Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Skel e tones - Dead at Amyl's Nightspace

One of my favorite Brisbane bands from the mid 80's
The Skel e tones were one of the many bands from
here that did the move to Sydney, did reasonably
well, got on the Cooking with George JJJ box set.
They should have made it bigger , anyway via their
facebook page this wonderful 7 track live recording
and quiet a few others can be found.
So shake dem bones and get along to their page

Friday, February 6, 2015

The return of the Apartments

This year the is year the Apartments return.
There was last years teaser single Black Ribbons
and next month the reissue of the brilliant 1985
debut Lp, The Evening Visits...and stays for years,
as a double album on both cd and vinyl as a
deluxe expanded edition with liner notes
from Robert Foster. This is my favorite album
of all time so I cant wait,
You can find it here 

And following that the new album,
No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal ,
The first album Peter Walsh has recorded for
15 years, this track Twenty One is the 2nd song
to be released of the album and well its going to
be something else!
Read all about it here
Now once I have the records Im hoping for a
tour coming to Brisbane