prehistoric sounds did the original digitaliztion
of this casstte.
Thanks to Baz and Chuck for all of this.

Heres what Chuck has to say

long b4 there was desktop publishing apps there was the
prehistoric photocopier and some scissors....
not the flashest fanzine ive ever seen but a very interesting
piece of brisbane music history i think...
now finally completed for me, with bob's and bazzill's help
with the audio component i had long given up hope of ever
tracking down.

Track List
01 - The Dum Dums - Voodoo Doll
02 - Pork - In
03 - Tangled Shoelaces - On The Sea
04 - Tangled Shoelaces - You Can Come Too
05 - This Five Minutes - To Sir With Love
06 - This Five Minutes - One To Ten
07 - Des Johnson - Never Home
08 - Tea For Two - Solid Instrumental

Download Cassette Here

Download Fanzine Here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lovs e Blur - 6 last tracks

One single, a cassette and these 6 tracks are all I can find from
this fabulous band which hailed some 15 mins drive from me in
the now day yuppie suburb of Sandgate.
The same place a few years earlier had spawned the Leftovers,
Brisbane's answer to the Sex Pistols.
Many thanks to Kenneth, Lovs biggest groupie for all this

These tracks include

Alice D, Their best track which should have been a single,
Behind the Banana Curtain CD (1984)

Paranoia, which was a demo,
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1984)

Cruel Cruel Man,(another fantastic song)
Queensland in Quarantine cassette tape (1984)

a small interview,
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1985)

a 4ZzZ promo for a amyls nightspace gig
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1984)

and 29 mins of live Lovs e Blur
Cruel Cruel Man / In the Gutters / Tribal Beat /
Out of Tune / Alice D. - cuts off / Broken Doll /
In My Head"
- excerpts from their debut performance
- Live at The Hacienda Hotel,
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM

Which begins with Wendy asking

"Do you feel like a bit of sleeze now"

Oh yes indeed

Lovs e Blur were

Wendy Seary - Vocals

Tony Von Wieldt - Guitar
Brett Cheney - Bass
Coojee Timms - Drums

Download Here

Lovs e Blur - Self Titled Cassette

Their last release I believe was this 1990 self titled casette.

Track List
01_Forget The Blues
02_Up to You
03_Slay The Dragon
04_Just Be You
05_Scarlet Woman

Download Here

Lovs e Blur - Cooking with George tracks

3 tracks that Loves e Blur did for the Cooking with George
compilations. This was on the 2nd and last of the series a
JJ project. Brisbane's excellent Skel-E-Tones made it on the first.
Must post some Skel-E-Tones, but more Lovs e Blur first.

01 Stab Stab
02 A Whisper Away
03 Oh My God

Download Here

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Apartments Touring France

The Apartments have been on a tour recently in France,
read about it here on their My Space page
Good news, I'm hoping for a return to the studio and Brisbane.

Peter Walsh
L'Européen - Paris
Le mercredi 11 novembre 2009

Lovs E Blur - In My Head / No Way

When I think of bands from Brisbane that should have made it
big, but didn't then these guys are at the forefront.
Lovs E Blur had an incredible, original sound and to this day
loyal fanatics. Wendy's vocals and jazz leanings unlike anything
else of the time and some excellent musicians.

Some of these guys went on to another band that should have
made it, The Five Hanks.
Wendy also sang with the Pineapples and Coogee is these days
in Disgraceland.
Lovs e Blur recorded some songs that were released on one of
the Cooking with George compilations and a live tape I think.
This recording and artwork comes to us thanks to Chuck.

Download Here

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Survivors - Worse Than Perfect and 7" single Baby Come Back/Mister Record Man

Ok back to Brisbane with the 1976 legends The Survivors.
The Lethal Weapons compilation album which they appeared on
has already been posted here. check it out if you haven't,
its a landmark Lp
These guys capture the freshness and urgency of the time perfectly.
A wonderful band to fly the Brisbane flag on the first punk/new wave
compliation album released in Australia.

