Thursday, January 31, 2008

4zzz compilation - state of emergence

Music in Brisbane owes an immeasurable debt to the radio station
4ZZZ, its hard to imagine how things would of developed without
their input. ZZZ was the first Fm community station in Australia
transmitting in stereo, first broadcasting in 1975.
There was nothing like it, Brisbane's airways were filled with
dreadful easy listening formula AM stations, who ignored anything
happening locally. At the same time a host of bands sprung up in
the suburbs of Brisbane, you know like the Saints and the
Gobetweens and they found the kind of support that you couldn't
find in many other capital cities at the time.
I discovered punk around 1978 through a friend who's sister had
came back from overseas with a copy of the Pistols "Pretty Vacant"
and after that this radio station that was playing music the like of
I had never heard. 4ZZZ changed my life at this point,
10 years or so later I became heavily involved in the local
Latin American community here, after listening to the
Latin American Show on Sunday's, which lead to announcing on
that show for quite a while with some great Guatemalan friends.
Even these days with across the nation JJJ, ZZZ is the only
station for me. Anyways about the record, released in September
1986, this music is mostly mid 80's brissy bands recorded in a
few different places. The Mop and the Dropouts track,
Brisbane Blacks was recorded in 82 (I have the single that a
cousin of Mops gave me), its one of my favorite Brisbane songs.
The Wonderous Fair track is another standout, this band I believe
were the great Tangled Shoelaces (more to come from them later)
There all great songs and the wonderful "Joh must go" is worth the
price of the download alone, not to mention the Fiesta Tropical track.
I saw those guys play many times at the (Maleny/Woodford)
Folk Festival, which is another institution round here that I must post
about. I have a few Australian compilation albums that I'll post in
the future, but I wanted to start with 4ZZZ and Brisbane.
Enough rambling from me.
Ripped from my vinyl copy.

Track list.
01 - the edge - point of change
02 - crib sex - it'll be a sad day
03 - trash of all nations - well dressed
04 - 1313 mockingbird lane
05 - wonderous fair - a piece on peace
06 - trusted few - thats what we are
07 - revolutionary chorus - joh must go
08 - thanks for all the fish - who needs esperanto
09 - one big union - bullet through the wallet
10 - dog fish cat bird - hesitation strikes
11 - fiesta tropical - !!!oh
12 - post no bills - state you're in
13 - mop and the dropouts - brisbane blacks
14 - i am vertical - two hands

Download Here

And visit 4ZZZ here

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Album For Robert Forster And The Brisbane Sound

I just found this and had to spread the word.
This is the album he went to London to record just after
the 4 ages of Robert Forster concerts last year.
Rob one of the originators of the striped sunlight sound is back
and I can hardly wait to hear it.

Robert Forster has announced details of his first solo album since
the 2006 death of fellow Go-Between Grant McLennan.

The Evangelist, to be released on 29 April, features bassist
Adele Pickvance and drummer Glenn Thompson,
who completed the line-up of the 'reformed' Go-Betweens
in recent years.

Three songs on the new album were co-written
by the late Grant McLennan.

The Evangelist Tracklist:
'If It Rains'
'Demon Days'
'Did She Overtake You?'
'The Evangelist'
'Let Your Light In, Babe'
'A Place To Hide Away'
'Don't Touch Anything'
'It Ain't Easy'
'From Ghost Town'

Read about it here

Also I just found out about an upcoming event
here in Brisbane at the Institute of modern art.

The Brisbane Sound

Curated by David Pestorius, The Brisbane Sound will map cross-pollination between the indie and experimental music scenes and the art scene in Brisbane during the post-punk years, 1978–1983. This multi-layered project will incorporate an exhibition, concerts and a book. It will concentrate on the role of key individuals, including Ed Kuepper, Robert Forster and Eugene Carchesio, each of whom will curate a special concert for the project. In addition to receiving international critical acclaim for their music, Kuepper (founder of The Saints) and Forster (founder of The Go-Betweens) have consistently maintained a working relationship with visual artists and the art world, while Carchesio, who is primarily known as a visual artist, is also a product of the same music/art milieu.

