Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Long Player Sessions Sue Ray and Texas Tea, 23rd June 2012, Powerhouse Visy Theatre, Brisbane

This year Brisbane Powerhouse will be celebrating some of the finest
records ever dedicated to tape with a series of very special shows
dubbed the long player sessions
Staged across 3 separate nights in 2012 each session will find 2
Brisbane bands performing a classic album from start to finish

Tonight was the 1st night and first up Sue Ray performed
"My Baby Just Cares For Me" By Nina Simone  

It was a wonderful performance, very stylish in the Visy Theatre
which is a fairly small room and rather intimate environment.
Sue has an incredible voice and her band were without fault!

“When I was a teenager I had little appreciation for jazz music,
having grown up in a family of country/folk music fans. One day,
speaking out of ignorance, I joked that jazz music was horrible.
In an effort to make me eat my words, my friend gave me a copy
of "My Baby Just Cares For Me"
and when I heard it, I was immediately converted. It was my first
real taste of old school jazz, and it opened a door to a whole new
world of music. I find Nina Simone's life story truly inspiring
and a great influence over my own music and songwriting.
It's my favorite album of all time, it is very personal to me and
I wish to perform it as a tribute to my appreciation
and respect for the work and career of Nina Simone.”  - Sue Ray

As much as I enjoyed Sue it was Texas Tea We had come to see,
Kate and Ben along with their stand up bass player and drummer
performed Paul Kelly's classic album "Post"

From the opening bars of "From St Kilda to Kings Cross"
you knew it was going to be special and it was right to the end,
that most beautiful song "Little Decisions"

I have a bit of video from the night to give you an idea.
Ben sang a fantastic version of "Satisfy Your Woman"
and Kate pulled off an incredible unaccompanied version of
"You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed"
And a special mention for "Adelaide" which Kate says was
one of the first songs she ever learnt to play

Paul Kelly is one of Australia's great storytellers and one of Texas
Tea's most significant influences. Post, Kelly’s first solo album,
is said to be somewhat of a concept album with its recurring
themes of addiction.
The record showcases Paul Kelly's incredible talent for locality-based
stories (featuring tracks such as Adelaide and From St Kilda to
Kings Cross).The subject matter and low-fi / minimalist production
lends itself superbly to the Texas Tea aesthetic and Kate and Ben
are honoured to present their interpretation of Post

Blues For Skip, Adelaide and Satisfy Your Woman.

Little Decisions.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

X - last rounds..

Aussie band  X are playing the last few gigs EVER this weekend and deserve a look at !
This last year Steve Lucas has been up and down the coast performing the legendary back catalogue in tribute to his past band members and in support of the recent release of the 'lost demos' - X-Spurts - The 1977 Recordings (Aztec Music, 2011) Lucas/Rilen/Krahe/Cafiero

also friday night down south...
X Live at the Ozzie!! (W/ Raygun Mortlock, Twin City Riot + Wolfpack)
The Ozzie Tavern.  Murwillumbah

X - Mastock ,Lismore 2-6-12

 "on the street" Sydney music rag from august 1987.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Regurgitator - Live at the wireless jjj 1994

Regurgitator are one of the finest bands to come out of Brisbane.
 Currently consisting of Quan Yeomans (lead vocals, guitar), 
Ben Ely (bass, vocals) and Peter Kostic (drums). 
The band formed in 1994, its original line-up consisting of Yeomans, 
Ely and drummer Martin Lee. Regurgitator's debut studio album, 
Tu-Plang earnt the band a significant following, before the release 
of their second album Unit in 1997 which propelled the band into 
mainstream success, winning the ARIA Award for Best Album 
of 1998 and going three times platinum.Regurgitator have released 
seven studio albums and five EPs to date, and their most recent 
studio album, SuperHappyFunTimesFriends was released
in August 2011. The band are playing the ZzZ benifit 
Rumble Rock Wrestling on June10th with heaps of other music 
and real wrestling. In the meantime enjoy the live talents of this fab 
band on this way back when they were young Triple J 
live at the wireless!

Download Here