The Survivors, a southern suburbs Brisbane band, had a mutual
admiration for 1960s music but originally they named their
band Rat Salad after the B-side of Black Sabbath’s "Paranoid"
single. They changed their name in 1977 to The Survivors still
playing mostly parties or occasionally hiring a hall,
until the Curry Shop venue began supporting local punk acts in
the heart of Brisbane on Sundays.
Whilst known for their energetic versions of other group’s songs,
they managed to release one stamped sleeve seven inch single
on the Real label. The A-side Baby Come Back flirted with 1960s
music but also had a strong stylistic sense of original
New York punk. They encountered condemnation from punk
for being to close to Sixties covers music as Jim Dickson

“Criticism was often levelled at the Survivors for their lack of
original material. The band were able to exist in those
punk snobbery times because their energy was equal to anyones
purely dedicated to the music which transcended the
transient social
commitments of the time.
Mushroom Records subsidiary label Suicide Records reissued the
seven inch single and added both songs onto the Lethal Weapons
compilation album in 1978. This was the extent of their output
when they were still in existence. The band broke up in late 1978
but did manage to do shows in Sydney later on. They also
managed an
album well after they disbanded in 1988
called Worse than Perfect.

In 1979 Jim Dickson went on to record with Sydney act
The Passengers,
whose singer was Angie Pepper later
known for the The Angie Pepper Band
and the single
Frozen World. Drummer from The Survivors, Bruce
went on to play with numerous other groups

  • Bruce Anthon – Drums and Vocals
  • Jim Dickson – Bass and Vocals
  • Greg Williamson – Guitar and Vocals
Download the album Here
Thanks to the now offline Garageland
Password is / radiobirdman

and download the original 7"
baby come back/mister record man
Thanks to Chuck


Friday, November 20, 2009

The Barracudas - Stolen Heart / See Her Eyes Again

Another wonderful single from the Barracudas,

Download Here

Barracudas - Inside Mind / Hour of Degradation

An interesting couple of singles from Chuck's fab archive.
A rare non Australian exception.
Thanks Chuck.

Not Brisbane.. not even Aussie :/
but has Jim Dickson in the band so a part of the story methinks

Jeremy Gluck did something with Roland Howard after this band..
hmmm have to hunt down a 12inch ep/ single I had
but cant find at moment... another day

Not seen this site b4 google is amazing :)
I think I found the striped blog via google

This site has some nice pics shame no audio

Download Here

Thursday, November 19, 2009

LouisTillet - studio22

Chuck has come up with a wonderful post yet again,
this time a post sure to excite LouisTillet, thinking
of you John and if you haven't a clue who he is then
download this cause he is fantastic.
Studio 22 was a music program here on ABC.
Thanks Chuck.

Louis Tillett
Thursday 5 August 1999
Presented by Annette Shun Wah

louis Born in Sydney in 1959,
Louis Tillett with his resounding vocals,
distinctive piano technique and songwriting skills
has played in numerous bands including Wet Taxis,
No Dance, Paris Green and The Aspersion Caste.
He has also worked as a backing musician with Catfish
(Don Walker), Ed Kuepper, The New Christs, and Tex Perkins.

Louis Tillett - Vocals, keyboard
Charlie Owen - Guitar
Di Spence - Saxophone
Jim Dickson - Bass
Nick Fisher - Drums
Ben Gurton - Trombone
Stewart Kirwan - Trumpet

Midnight Witch
An Ancient Song
Sailors' Dream
Feeling Free

Download Here

Fear Of Falling - Welcome To Wonderland

Many have been waiting for some fear of falling stuff,
so here it is, their 1991 cd Welcome to Wonderland.
Not a lot on the net about these guys so I'm hoping
you the readers can fill in the gaps.
Pig City the book mentions that they had 2 singles
in 1990 Your Place and For the Tourist.
This album followed in 1991.
Now I need some cover art,
Many thanks to David for this rip and Dave if you
have the cover please send a link.

