Friday, February 27, 2009

Write Your Adventures Down - A Tribute to the Go-betweens - VA

I like to have a soundtrack to my life and perhaps this is the
best fit for me at the moment.
The Go-Betweens are this band that takes everyday life
and turns it into something special, an adventure.
And of course there's plenty of adventure here on this tribute
album, I've added Ed Kuepper's version of Grants most hauntingly
beautiful tune Finding You, which he transforms to something
very special.
So for me and anyone else who feels they are embarking on a new
adventure, try this wonderful record.

Finding You - Grant McLennan

What would you do if you turned around
And saw me beside you
Not in a dream but in a song?
Would you float like a phantom
Or would you sing along?

Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where it's flowing
But I know it's finding you

What would you do
If you saw me driving by in a car
The quickest you've ever seen me spin?
Would you smile and wave
Or would you bow and get in?

Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where it's flowing
But I know it's finding you

But then the lightning finds us
Burns away our kindness
We can't find a place to hide
Come the rainy season
Surrender to our treason
Can we even find our tears?

Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where it's flowing
But I know it's finding you

Track List
01-Lee Remick - Patience Hodgson
02-Bye Bye Pride - Sarah Blasko
03-Head Full Of Steam - Dan Kelly
04-Dusty In Here - Youth Group
05-The House That Jack Kerouac Built - Glenn Richards
06-Streets Of Your Town - Bob Evans
07-Right Here - Darren Hanlon
08-Bachelor Kisses - Josh Pyke
09-Draining The Pool For You - Andrew Cox
10-Hold Your Horses - Sarah Blasko
and Darren Hanlon
11-No Reason To Cry - New Buffalo
12-Finding You - Adele Pickvance
13-Spring Rain - David McCormack
14-Dive For Your Memory - Glenn Thompson
15-Finding You - Ed Kuepper

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

German Schoolhouse - Robert Forster

I'm in a bit of a Robert mood at the moment, its a long
story and this boot is the ticket.
Its maybe the best Robert gig I've heard recorded,
with a wonderful selection of songs, including
"When people are dead" a song I would kill to see
live. Also the recording which is an acoustic sound
board, features Roberts wife Karin on violin.

Perhaps the song that best sums up my most
positive feelings at the moment is this one
who's lyrics are below.

Head Full of Steam - Robert Forster

I'd never met her type she ignored me and that's alright
Never to be friends or my body lie on her floor
Her father works
Her mother works in exports
But that's of no importance at all
I don't mind
I don't mind

To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam
All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

She plays hard to get along with
But she might drop by
She never had a nickname
But then nor have I
I don't mind
I don't mind
To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

Oh, I just want to know

I'd never met her type
She locked the door and the key
Opened the windows for the neighbours to see
Her climb on my knee
To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam
Go Forward
Go forward now
Go forward
Go forward now

Track List
01-a place to hide away
02-river people
03-if it rains
05-spirit of a vampyre
06-darlinghurt nights
07-when people are dead
08-surfing magizines
09-the house jack kerouac built
10-bow down
11-born to a family
12-german farmhouse
13-part company
14-ive been looking for somebody
15-head full of steam
16-quiet heart
17-when he lives my life

Robert Forster
Live in Haindling Nov 28, 2008

As many of you know Robert Forster spent a couple of years
in Bavaria
(drinking beer and smile from ear to ear),
in the town of Regensburg.
After having left the Go-Betweens
in 1990 he moved to Alteglofsheim,
a small village about
30 km away from Regensburg, living in a
"German Farmhouse"
with members of the local Band "Baby you know"

(A very much underrated band, in my opionion.)
The Band doesn't exist anymore, if you're lucky you may
get one of their
CDs on ebay or elsewhere.
Look out for "Clear Water".

One of the members of that band was Karin Bäumler,
who became Robert's wife.
So: After Robert's world tour 2008 he, Karin and
their kids stayed
here in Bavaria for a couple of weeks.
They lived in a house in the
village of "Haindling",
close to Geiselhöring, which is about 35 km
away from
Regensburg. (It is the same village after which the

German Band "Haindling" got their name from, by the way).
On November 28, Robert (and Karin on a couple of songs)
did a benefit concert in this very village in the
"Alte Hauptschule",
which means "Old schoolhouse"
(roughly translated).
This, of course, led to the title
"German Schoolhouse".

(Karin told me that Robert liked the title, so don't say
anything against it...)
Only fifty or so people found access to this
rather small
venue, which made it a very special show.

