Friday, August 29, 2008

Louis Tillet & Charlie Owen - Midnight Rain

Louis Tillet is one of those artists that should be better known,
his rich baritone voice, his beautiful haunting songs,
unusual approach to music and his incredible piano playing,
puts him in a league of his own. Charlie Owen likewise has
carved out a career with Tex Perkins and the Beasts of Bourbon,
playing wonderful organic blues that connects with Louis both
when he's being ambient or loud,
This is a special album, originally released as a Limited Edition
of 2.000 copies, later released as a 2 CD set including tracks
from the earlier album they did together, The Ugly Truth.
A beautiful lush record that both surprises and delights.

Louis Tillett : Vocals, Piano, Hammond Organ,
Roland Synthetizer, Soprano Saxophone.

Charlie Owen : All Guitars, and everything on 5

Track List
01. Around You
02. Summer
03. Alligator Wine
04. An Ancient Song
05. Last Thing That I'll Say
06. Gloomy Sunday
07. Midnight rain
08. When
09. Clock On The Wall
10. I'm Down

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Laughing Clowns - Live to Air 1981

"The Clowns weren't a jazz band, We certainly weren't a jazz-rock band . . .
We were looking to stake out our own turf." - Ed Kuepper

"It's almost like we're talking about the Clowns' lack of success,
but we were actually quite a successful, dynamic group,
The history written by rock journos is an out-and-out quantitative lie . . .
I think journalists just put us in the too-hard basket." - Jeffery

"OK sure, we weren't as big as INXS, but we did reasonably well,"
- Ed Kuepper, on the Laughing Clowns.

This short set from one of the most successful, if you ask me,
of bands to come out of Australia is amazing,
an incendiary performance of some of their best
songs. The insane improvisation of "When what you see"
is alone worth paying for.
One of life's great misfortunes is I never saw the Clowns play,
but I thought that about the Apartments so I live in hope.
I have seen the 2 most permanent members play together
quite a few times now and it always is fantastic.
I think the Clowns success was to create music that was
truly unlike anything else in the world, that was also
some of the most entertaining, engaging and intelligent
music ever.

Track List

1. Nothing That Comes
2. Everything That Flies Is Not A Bird
3. Year Of The Bloated Goat
4. I Donít Know What I Want
5. Come On Come All
6. Theme From Mad Flys
7. When What You See

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Redgum - Rebel Chorus


Early Redgum is some of my favorite folk music.
It brings back memories of my impressionable
youth, learning guitar and shocking my conservative
elders. This is a insightful look into this
bands beginning days, only 6 tracks which is a shame.
This set was included on a 2 LP set called
Rebel Chorus
-A Concert of Contemporary Political Song.
It was released in 1982 by the Amalgamated Metal Workers
& Shipwrights Union. and ditributed by Larrikin.
Other performers on the Lp were The Larrikins, John Dengate,
Dennis Kevans and Eric Bogle. I haven't any of the other tracks
I'm afraid, so if anyone can help.

Track List
01 HMAS Australia
02 Critique in G
03 Off the hit parade
04 Killing Floor
05 Raggin
06 Beaumont Rag

So this is a rare chance to hear Redgum when they were still babes,
also included is some of the funnest socialist humor you will ever hear.

Like the introduction to Raggin,

"This is why were not on countdown"

Raggin - Redgum

Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin
RagginWorking man's, it's a living wage
Workin woman, equal pay
No stinking proverty
when you're creaking with age

Ask for these, and all the bosses say is You're Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin

Raggin raggin red red raggin
Commos to a man

Well if that's being commo

It's commo where we stand

Proud black nation gives a long black shout
Strong black art, Strong black mouth
Two hundred years too long to die

But you spit it all out and the white boss cries
You're Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin

Raggin raggin red red raggin

Commos to a man Well if that's being commo
It's commo where we stand

Sixty hours to kill on that endless line
Sixty hours cause you're the factory swine

Long long weeks and your brain drags down
Long long years and your backbone's gone

It's time for Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin

Sell your guts at the boss' price
He pays cash but you pay for your life
There's women and men standing up to their feet

