Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ash In October - Greater Crime/ Sex Machine, 25th anniversary re-release

Ash in October helped shape the fledgling electro music scene
in Brisbane, performing and recording in the late 1980s at a time
when electronic music was not widely accepted in the ‘pub rock’
dominated local music scene.
The reworking of the tracks is outstanding, reminds me of the early
to mid 90's Human league, the dub version is fantastic too.
One of the many bands that as past of Brisbane's music history
need to be remembered and heard by the current generation
that is of course very open to electronic dance music.

The original 1989 vinyl double A-side single,
Greater Crime / Sex Machine has recently been seen online for sale
in second-hand record stores for as much as $99.
Ash in October have now re-worked and re-recorded those tracks
and for a limited time is offering FREE downloads of the new and
old versions to mark the 25th anniversary of their original release.

Ash in October were and are Lee Lee Ingram, Robert Draycott,
Richard Fenney and Paisley Hadley.

To download your free copy visit the Bandcamp page and enter
and amount of zero at the checkout
(or if you value music feel free to pay whatever you think it’s worth).

The downloads will also be available at standard cost from itunes
and all regular download stores.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Robert Forster with String Quartet conducted by Jherek Bischoff

Robert Forster with String Quartet conducted by Jherek Bischoff
Köln-Mülheim, Germany
14. Dezember 2013

Ronnie from wonderful Berlin has sent me two Robert boots
and they are both exceptional.
Thanks Ronnie!!

This the first is from a festival in Cologne last year you can see
the program here

The tracks with the String Quartet are just sublime,
hand picked track from across Roberts career spanning
from early Gobs days to the last album it really needs
to be heard to be believed. I so hope to see a show
like this one day in Brisbane.

Robert Forster and Jherek Bischof back stage

Track List
01. Rock'N'Roll Friend
02.I've Been Looking For Somebody
03.I Can Do
04.Surfing Magazines
05. He Lives My Life
06.The House That Jack Kerouac Built
07.Here Comes A City
08.In Her Diary
09.Draining The Pool For You
10.People Say
11.From Ghost Town
12.Dear Black Dream
13.The Clarke Sisters
14. Spring Rain
15. Here Comes A City

1,2,14 : Robert solo
3,4 : with Jherek Bischoff
5 -13, 15: with Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet

Download Here

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Public Execution playing the Kunde farewell evening this friday !

This friday the 4th of april at the Underdog pub in the Valley has a special night of music to celebrate the life of Steve Kunde.
Many in Brisbane would know Steve from his various record/clothing shops that he owned from the late seventies until recent.
Some great bands and all the money raised will go to the Kunde family.
Headlining will be Public Execution - good friends of Steve and good ol fashion punk rock brisbane style. do yerself a favour.. friday!!!
This is a vid of Public Execution a few months back at the sunday rock n roll BBQ session.