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to
Robert and Karin
for the first time:
Very, very friendly people, and both crazy
about music.
(People who LOVE music can't have a bad characater

anyway, can they?).
Robert told me that he already has written a

couple of songs since "The Evangelist" came out,
but has no plans
to record them in the near future.
One these new songs,
"Love is where it is",
was performed during the concert.

(Robert asked me not to upload this song, which is quite
Thank you Robert for allowing me to record the show,
thanks to Karin for the phone calls, and of course thanks to
Edi and Manfred at the soundboard for their technical support.

"Robert Forster in Haindling" was a benefit-Concert for an
organisation that supports children who develop cancer.
If you want to get information or even give a donation,
here is its domain:

Download Here

Friday, February 20, 2009

Robert Forster, Munich, 1-10-08

A short but fantastic FM recording of Robert
from last years come back tour.
Aren't we spoilt with all these Robert boots lately.

Robert Forster
October 01, 2008
Munich, Germany, Ampere Club
Source: FM Broadcast

01. Rock 'n' Roll Friend
02. The Evangelist
03. When She Sang About Angels
04. Demon Days
05. Too Much Of One Thing
06. Pandanus
07. Surfing Magazines
08. German Farmhouse
09. Darlinghurst Nights
10. Heart Out To Tender

Robert Forster: Vocals, guitar
Adele Pickvance: bass, background-vocals
Glenn Thompson: guitar, keyboards, background-vocals
Matthew Harrison: drums

Download Here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meltingpod podcast #92

Annies got a new pod up and it looks like a beauty
There was a rumor that Steve brought to my attention
that Ed Kuepper was joining the Bad Seeds, well at
least for a short while its true.

#92 Interview with Ed Kuepper joining at the guitar Nick Cave
and the Bad Seeds for a Summer festivals’ European tour
and giving news about the Saints and Laughing Clowns’ shows
at ATP 2009 in Australia Part 1

In this podcast and interview ED KUEPPER explains how he is
joining NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS for their next European
tour this Summer !! He is playing guitar in the band for a
lot of festivals after Mick Harvey one of the founding member
and guitarist left at the end of the ATP 2009 in Australia.
Invited by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (ATP’s curators)
Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey reformed with their drummer
Ivor Hay The Saints‘ original line-up for 6 shows during
that festival last January and they added Archie Larizza
at the bass and a three pieces horn section.
We spoke with Ed about the rehearsals and specially
about two songs I heard through the internet and recorded
Live by fans : One Way Street in Melbourne (a new/old version!!)
and Nights in Venice in Mt Buller.

Find it here

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Friend The Chocolate Cake - Queenscliff Music Festival

This is simply the best boot of this band I've heard.

Queenscliff Music Festival
November 24, 2007

FM radio broadcast

Though the audience on November 24 could not have known
it at the time, an historic event in Australian history was unfolding
even as My Friend The Chocolate Cake took to the Queenscliff stage.

It was the last day of John Howard's Liberal Australia, Kevin Rudd's
Labor government comprehensively winning power. And what
better way to welcome in the new than with the exhilarating strings,
wry humour
and soaring ballads of My Friend The Chocolate Cake.

Hope Csutoros, the original (and always stunningly chapeau'd)
violinist, has taken leave from her duties with the group to raise a family.

Her replacement, 21 years old and a virtual prodigy, is the beautiful
Xani Kolac who not only brings with her an astonishing level of
virtuosity, but whose vivacious personality has injected new enthusiasm
into the band.

Many of the songs performed in this show are from the latest
My Friend The Chocolate Cake album "Home Improvements".

Track List
01 Hymn To The Carnies
02 Weep
03 It's All In The Way
04 Let's Go Walk This Town
05 Vandorlo
06 A Midlife's Tale
07 Home Improvements
08 Forgotten Athletes of Persia
09 Pentecostal Girl
10 Weather Coast
11 Seek
12 I've Got A Plan
13 The Romp
14 Nanny's Farewell

My Friend The Chocolate Cake is:

David Bridie - lead vocals, piano
Helen Mountfort - cello, vocals
Xani Kolac - violin
Andrew Richardson - guitar, vocals
Andrew Carswell - mandolin, tin whistle
Dean Addison - bass, vocals
Greg Patten - drums, vocals

Download Here

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Robert Forster - abc bushfire flood appeal

Chuck recorded this of the radio yesterday, an interview and song
from Rob. He talks of the recent storms that hit Brisbane and
his own experience of natural disaster.
He performs the wonderful track "If It Rains" Robert's song
about the worst drought in South East Queensland history
which seems to have truly broken now.
Thanks Chuck.

Chuck says this in the comments

some other nice songs from that radio show i didn't
get like Iva Davies doing an acoustic "great southern
and 3 powderfinger boys doing an acoustic
a call out if anyone got em or has a better
copy of this Rob clip :)

So if you can help.