While the boss pulls a knife and groans through his teeth

You're Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin

Raggin raggin red red raggin

Commos to a man

Well if that's being commo
It's commo where we're

Raggin raggin red red raggin

Raggin raggin red red raggin
Raggin raggin red red raggin


And the intro to Beaumont Rag,

"We'll have to explain a bit, PAC the school referred to in the
song is Prince Alfred College, its about a 1000 bucks a term
and you send your kid there, you send your boy, cause its too
good for girls"

Beaumont Rag - Redum

I am a wealthy barrister
About 100 bucks a word
I've got a plum stuck in my mouth
I'm really such a
Really such a turd

I attended PAC
I meet a wife at the Prefect's ball
I am the elder Fotheringay
And she was Prentice
She was Prentice - hall

I passed my matriculation
Four Ds and a C
Daddy bought be a Mercedes Benz
And he bought me a law he
Bought me a law degree

I voted for Mal Fraser
Was the decent thing to do
Was a vote against the communists
And I hope that you did
Hope that you did too

I love to read the bulletin and watch the ABC
I love to wear by well-informed opinions constantly
All my friends are professionals from polite society
So come and sing the middle class Liberal
I've got a home in Beaumont Rag with me

I bought a brand new Range Rover
the outback is a lark
I slip it into four-wheel drive
At gates of national
gates of national park

Oh the working class are out of place
when they are on strike
I drive my Jag in circles
Trying to knock them off their
knock them off their bikes

Download Here Comrades

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amanda Brown - Incognita

Amanda Brown's early bands (during the early 1980s) were Climbing
Frame,Tender Mercies (with John Willsteed, also later with the
Go-Betweens)and Blood Brothers, in which she played violin, oboe,
guitar and keyboards.

In 1986 she joined the Go-Betweens to complete what become one of
the best love line ups the band ever had, playing on both Tallulah and
16 Lovers Lane. Following the breakup of the Go-Betweens,
Brown formed the band, Cleopatra Wong (1991-1992) with former
Gobs drummer Lindy Morrison .

She also did loads of session and film soundtrack work.
In 2003 she released the Incognita soundtrack CD,
a mixture of songs and instrumentals accompanying a performance
by the Stalker Theatre Company.The performance of Incognita
toured Australia and Europe, commencing at the 2003 Sydney Festival.

Track List
01 - incognita song (remix)
02 - strange place
03 - lost in the wilderness
04 - pole duet
05 - in my heart there's a home for you (bugger off)
06 - river girl
07 - pregnancy blues
08 - something more
09 - snake ghost
10 - hey devil
11 - tender scene
12 - donovan jackson
13 - incognita song
14 - this is my country

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Karma County - Olana

Olana was Karma County's 2nd album released in 1998
also the second release on the now defunct TWA records.
The company pulled out all stops releasing three singles,
all with clips. There were a limited number of singles
printed, making them rare collectors items.
This is another triumph of an album, their sound matures
as they expand their horizons. Wonderful grooves, hints
of blues, alt country and acoustic splendor.
Also I believe, as a bonus Amanda Brown
of the Gob's fame guests on this CD.

Track List
01 - Told you so
02 - On the vine
03 - Good things come to me now
04 - Olana
05 - This is not the real world
06 - Looking down on cleavage town
07 - This tin stardom
08 - On the vine (slight reflux)
09 - Her mind went into the fire
10 - Away, away
11 - The short and long of it
12 - The lifesaver's love song

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Karma County - Last stop heavenly heights

When Karma County first arrived in 1995 the Australian music
scene was still in the grip of the Seattle sound.
Eyebrows were raised, when they first walked on to the stages of
indiepop strongholds like the Sando and the Annandale Hotel in
Sydney with an acoustic guitar, a double bass, not much more than
a snare drum and a box of percussion; and a voice.
However, in their own way, over the past six years,
they have waltzed their way into the hearts and minds of music fans
all over the world.
From the initial acoustic strummings of 'Postcard' to the funky
twang of "The Men Who Ran Away From The Circus"
they have ranged across an eclectic music terrain to conjure
their own sonic landscape,
lush, melodious, intelligent, emotive songs and sounds.
This Karma County's debut 1997 (now out of print) release is
pure heaven, beautiful songs, wonderful melodies,
with some of the most incredible vocals and acoustic arrangements
you will ever hear. A band many people are unaware of,
they have released some 5 albums over 11 years,
toured the world and met with wild acclaim,
truly wonderful stuff, you won't be disappointed.

