Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ed Kupper And Mark Dawson Old Museum 9/11/12 Brisbane


Last night in a mammoth two and half hour performance
Ed Kuepper along with Mark Dawson on drums,
Joshua Watson on violin and Rob Knaggs on cello,
Ed and the band launched Eds latest album the 
wonderful Second Winter.

They played a lot of material 
from the album plus a few surprises, Ed calling for 
requests when they came back for an encore.
Its a rather atmospheric venue at the Old Museum
and the sound was fantastic

I was very nicely put on the door list as a photographer
so I took a heap, likewise Chuck some video as well.
I'm sure we shall see a few songs from that soon.
There was some great moments, I loved Collapse Board,
Electrical Strom and Eternally Yours, all extended to their
full glory. Blind Girl Stripper was fantastic to hear,
so many songs, it was a long show after all.

I got to catch up with Chuck, meet Donat  and his wife
and got to chat to Ed after the show so it was a fine night.
I took some 600 photos so I've posted some 40 of my favs.
Also check out Phils excellent photos from the night on Facebook
And some more fantastic shots


The first bit of video to surface from the house of Chuck
has! Its Blind Girl Stripper

And Everything I've Got Belongs To You

And Rue the Day

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sir Kuepper Second Winter tour starts friday!!

well this is one of the most anticpated tours of the year for me..
Mr Kuepper with Mark Dawson will be joined by Joshua Watson violin, and Rob Knaggs cello to launch the 'Second Winter' cd at the Old Museum on this friday Nov 9 .
details here -

The tour continues in NSW in the new year- details here -

 The cd is available on Bandcamp here - for a very reasonable price of $10 or u can preview the tracks first to sus em out . a few quick linked below.
You can order the physical copies of this and other titles via the Prince Melon site here -
Second Winter is essentially a re-working of the first Kuepper solo album Electrical Storm with a few extras added from that era. The new recordings add a new depth and ambience that make them stand tall by comparison, not intended as a replacement but as a worthy companion piece to the original recordings. I cant wait to see them live :)

Ed Kuepper article about Pig City concert 2007

Another interesting article from the words of Ed Kuepper about the then upcoming Pig City concert in 2007.

This gig would eventually be released as - Live at Pig City 2007 cd.

 some nice other vids on this utubers list btw

Robert Forster's review of the gig found here -

Saints article RS issue378

An old Saints article from 1982 RS magazine- issue378 page18
no Mr Kuepper in the upcoming Saints tour but i hear Bob is very excited.. most of the new tour will be supporting Blondie and the Stranglers with a couple of others like Homebake to round things off..
some links and pics on this page -

Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Nonsense - Around Tuti EP

Another wonderful EP from Jeff is this 1984 release from Melbourne ska
band No Nonsense.Its a great recording worth the price alone for the
wonderful version of Hawaii 5-O, not once but twice!

Track List

01 Changes must be made
02 Next time
03 Hawaii Five-O
04 Extended party Mix - Changes must be made
05 Extended party Mix - Hawaii Five-O.

Download Here