For those who are perhaps overseas or something and don't
know what disasters are going on round here.

Victorian Bushfires

Over 180 dead

1850 homes destroyed

Many thousands more damaged

Many towns north-east of Melbourne have been badly damaged
or almost completely destroyed

Estimated 7,500 people homeless

100's people have been admitted to hospitals across
Victoria with burns

Fire risk still extreme with many fires still burning

Read here for bushfires

As far as the North Queensland floods go

62 per cent of Queensland disaster declared

13 rivers under flood warnings

2,900 homes affected in Ingham

730mm of rain fallen on Ingham area since Sunday

Herbert River peaked at 12.25 metres

Another tropical cyclone forming off coast

So floods at one end of the country and bushfires
which are the worst ever seen down the other.

And get a load of Leonard Cohen and his generosity.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Saints - Foundry Stage, Cockatoo Island, Sydney ATP, 17 -01-09

There's one more ATP Saints performance I haven't found and
may not, which is the Sunday Sydney performance. This is the
Saturday night one and its a great set, all of the truely great
original Saints songs, I would have liked this set in Brisbane.
Missing the show stopping Nights in Venice however which
we did get.
So this may be the end of the ATP shows now,

All thanks to the taper crankingamps who has done
a superb job yet again.

01. This Perfect Day
02. One Way Street
03. Swing For The Crime
04. The Chameleon
05. No Time
06. A Minor Aversion
07. (I'm) Stranded
08. All Time Through Paradise
09. The Prisoner
10. Messin' With The Kid
11. Know Your Product

Download Here

Laughing Clowns - Foundry Stage, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, ATP 18-01-09

For all you Laughing Clown completists like myself, here's
the last of the clowns recent reunion shows. By some accounts
a better show than the day before and this time a complete
recording. The same songs as the earlier shows and the same
45 min set. And of course the same brilliance that is the
Laughing Clowns
All thanks to the taper crankingamps who has done
a superb job yet again.

Track list
01. intro (5:14)
02. The Flypaper (5:05)
03. Come One, Come All (6:51)
04. Everything That Flies (4:57)
05. Nothing That Harms (5:55)
06. Collapse Board (10:34)
07. Eternally Yours (7:50)

Download Here

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grant McLennan's birthday today

It was on this day 12 February 1958 that Grant William McLennan
was born in the city of Rockhampton some 600 kms north of Brisbane.
If your in New York you can celebrate with Robert Vickers and like
minded people as detailed in this post to the Gob's forum.

Hi New York friends

We've decided to do the Grant get together again this year on
his birthday,
Thursday Feb 12th at the same place,
a bar called HiFi at 169 Ave A at 8pm.

The HiFi's owner Mike Stuto, knew Grant from Mike's time at
Thirsty Ear/Beggar's
Banquet and he will have the juke box
suitably stacked for the night.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Let's hope the weather is better this time!


The rest of us can read this wonderful interview of Grant
by Steve Kilby that Chuck was reminded of when reading
the Robert Vickers invitation.
It dates from 1991 just as Grant released his first solo
album "Watershed"
So Download the pdf, put on some Grant and remember
a great man.
Or hop over to Stupid and Contagious and pick up
a nice Jack Frost boot to listen to Here

Download Here

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spiritualized - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

Here we are getting to the end of Chucks fantastic series,
only one to go. The last two aren't Australian of course
but rules are meant to be broken.
This is a great recording of an excellent performance.
I was really looking forward to seeing these guys and
they didn't disappoint. Like some kind of odd gospel
bank they fitted in when with the late afternoon vibe
before unleashing one of the best walls of sound I've
heard. With Jason Pierce reminding me more of
Peter Perrett than anyone else and some delicious
Guitar work they make for an enjoyable experience.
Guess I'm a convert. Thanks to Chuck again for his

Track List
01 you lie you cheat
02 shine light
03 soul on fire
04 walking with jesus
05 think i'm in love
06 lady gents floating space
07 come together
08 take me to the other side

Download Here

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Morning Night, cover "Rain Of Arrows" by James Paterson

As a side track I've been meaning to post this for a while and
with the ATP activity I haven't found room, so I make some now.