Track List
01 - I took your name in vain
02 - Long distance karma
03 - Too many foxes
04 - Postcard
05 - Kiss me
06 - That man was a knife
07 - She never loved you
08 - The water moves
09 - Fifty six days
10 - East meets south
11 - Last stop heavenly heights

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

JFK and the Cuban Crisis, Singles, Ep

As a follow on from the James Paterson post 2 posts ago,
I've got a few JFK and the Cuban Crisis rarities.
As of posting today some 42 people have downloaded
the Champagne Love Garden Demos so
I'm after any feedback, comments about the demos.
James has a bio up here where you can download some tracks
and read in more depth about his music.

First we have the JFK & The Cuban Crisis - Am I A Pagan single
their their first and only Brisbane single released after their
two cassettes, Over The Underpass and Under the Overpass (1981)
and Down And Out In Brisbane and Sydney (1982).
The single was released in March 1982.
With bassist John Downie having left to join The Kingswoods,
the recording featured Xero members John Willsteed on bass
and Irena Luckus on keyboards.

Track List
01 - Am I A Pagan ?
02 - That Alarming Sound

JFK & The Cuban Crisis - Careless Talk Ep,
this 1982 release was the first for waterfront records and is
something of a classic.

Track List
01 Texan Thing
02 I Tried Too Hard

03 Juliet Jones

04 Leaving For The Eastern Front

This 1984 release was the single from their Lp "The end of the Affair"
which includes the short but fantastic cover of the Cash song "Jackson"

Track List
01 - The Ballad Of Jackie O
02 - Jackson

03 - Texan Thing ( live )

I haven't much info or any artwork on this rare Gotham City
cassettewhich Steve has let me know came in a Batman pencil case,
but I did find the art work for this 1982 cassette
"Over the Underpass and under the Overpass"
I just don't have the music for it as well.
This contains a wonderful version of
Gotham City.

Track List
01 - Gotham City
02 - Quite like love

Download singles and ep Here

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Go-Betweens - Caroline & I

When I saw Robert play the last night of his monumental
4 night return to performing, "The 4 ages of Robert Forster"
this song was one of the highlights.
He put down the guitar and took the mike
in hand , strutting the stage like he was at home again.
He also opened the night with "A Girl Lying On A Beach"
just him and the acoustic, before being joined on stage
by the band.
You can see a video of the performance below.
This is the wonderful 4 track cd single for
Caroline and I, a small post but very tasty.

Caroline & I - Robert Forster

Born in the very same year
Alive at a similar time

It gave me something small that I could feel
That maybe as you grew you knew how I'd feel
And Caroline & I knew how you'd feel

Rattled through our teenage years
Battled and loved who we fought

The first time you left home on your own I knew
A little bit of you is gone when you do
And Caroline & I well we grew, well that's true

Caroline & I

01 Caroline & I
02 Instant Replay
03 Taxi Taxee
04 A Girl Lying On A Beach

The Four Ages of Robert Forster - Girl Lying On A Beach

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Live In London

Must be time for a Go-Betweens post.
Recorded live at the Barbican Hall, London on 27th June 2004,
this out of print, but absolutely fantastic live recording is very
special indeed. Robert Grant, Adele and Glenn take us on a
journey back through the Go- Betweens recording career,
right to the start and up until 2004.

Songs that rarely are heard live are dusted off and played
with gusto. The band is on fire, the recording impeccable.
What more could you ask for, they begin with the sound of
rain, a very old track they recorded with Peter Walsh back
at the start. Theres plenty more old tracks, a couple of
obscure B-sides, including my fav "When people are dead"
Theres also a heap of there best tracks, only they didn't
do "Head full of steam", Oh well You can't have everything.

