Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bushwackers and others at the Gympie Muster

There was big music festival up these ways that I had
never been to before this weekend. Its been going since
1982 and here's a description from the history of
country music website.

It's been described as the quintessential Aussie event and
with the towering gums and leisurely lagoons of beautiful
Amamoor Creek State Forest Park near Gympie in Queensland
it's the perfect setting for more than 25,000 people who
flock to the National Country Music Muster each year in the
last week of August. The Muster attracts fans from all
corners of the nation to see the stars and legends
(and would be stars!), of Australian country music on the
main Muster stage. And there's 13 other on-site venues too,
including folk, alt-country, bush poetry, country dance,
Talent Search, workshops, international film festival,
art auctions, not to mention a full-on Blues program.

All new to me but I'm learning, I have to say there was
quite a lot of folk and roots type stuff to make me more
than happy. Not a big fan of your regular American
commercial country music, I do like Alt country very

Ted Egan is an old favorite, I've seen him many times
at Woodford and even in Alice on the 25 anniversary of
the Wave Hill strike. He is one of Australia's greatest
story tellers and sings his songs accompanied only by
his Foster phone, an empty beer carton.

This band the borders are the sort of non- country
thing you can see, some sort of very energetic Celtic
type band they had the crowd up and dancing.

Graeme Conners is a gifted songwriter from north Queensland
who put on a great show, showcasing songs that had influenced
him and the songs he wrote in response.
He performed a wide ranging number of songs, from trad bush
songs, Neil Murray, Slim Dusty and even Rolf Harris.

But it was the legendary Bushwackers I was waiting for,
I once saw them at Woodford and they were a sight to
behold. Tonight they didn't disappoint!
I've followed this band since I was like 16 or something,
as politically explosive as Redgum but far more musical,
entertaining and bloody good fun, that's how I would
describe them.

Dobe Newton hit the stage in a brilliant blue suit and
attacked the stage with his Lager Phone like Nick Caves
Grand Dad, you would have to be dead not to be
moved by these guys. They keep you constantly enthralled,
moving between Dobe and Roger Corbett singing different
songs and their fantastic instrumentals,
leading a "heel and toe" bush dance and many funny moments
like when Dobe dedicates the 2nd song in to all the gay cowboys,
tells some clogg dancers to bugger off over there, pointing
to the dance venue and when he discovered that he'd done
the first few songs with his fly undone.
Some new songs, loads of oldies it was a great time,
I even managed to hit the dance floor with my girl.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

John Kennedy at the powerhouse 23-08-09

Those of you who have followed this blog for any time
you would know of the great John Kennedy.
I have posted a bit of his vinyl and cassette back
catalog which you cannot buy anymore and
Before anyone asks I shall not post his new cds.
The concert today was a rare treat to see John
play and the release of his lastest album which
is fantastic. John appeared with Jeff Pope on guitar,
Jeff is also on the new cd titled "Is This Not Paris"

They played a mix on new stuff from the album
and old stuff including "Miracle in Marrickvile",
"You will Find"," This Is Not A Love Song",
"Glory Glory" and finished with
the fantastic "Brisvegas"
A great show and best of all I got myself a
copy of the new album and John signed a few
Cds for me and it was free.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dave Steel -The Hardest Part /Truckin' Bossanova

Dave Steel is a singer / songwriter, multi instrumentalist
and producer of thirty years experience. Some people may be
familiar with his seven previous solo albums,
some with his work as an accompanist with the likes of
Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Rose Bygrave , Marcia Howard,
and Tiffany Eckhardt, amongst many others.
He is also familiar as the original guitarist with
Weddings Parties Anything.
This single comes to us from Colin who ripped and scanned
it for us, thanks Colin.
Also I have a request for Chuck, sorry I know when you
were a kid you wrote things down, but during my computer
crash a few weeks ago I lost your email and the email address
for the stripy box and the stuff you uploaded there.
Which I need to download again so I can post it all.
Sorry mate.
Anyway enjoy this wonderful single.

Download Here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks For The Fish - Is It Strange/ J'ai Toujour Faim (De Toi)

The fantastically named Thanks For The Fish were a mid 80's
Brisbane band who had some highly original music and
left for Melbourne to make it big. I'm afraid I don't really
know anything much else, I think this was their only
single and that apart from a live video spot on the legendary
Brisbane Bands Rock Arena special, this video below that I
found on the net and Duncan has reminded me they had the
track "Who Needs Esperanto?" on the State of Emergence
album you can find somewhere here in the archives.
So dear readers if you have any other information that would be
Thanks to Colin for this single rip and scan from
his amazing record collection.

Download here

Thanks For The Fish @ Woodstockdale 13 Dec '86

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grant Mclennan - In Your Bright Ray

Well its been a while between Go-Between's posts,
I was listening to this, Grants 4th and final solo album
the over day wondering why I keep going back to it.
The obvious answer being its my favourite.
I think it is his masterpiece, but I'd
love to hear some ideas from others.
The album featured Brett Myers of Died Pretty,
Wayne Connolly of Knievel on guitars,
Maurice Argiro of Underground Lovers on bass
and Tim Powles of The Church on drums,
an impressive band.