The Morning Night are a younger band from the west coast who
have recently changed their name from Empty State, because
music biz people think it sounds like a heavy metal band
(so far from what they are) and who have some lets say,
older influences, ones no heavy metal band would have.
They came to my attention via James Paterson who readers
of this blog may remember has featured around here and
who shared with us his fabulous Darlinghurst Demos
you can find here
James was rather chuffed that these guys from Perth had
recorded a track from the demos called "Rain of Arrows",
a beautiful track amongst many. He sent me a copy of their
demo and I sniffed a story in this.I should mention this is only a
rough version of 'Arrows' Adrian's dad is still perfecting the mix.
To cut to the chase I followed up with Adrian how this came
about, cause James isn't exactly well known, all through he
should be. and Adrian sent me the story and permission to
post their version of the song.
So get along to The Morning Night Myspace page here and
listen to some more of their excellent music. I just find it
excellent that bands like the Triffids and Musicians such as
James are influencing the current up and coming bands.
To think your dad introduced you to the Triffids is a concept
that is so far out of my experience, although my parents did
point me in the direction of Ani Difranco when she first played
Woodford back when no one had heard of her here, so I can't
complain. But growing up JOK was the most exciting thing I
was exposed to.

Of recent times James performed in the A Secret In The Shape
Of A Song
show last year , a Sydney Festival concert devoted to
the music of The Triffids and their songwriter/singer David McComb,
and very recently on the 29th of January at Melbourne's Hamer Hall
with the same show. The show which you can read about Here
is in Perth on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of February, I hope
it makes its way to Brisbane soon. Also James tells me that
an interesting addition to the Perth lineup is Warren Ellis,
so they will have about half the Bad Seeds in the band.

James with the Triffids at the Hamer Hall Melbourne

Here's Adrian's letter, please read it and listen to the
song and make some observations in the comments.

Well The Triffids are definitely one of my biggest influences
and obviously I wasn’t born when they were around but I
was first introduced to them by my Dad. When I first heard
about them from him I was really young maybe about 10
and I didn’t really get into them. When I became more into
music when I was about 14 years old I could really see why
my Dad loved them so much and I was really into
“Wide Open Road”, “Trick of the Light” and “Stolen Property”
but that was it at that stage. I guess I didn’t really take the
time to check out their other songs. When I hit 15/16 that’s
when it hit me, I finally decided to go through my Dads Ipod
and check out more of their songs.
I was totally captivated! From that moment I have been
obsessed with The Triffids. I began to love absolutely
everything about them and began admiring what every
member of the bands role is. There was something about
David Mccomb’s vocals though. I had never had so much
power and passion in anyone else’s voice before.
This really inspired me to work on this with my singing.
Dave’s lyrics really mean something and what I worked
out was writing lyrics that you are passionate about or
believe strongly in well naturally make you sing with more
passion and emotion which I have now found to be true.
As a West Australian musician I am incredibly proud of
the fact the Triffids is like a representation of our states
quality of music. From playing gigs around Perth there
are many bands that have also been influenced by The
Triffids heavily. I would say they are seen as one of the
best bands to come out of West Australia over here and
in my opinion the best thing to come out of Australia.
In 2007 I was lucky enough to see the Triffids live which
was my dream come true. Theses shows really proved
that although without Dave Mccomb leading the band
they were still able to blow people away. My highlight of the 3
shows I went to was definitely Melanie Oxley singing
“I Want to Conquer You”. This song without out a doubt
is actually my favorite song of all time.
The dynamics in the instrumentation and the vocals is
incredible. I have never felt so uplifted by listening to
song in my life as I did with “I want to conquer you”.
This song was actually from Dave’s solo album
“Love of Will” Which I rate extremely highly.
After the Triffids last show I was lucky enough to
meet almost the whole entire band including the guest
performers and had my Triffids shirt signed by all of them.
When I got back to Perth after the shows in Sydney I was on
a complete inspiration high and wrote many songs that I am
really proud of. I also felt like I needed to get in contact with
someone in the band or one of the guest performers and tell
them how much I loved the show and how great
they were. On the Triffids myspace I noticed a guy called
“James Paterson” he was one of the guest performers.
I then emailed him telling him what I thought of the show.
James emailed me back telling me how much he liked my
band and then the friendship began. We found that we had
a very similar interest in music and constantly talked
about it through our emails I was fortunate enough to receive
various old Triffids Demo’s from James as well
as songs that he liked and thought that I would like. I really
appreciated the opinions James put across about my bands
songs as I sent him mixes of our stuff. James ended up being
a huge help towards the release of my bands
debut EP. I was then interested to hear some of his own songs
which is when I heard the song “Rain of Arrows”.
There was something about this song that grabbed me although
it was just a Demo. I could just picture in my head my
band performing it and wanted to make it a reality.
I ended up recording the song after coming with ideas in my
head of what I wanted it to sound like. I regard this as a really
great song and felt really privileged to
record it. As James is coming to Perth for more Triffids shows
which I am very excited about, we are planning to spend some
time in the studio and put our musical minds together.