Track List
1 The Sound of Rain
02 It Could be Anyone
03 Your Turn, My Turn
04 Hammer the Hammer
05 People Say
06 This Girl, Black Girl
07 Make Her Day
08 Karen
09 Magic in Here
10 Poison in the Walls
11 Surfing Magazines
12 Baby Stones
13 Cattle and Cane
14 The Clock

01 Too Much of one Thing
02 He Lives My Life
03 The Wrong Road
04 Right Here
05 Spring Rain
06 Here Comes a City
07 Love Goes On!
08 The House That Jack Kerouac Built
09 Spirit
10 German Farmhouse
11 Bye Bye Pride
12 When People Are Dead
13 Streets of Your Town
14 In The core of the Flame

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

David Bridie is one of Australia's most important artists, from
his ground breaking work with Not Drowning Waving,
his equally important work with My friend the Chocolate
Cake and his solo and soundtrack work.
Its his solo work I'll concentrate on in this post.
David has just released his 3rd solo Lp "Succumb" which I
haven't heard yet, but is getting rave reviews.

In mid-2000, Bridie released his first solo album,
Act of Free Choice, on three tracks collaborating again with
NDW's John Phillips, who lives in Europe and sent his
contributions via the Internet.
The brave new world of computer technology has returned
Bridie to the kind of experimental music the earlier
Not Drowning Waving had been noted for. Only now,
so much more is possible. Weaving around Bridie's voice
and electric piano are a universe of found sounds,
anything from Papua New Guinea conch shells to morse code
intercepted on short wave radio, with bass and drums
added over the top.
In 2003 he released Hotel Radio, he also released a number
of cd singles with extended remixes and new tracks todays
post is a collection drawn from these sources.
This is music that pushes into new territory, that is cutting
edge, that combines technology with world music and
Bridie's own political ideals, into something special.
Included is David and Bart Willoughby singing Bart's
classic song "Message for young and old"

Track List
01 - Dive (Marius Single Mix)
02 - Hotel Radio (radio version)
03 - Message For Young And Old
04 - Sad
05 - Nation (Of The Heartless Kind) (the ether mix)
06 - Act Of Free Choice
07 - Drive On
08 - King Bluster
09 - 15 Nuns Lie Floating In The South Pacific Sea
10 - The Koran (Royal Belleville Mix)
11 - Float FF5 Flambe Version

Download here

David Bridie - Act of Free Choice

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Champagne Love Garden The Darlinghurst Demos (1988) - James Paterson


The songs collected in this download represent a sample
of writer's demosI made in about 1988 or 1989.
A friend of mine, David McComb of Perth band The Triffids,
once told me that he valued my 'instincts' over my '
premeditation.' More or less as an experiment,
I decided to take him at his word and write a bunch of
songs with very little by way of premeditation.
I wanted to capture myself at my most spontaneous.
Each song was therefore written and recorded in the
space of an afternoon,with the exception of a couple
for which the words had been written in advance.
Despite many clumsy lines and over strained vocals
(as well as other signs of general hastiness),
I've always thought of them as the best songs
I've ever written.

I thank Bob for offering to post them on his blog
and hope that, after twenty years,
they may still have something to offer.

James Paterson
August 2008

James Paterson has generously shared these recordings after 20
years.For those who don't know who James is you can read his
self written bio on his myspace page here
James grew up in Acacia Ridge here in Brisbane in the early 70's.
It was there he met John Kennedy and they eventually formed
the band JFK and the Cuban Crisis. After a move to Sydney,
recording their fantastic album "End of the affair" they split in
1983. I'll quote James here from his myspace site
Around the time JFK began breaking up,
I dabbled in co-writing songs with David McComb of the Triffids;
of the dozen-odd songs we worked on together my favourite is
Blinder By The Hour, which is on the Triffids' Calenture album.
We also did an 'unplugged' affair, a mini-album called
Lawson Square Infirmary,
which was recorded covertly one night at the Sydney Opera
By the late 80s, after I had failed to get a new band,
Champagne Love Garden, up and running,
I lost interest in contemporary music and concentrated on
my studies
in ancient and modern history at the
University of Sydney.

I have to say these are some great songs, its a shame James
didn't get Champagne Love Garden up and running, because
Australia's musical landscape would have been richer for it.
These songs are recorded in a simple acoustic manner, with
some very nice instrumentation. Theres shades of the Triffids,
of JFK, of
Lawson Square Infirmary, with its alt country feel
and I can even hear Robert Forster's best work, with his
honesty and off center manner of seeing things.
I'm Almost Dawn is a fabulous song co-written with David
McComb, which begins and ends the album.