9 Feb 2008

Saturday, 12:00 pm


The Brisbane Sound.

7 Mar 2008

Friday, 8:30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 1: Small World Experience, The Deadnotes, Ian Wadley, Peter Charles Macpherson and Gary Warner (Super-8 films), curated by Eugene Carchesio. Tickets: Rocking Horse.

8 Mar 2008

Saturday, 8.30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 2: The Apartments, Adults Today, Robert Forster and Adele Pickvance, and Trevor Ludlow and The Hellraisers, curated by Robert Forster. Tickets: Rocking Horse.

9 Mar 2008

Sunday, 8:30 pm

Brisbane Sound

Concert 3: Ed Kuepper Presents The Ascension Academy. Tickets: Rocking Horse.
It sounds like the Apartments are back again

The Brisbane Sound Link

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dave Warner's From The Suburbs - Mug's Game (1978)

One of the things I want to do on this blog is post stuff I haven't seen
anywhere else. I can't believe I haven't seen this little beauty before.
This is a classic Australian record, truly from the suburbs and very
late 1970's. Yet like nothing else out at the time
and you could say ever since.
A mix of live and studio tracks, this was Dave's first recording
and some say his best.
With stand out tracks like the single "Suburban Boy"
the biting sarcasm of "Convict Streak" the brilliant cover of
"Eve Of Destruction" and the truly classic "Mugs Game"
you can forgive some of the odder songs,
But what a wild ride.
How about the lyrics on this.
Check out the chorus of "Convict Streak",

"Maybe its because of our convict streak,
That we want to fight everyone that we meet.
Anzac day is our day of the year,
We march our march and we drink our beer"

or this verse

"I'm Australian we all are,
We watch the telly and we drive our car.
But don't you ever say were weak,
Or you'll learn all about our convict streak"

But the highlight is the 13 minute "Mugs Game"
you have to hear this to believe it.
Part spoken word manifesto to the disaffected
young men of Australian. Following Daves impressions
of 3 popular and successful men and their appeal
that he and others like him don't have.
So funny.
Heres a bit about a fellow called Zongo.

"A typical Australian beach, I'm struggling out of the surf, panting heavily for I'm overweight.
Two young nubile women on the beach
"Oooh, isn't he spunky!"
"Which one? That one in the lurex?"
"No, not HIM!"
"That one over there with the earing in his ear and the bleached blonde hair."
"That's Zongo, let's go over and talk to him."
"Hi Zongo!"
"Hi girls!
"How are you?"
"Far out!"
"What have you been doing with your self lately Zongo?"
"I've just been having an insane time."
"Hey look there's Rory! Rory couldn't get a wave if he tried!" *stupid laugh*
"I've been having an insane time, last night I went out to the drive ins to see Kung Fu Fighting and we drank two bottles of Tequilla and got really smashed. Insane!"
"Oh isn't he spunky!"

Gee why couldn't I have been like that?
Whenever I had tequilla I could only have about three glasses and then I couldn't remember whether to bite the lemon before you had the salt or vice versa.
Never a success."

I found this Dave's web site, yep He's still kicking.


Yes, finally we can announce THE NEW MUG'S GAME CD is here. The double CD includes the original 1978 MUG'S GAME album plus a second bonus CD of 14 early recordings by Dave Warner. Most of these are demos which Dave recorded in London in 1976. Tony Durant, who came out to join the Suburbs in Australia, plays on many of these tracks. They also include the Bicton Records release of Summer 78/Australian Heat which Dave recorded in Perth with the original Suburbs line-up prior to Tony's arrival.

How cool is that I may have to update from vinyl.

Download Here

The Flaming Hands.

This wonderful band from Sydney was round from 79 into the early 80's,
on the equally wonderful Phantom Records label were a real favorite of mine.
I remember hearing the haunting "Its just that I miss you" often on 4zzz
and having to ring them to find the name of the band and song,
such were the back announcing skills at the time.
I think this is a better listen than their self title Lp that was released later
that the songs "The Edge" and "Break down and cry" came from.
One of the truly overlooked bands of the period.
These are ripped from my vinyl records and include cover scans.