Adrian Hoffmann

Download Here

Friday, February 6, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Cockatoo Island, Sydney ATP, 17-01- 2009

Finally patience has won and the first of the two Sydney shows
is here. This is a great recording,by all accounts a great
performance, only too short.
Same songs as all the gigs and Ed seems jubilant.
By the look of the photos Ed used the same amp set
up for the Clowns as for the Saints, which was on two
bands later. So an hour and a half break and he was back
again with his old high school band.
Hes a hard working rock star Ed.
So I'm looking for your first hand accounts of this
fabulous gig, please tell us all in the comments.
All thanks to the taper crankingamps who has done
a superb job again.

Make sure you check out Michaela's fantastic review
of this performance in the comments.
Here's a little of what she has to say.

It was all too brief, and so much to take in.
Jeff is always riveting, Louise was something
out of this
world, and Ed...
I can sit and watch Ed’s sexy guitar playing

all day long. I’m fascinated by the way his conveys
intensity and such elegant looseness
at the same time.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Track list
01. The Flypaper [incomplete]
02. Come One, Come All (7:15)
03. Theme From 'Mad Flies, Mad Flies' (4:51)
04. Nothing That Harms (6:14)
05. Collapse Board (11:56)
06. Eternally Yours (8:25)

Download Here

Leonard Cohen Plays Brisbane

I've been to a few concerts in my time and quite a lot recently
as you all know. Sometimes something comes along that I
instantly place in that place in my memories where all the
truely great experiences go, this is one of those things.
As far as a concert goes it is one of the greatest I have
seen, it up there with my other greats and for a few different
reasons. I mean the musicianship was incredible, the band
fantastic, the backing singers unreal, the songs some of the
greatest written, but Leonard connected with
me on an emotional level almost exclusively by his songs.
There was a little talking in between songs, but nothing
like say Michelle Shocked who bears her soul and draws
you in. I heard audible grasps from people around me
when he spoke the chorus to Anthem
and that was all he had to do

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

You can see a recent video of that song at the end of this post.
All the favorites were there, Tower of song, Chelsea Hotel #2,
Suzanne, Everybody Knows, The Future, Bird on the wire,
So long Marianne, The Future, I'm your Man, 1000 Kisses Deep
Boogie Street, First We Take Manhattan, In My Secret Life
and of course Hallelujah.
So many songs over 20 I'm sure, at 74 perhaps Leonard
wants this tour to be how he is remembered and he couldn't have
given more. Two separate hour long sets and 3 encores, he played
for some 3 plus hours. Even Paul Kelly who put on a fine set
himself as support, declared it a privilege to be on this tour.
26 years since he last played here in Brisbane, a show I
missed and 15 years since gracing a stage he gave us this
insight into where he'd been.

“It’s been 15 years since I was on stage
I was 60 then, just a young kid with a crazy dream.
Then I took a lot of Prozac. And Zoloft.
And Wellbutrin, Ritalin, Effexor…
I studied all the religions and philosophies of the world too
but somehow, cheerfulness just kept breaking through.”

It might be the most expensive gig I've ever been to,
but well worth it, I find it incredible that you can
even buy something like that.
If hes coming to a town near you make sure you don't
miss it.

The band was
Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard.
Roscoe Beck - bass, double bass, background vocals
Neil Larsen - keyboards, Hammond B3, accordion
Bob Metzger - guitar, steel guitar, background vocals
Javier Mas - bandurria, laud, archilaud
Rafael Bernardo Gayol - drums, percussion
Dino Soldo - keyboard, saxophone, wind instruments, dobro, background vocals
Sharon Robinson - vocals, shaker
Hattie Webb - vocals, harp
Charley Webb - vocals, guitar

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Necks - ATP Brisbane15-01-09

We are getting toward the end of the 6 Volume set of the
Brisbane 2009 All Tomorrows Parties.
This time we have a sublime performance from the necks.
I am very happy to hear this since I missed the first 2 acts.
One of my bands to see is the necks, they are unparalleled
anywhere in the world and as so are at the forefront of
Australian innovative music. A single meandering track
highlighting Chris Abrahams genius and indeed the entire
band, this is my kind of music, pure improvisation.
Of course this is a wonderful recording, the crowd are not
at their later raucous levels or numbers and its easy to listen
to this and be transported back to the bright summers
afternoon when it was played.
Kind of an odd band perhaps for a bright sunny day but I'm
sure they pulled it off. Many thanks again to Brisbane greatest
audio historian Chuck.
Now off to bed for me for tomorrow night I see Leonard Cohen.

Download Here