Modern Heaven could have been a JFK song, it reminds
me of End of the affair, with its beautiful guitar work.

Rain of arrows is poetic, wonderful,
"I saw you shrink from a stranger
as if she carried poisoned tips"

One Dollar could of been on
Lawson Square Infirmary.

Rocky Joe has that JFK feel again, with its catchy hooks.
Life Is What You Make It, has some great lyrics.
"Was it your moment of glorywhen you said that terrible thing
It was your dangerous hour
Your tower of power
when you flaunted your broken wing"

St Francis is one of my favs sung by Zonda it grooves along,

Smoke On The Water has that country feel, but its the way
both James and Zonda take turns sings that makes it.

Write It Off To Love is my Fav track its got some of the best lyrics
and a fantastic melody.
I just have to include the whole songs lyrics, it so reminds me
of Robert Forster.

Write It Off To Love - James Paterson

I met you in a crowded room
You said you felt like your in your tomb
You said it might be wise if we took a walk outside
You said your life was a dead end
It had no meaning without a friend
You wanted someone you could commune with
Eros through.

And I was drunk I liked your face
We took taxi to your country place
And I bought a toothbrush so that I could stay

We took the gown of love now
Took the gown of love ...

I made the coffee cause you had to think
You were writing books
So I unplugged the sink
You had big plans
So it was my job to clean out the old shed
For seven years we shared a bed
You went to town to buy the bread
I later heard you took off with a policeman
that you'd met

You crossed the hands of love now
Crossed the hands of love ...

I went to Gleebooks to buy some books
And I saw a book bearing your name
I was so surprised and pleased and grateful
for your fame
I found this poem called 'Pop Singing Boy'
It was obviously about me
You said I always wanted to be on Countdown
but that was a lie
You said you'd be rich
If I hadn't kept you down
Your name would be celebrated
All over town
But now your poetry's passe
And your book just got remaindered

So write it off to love now
Write it off to love...

None More After You is a change of pace beautiful,
melancholy like a Joy Division song, I like it.

Figment Of Your Imagination is a fantastic instrumental
tune and we finish back with I'm Almost Dawn.

I really want to hear what other think and
I'm sure James will be to,
so please leave many comments.

Words and music by James Paterson, except I'm Almost Dawn
(words by David McComb, music by James Paterson)
and None More After You
(words by David McComb and James Paterson, music by James Paterson)
All instruments were played by James Paterson except viola,
which was played by Neil Sanderson (RIP)
despite the fact that he had not picked up the instrument
several years.
The songs were sung by James Paterson and Zonda Donabauer.
All tracks were recorded on a Tascam 4-track Portastudio in the
front room of Zonda's flat in Bourke Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.
The songs were mixed down onto cassette tape
by James Paterson
in 1988
and digitized by Graham Lee in 2008.

Track List
01. I'm Almost Dawn
02. Modern Heaven
03. Rain of Arrows
04. One Dollar
05. Rocky Joe
06. Life Is What You Make It
07. St Francis
08. Smoke On The Water
09. Write It Off To Love
10. None More After You
11.Figment Of Your Imagination
12. I'm Almost Dawn (reprise)

Download Here

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski collective - Brisbane, Judith Wright Center 4 /11/ 07

Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective, 4th Nov 07
at the Judith wright Center for the Arts, here in Brisbane.
Made available for download by Ed himself is a few tunes
from a blistering performance from Ed and the Kowalski's.
The night was in two parts, 1st some old tunes, like the
20 year old "Too many clues",the 2nd half was the debut
of Eds first album since Pacific smile,
Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog, in its entirety.
I'm real happy to get this perfect recording, cause I was
in the audience at this gig and it was very, very good.
But isn't Ed always.
And what a band, the legendary Jeffrey Wegener on drums
and Peter Oxley (ex sunnyboys) on bass,
as well as fine accompaniment from Jane Elliot and Ceri McCoy.
Many thanks to Mialee for pointing in the direction of this
recording, check out his new blog Ambient Highway,
it look like its going to be great and the 1st post has a Ed track.