Track List
01 - Watching The World Go By
02 - Crossroads Of Reality
03 - For The Tourist
04 - Candy
05 - Steamtrain Of Youth
06 - Your Place
07 - Black and White
08 - Butler To Your Masquerade
09 - Manic
10 - Hand In Hand
11 - Answering

Download Here

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laughing Clowns and Dirty Three play next year!

Just discovered this very exciting news from Mona's
blog "Exile on Moan Street"
Fantastic news!

Arguably the stand-out performers at this years inaugural
All Tomorrow's Parties Festival at Mt.Buller, the Dirty Three
return to Australia this summer for a national tour -
their first in almost four (4) years - performing their
magnum-opus Ocean Songs, in its entirety.
The tour will take in an appearance at Sydney's month long
arts event, Sydney Festival and also the Perth International
Arts Festival. In addition the Dirty Three will perform Ocean
Songs at headline shows in Brisbane and Melbourne.

But that's not all... joining Dirty Three for the Melbourne,
Brisbane and Sydney performances will be long time
Dirty Three favourites, Laughing Clowns, performing their early
'hits' package 'History of Rock n' Roll Volume One',
also in its entirety. Yep, the same line-up that emerged after
a 25 year hiatus to perform at this years inaugural Australian
All Tomorrow's Parties Festivals - Kuepper, Wegener, Elliott,
Miller and Spence - will join forces once more time to put new
life into old classics such as Holy Joe, Sometimes
(I Just Can't Live with Anyone) and Everything That Flies.

Full dates as follows.


Thursday 21st: Melbourne, Forum *
Monday 25th: Brisbane, Tivoli *
Tuesday 26th: Sydney Festival, Enmore Theatre *
Thursday 11th: Perth Festival, PIAF -
A Don't Look Back performance of Ocean Songs (on sale now)

* Plus Laughing Clowns performing 'History of Rock n' Roll Volume One'

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fear of Falling

An old copy of Brisbane Underground Music Scene from
may 1990 with an article following on from the 42nd st
posts, you can download the entire mag on pfd below.
Thanks Chuck for this.
Now over to Chuck

I found an article from a Brisbane giveaway street press
called BUMS that has an article about ex 42nd street
guitarists next band - Fear of Falling.. i thought i had a
single kicking about but cant find it as yet.

Download Here

Saturday, November 7, 2009

42nd. Street - Mistaken Identity

Ripped from a 4IP compilation album Thats Queensland
by Chuck, who holds this rare album in high esteem
because it has some songs of his favorite Bris band
Wickety Wak.
LOL, Thanks Chuck especialy for not ripping the whole lp

42nd Street somehow made it onto this album with their
song Mistaken Identity, 4IP were the AM kings of Brisbane
airways before the emergence of the FM austero stations
that now dominate, they were as lame as this record so its
a mystery to me how.

Download Here

Friday, November 6, 2009

42nd St - Work it out bw Afraid of the dark

Brisbane band Ups and Downs are well enough known,
one of the best to come out of here , but few know of
the band that they came out of, 42nd St.

Brothers Greg and Darren Atkinson got their start in late 1970s
power pop band 42nd Street. Ken Allen (guitar) and Neil Coombe
(guitar) completed the line-up.
42nd Street issued one single, Work It Out, on the Virgo Seven
label in 1979 and also contributed a track called
Mistaken Identity
to radio station 4IP's various artists
compilation album,
That's Queensland.
42nd Street made little impact beyond the Brisbane scene and in
the Atkinson brothers formed Ups and Downs as a
three-piece band with
Peter Hamilton-Shaw (guitar)
joining soon after to round out the sound.

Thanks to Chuck and his amazing record collection for this rare treat

Previous ups and downs posts here

Download Here