01.In Your Bright Ray
02.Cave In
03.One Plus One
04.Sea Breeze
05.Malibu 69
06.Who Said Love Was Dead
07.Room For Skin
08.All Them Pretty Angels
09.Comet Scar
10.Down Here
11.Lamp By Lamp
12.Do You See the Lights?
13.The Parade of Shadows

Download Here

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kev Carmondy - Cannot Buy My Soul 01-08-09 QMF Riverside Stage , Brisbane

The Mysterious Mr S has kindy found a recording that
fell of the back of a truck, of last weeks brillant
Kev Carmondy Tribute concert.
It has a bit of audience noise as it is an audience
Many Thanks to Mr S.

Part One
Part Two

Little Things Big Things Grow - Make Poverty History
Kev Carmondy and Paul Kelly

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cannot Buy My Soul - The Songs of Kev Carmody at the Queensland Music Festioul

It was the grant conclusion to this years highly successfully
Queensland Music Festival curated by Deborah Conway.
Described as a landmark Australian music concert and
it lived up to the hype. A sellout crowd of 8000 gathered
under the cloudless night sky to see something that was
just magical

The crowd as the sun goes down

This signature Queensland Music Festival event sees Carmody's
repertoire - from blunt protest songs to poetic ballads -
reinterpreted by a thrilling line-up of Australia’s most
acclaimed singer songwriters and musicians who contributed
to the 2007 album Cannot Buy My Soul, produced by long-time
friend and collaborator Paul Kelly.

Deborah Conway opening things

Carmody’s music embraces a range of styles, mixing folk and
country with reggae, funk, traditional didgeridoo and mandolin,
hard rock, gospel and his straight-talking, laconic,
sharp-edged vocals. Persuasive, intelligent and committed,
Carmody puts this combination of musical traditions to stunning
effect in sung stories that are wistful, witty, brutal and poignant.

Kev with everyone at the beginning

The full line up was Paul Kelly, Bernard Fanning, John Butler,
Clare Bowditch, Tex Perkins, The Herd, The Drones, Glenn Richards,
Sara Storer, Steve Kilbey, Dan Sultan, The Last Kinection,
Missy Higgins, Troy Cassar-Daley and Dan Kelly
and The Pigram Brothers .
An incredible line, very deverse, covering an amazing music
spectrum from country to hip hop

Kevin is a master songwriter, no doubt about that and that is what
brought this incredible group together, to celebrate the man
and his fantastic songs. This is what they did and in style.
Dan Kelly opened the night with "I've Been Moved" a song
he wrote while droving in 1968 and a great way to start under
the starry night sky.
There was many songs I haven't singled out and have a
photo for, Broome's Pigram Brothers did their spellbinding
version of "Eulogy to a Black Man"
Sara Stoners did her beautiful rendition of Moonstruck,
Clara Bowditch likewise did a wonderful cover of the
delicate " Blood Red Rose", all the songs on the album.

Glen Richards, Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins performing "Drovers Woman"

There was many highlights but the song "Droving Woman" was
worth the price of admission alone. This incredible 18 verse
masterpiece has to be heard to be believed and this version
is worthy of such a great song. Complete with the wonderful
visuals of horse breaking on the big screen behind.

Another highlight was Tex Perkins doing the song"Darkside"
complete with the video shot by the street kids Kev
wrote the song about after working with them.

Bernard Fanning did his stylish version of "Elly", he sure can sing
that man.

The Last Kinection showed us what the kids are doing these days
with their powerful hip hop version of the tragic song
"The Young Dancer is Dead"

The Drones took one of Kevs most rawest emotional songs that
draws a direct line from injustice today to all the back through
2oo years of "Oppression's Loaded Gun" and sung it like they

Kev Carmody picked up the guitar to sing the title song of the
night, "Cannot Buy my Soul"
I haven't heard what happened but Archie Roach should have
sung that one. It was good to hear Kev sing it again.

Troy Cassar Daley was joined by the girls to sing "On The Wire"
Kev explained that he had got the girls to sing the chorus as the
song is about a junkie coming home where he belongs and
the women were always at the frontline of any welcoming back
with his people.

There was a narration from Kev has the night progressed, he took
us on a journey through his life. the photo above is from when
he explained how he discovered the meaning of democracy when
he first started University.

Steve Kilbey took Kevs song "Images of London" a song he wrote
when he went to London and saw for himself the injustice and
poverty there. Steve sings it with an urgency, you can't help
but listen.

The Herd have taken the spoken word piece "Comrade Jesus Christ"
and expanded it turning into a piece of brilliant political hip hop.
Which is a tradition they excel in.

John Butler and Midnight Oils Jim Moginie performed kevs
Signature turn "Thou Shall Not Steal" A true show stopper.
Boy that Butler can play slide.

Dan Sultan and Paul Kelly performed and incredible rendition of
"This Land is Mine" one of two songs Kev and Paul wrote together.
It is an incredible song that shows how differently two different
peoples can view the same thing, in this case land.

For the grand finale the Kev and Paul anthem
"From Little things Big Things Grow"
Everyone came up on stage and many had turns in singing
a few lines from the song that tells the story of the birth of
the land rights movement in this country.
When they got to the bit where Gough pours the handful
of sand through Vincents fingers, accompanied by the
big screen video of Gough and Vincent, a roar went through
the audience.
It was an experience, an incredible night.