Track List
01 - Too many clues
02 - Messin' part 2
03 - My best interests at heart
04 - Here to get my baby from jail
05 - Skinny Jean
06 - Demolition
07 - Real to me

Recorded at the Judith wright Centre for the Arts,
in November 2007 at the Brisbane launch of Ed's last studio album
'Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog' .
The show started with a specially commisioned short film
about Jean Lee done by Judi Dransfield Kuepper
and Louise Bennet, which was followed by two sets of
Ed and the Kowalski's doing the entire 'Jean Lee..'
album as well as a number of older songs .

The band on the night were

Ed Kuepper guitar and vocals
Peter Oxley bass
Jeffrey Wegener drums
Jane Elliot cello and keyboards
Ceri McCoy and his Tijiuana Brass Boize horns

words and music Ed Kuepper
except tracks 5-7
Ed Kuepper and Judi Dransfield Kuepper

courtesy of Prince Melon International Publishing

Download Here

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gondwanaland - Terra Incognita

Many thanks to Scot for sending me this brilliant
album from one of Australia's truly great bands.
I saw them play at least once at a Maleny folk
festival, you would be hard pressed to find a
better band to see under the stars and up
in the mountains.

On a break from bore drilling in 1983 Charlie McMahon
recorded with synthesizer player Peter Carolan the
Gondwanaland Project instrumental album Terra Incognita,
which prefigured world music by almost a decade.
This ground breaking debut showed the didjeridu could be
a key component in contemporary music,
setting the mood & driving the rhythm.
Documentary film makers embraced the album for its
distinctly Australian ambience.
Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst called this ‘a seminal album’.
It was the first time didj was played with regular rhythms,
making it a base for contemporary song arrangements.
The experiment worked so well that Charlie & Peter dropped the
“Project” tag and engaged percussionist Ed Duquemin
to launch Gondwanaland as a touring & recording act.
As well as regular pub & club shows Gondwanaland played
epic outback tours and the live energy induced the up
tempo style more evident in their next 4 albums.
Gondwanaland hold the record for Australia’s largest
live performance with their SOUND CLOUD
performance to 120,000 at Sydney Cove in 1988.

Track List
01 Emu
02 South Road
03 Eye In The Sky
04 Danger
05 Empty Sky
06 Landscape
07 Drought
08 Anthem
09 Morning
10 Pulse
11 Eagle

Download Here

Charlie McMahon with Midnight Oil.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Triffids-live Melbourne 16 April 1984

This FM radio broadcast from a 1984 Melbourne performance in
excellent quality with some real highlights. "Mercy" which is later
found on Lawson Square Infirmary is fantastic, the cover of
"A Satisfied Mind" is a very Triffids sounding rendition complete
with some great violin work and some excellent workings of
better known Triffids songs. A great recording from a great
period from the Triffids canon.

Track List
01. This Boy
02. Everybody Has To Eat
03. Embedded
04. Personnal Things
05. Mercy
06. Pleasure Slide
07. Monkey On My Back
08. Field Of Glass
09. Native Bride
10. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
11. Jesus Calling
12. Satisfied Mind
13. Ballad Of Jack Frost
14. Ain't No Sunshine
15. Property Is Condemned

Download Here

The triffids - Wide Open Road

Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

The final album from DCD is a masterpiece, earthy, organic, sensual
and beautiful, it is truly world music that transports you.
Almost tribal in its feel this record is a experience to mellow
out to. The 10 min "Song of the stars" a case in point , fantastic
percussion mixed with a simple melody and Brenden singing in
both English and Algonquin, followed by "Indus," which
has an ethereal tone that evokes the beauty of eastern mysticism,
blending into the melody of "within you without you" from the
Beatles, a nice touch and running for almost 9 and a half minutes
adds to the mediative quality these songs have.
"Song of the dispossessed" is a highlight for me, with its
South American feel and brilliant lyrics.
These guys can take instruments and parts of distinctive
musical cultures, blending them to create something that
works and stands alone as a testimony to their true talent.

Track List
01 - nierika
02 - song of the stars
03 - indus
04 - song of the dispossessed
05 - dedicacé outó
06 - the snake and the moon
07 - song of the nile
08 - devorzhum

Download here