01 - Its Just That I Miss You
02 - Go Or Stay
03 - I belong To Nobody
04 - The Stranger
05 - Wake Up Screaming
06 - Sweet Revenge
07 - Break Down And Cry
08 - Open Window
09 - The Edge
10 - Sacrifice

Monday, January 28, 2008

Died Pretty & Ed Kuepper

Classic albums live!

In the fine tradition of boasting about the fine concerts we manage
to see in my home town of Brisbane let me tell you about this.
Below is what you find on the Tivoli Theater's site

Saturday, 9th of February, 2008

Died Pretty play "Doughboy Hollow" and Ed Kuepper plays "Honey
Steels Gold" in this not to be missed classic albums LIVE tour. With
the lineup unchanged from the Every Brilliant Eye era,
and following exhaustive touring of Europe and the USA,
Died Pretty returned to Australia to record Doughboy Hollow with
UK producer Hugh Jones. The result was arguably their best album
yet; an evocative, rich series of performances with both Ronald S.
Peno and Brett Myer at the height of their considerable powers.
Peno's voice is fully his own at this point, yearning, mournful,
intense, and more all at once, while Myers' guitar work simply
grabs the mood and sets it throughout; from the chiming yet
dark guitars on Doused, to his often delicate tones on Turn Your
Head. While John Hoey's keyboards still sometimes are little
more than arrangement, his touches like the persistent then
relaxed piano line on D.C. show he has his own skill, while
stronger lead performances crop up throughout the album.
Chris Welsh's drumming, meanwhile, has grown ever more
sophisticated and sharp with time, able to capture the swings
from full-on charge to gentler moods. A guest violinist and cellist
provide extra shade and elegance, as on the folkish/martial ballad
The Ballad of Stanmore, and its immediate follow-up
The Love Song, a sweet, gently swinging number that, in fact,
delivers the opposite sentiments from what the title would indicate.

Last year I did a little reviewing on Overheres wonderful site

"They called it good at the time"

Robert Forsters return to the stage Here

and Here

and pig city reviews on the same link
I'm quite excited about this gig, after seeing Robert Foster's
"Warm Nights" gig last year the whole concept appeals to me.
These are two wonderful albums and you could argue one of
the best from each of the artists.
I've lost count how many times I've seen Ed play,
most recently showcasing his new album, but I havn't seen
Died Pretty for many years. They used to be on all the Livid
line ups back in the 80's it seemed, always a band to see.

So I intend to review this fab gig after I see it

Until then I've uploaded the remastered "Honey steels gold"

The Links are

Part 1


Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Fixed Address - From my eyes

For my first post I've picked the brilliant EP from one of the first murrie bands to record.
No fixed address came from Adelaide in 1978, formed by Bart Willoughby. The only recordings
of this aussie reggae group are this Ep and 1 side of the "Wrong side of the road "
movie soundtrack which they did together with Us Mob, an Aboriginal 70s style heavy rock/blues band.
These guys were pioneers for contemporary Indigenous Australian music and even played
support for Peter Tosh's 1982 Australian tour.
After the success of the Peter Tosh tour Willoughby and his band became the first Aboriginal band to travel overseas becoming cultural ambassadors for their people while touring Great Britain playing at nine cities including London, Bristol, Leeds Plymouth and Manchester.
Bart Willoughby has gone on to other musical endeavours playing with many other important
aussie bands including the Gonna band, Coloured Stone and Yothu Yindi.
His Brilliant Reggae band Mixed Relations however showcases his incredible talent.
I saw Bart play a solo gig at the woodford folk festival on the 31/12/99 as on of many gigs i saw that night, his was the highlight!
So give this a try if your never heard of it and you won't be sorry its a rip of my vinyl copy, I
did see it made it to cd but I didnt buy it and have kicked myself ever since.

Track list
01 - We Have Survived
02 - From My Eyes
03 - Stupid System
04 - I Can't Stand And look
05 - Sunrise
06 - Pigs

Please leave comments so I know what you all think,
if theres interest I can post the "Wrong side of the road "
soundtrack and Mixed relations stuff.

Download Link