Friday, January 25, 2013

Coloured Stone - rhythm of nature (1998)

Well its that day here in Australia that's referred 
to Australia Day by some, by others Invasion Day and 
a new name I have heard this year is a change from
Invasion Day to Survival Day.

I have since I can remember called it Invasion Day, but I'm happy
with Survival Day. The date for those who don't know is the
anniversary of the arrival of the 1st fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788.
The 1st fleet being a shipment of criminals and their not very nice
keepers from Great Britain here to set up a dumping ground for
their problems, nothing to celebrate there if you ask me.
Even less when you consider this was the start of an invasion
that wrecked havoc and death upon the indigenous keepers of
this land. There is no shortage of more appropriate days to
celebrate Australian nationalism if you must so lets change it from
this ridiculous celebration of Britain dumping its criminals here

 I started this blog on this weekend 5 years ago and every year I have
a word and share some wonderful music from those people who have
been most insulted by this celebration.
Coloured Stone are one of the longest established Australian
indigenous band who first had success with their 1st single Black boy
back in 1984.This 1998 album is wonderful and includes the very
topical track Survival.

Happy 5th Birthday to the SSS blog !!!

Track List
01 Imagination
02 Singing In The Rain
03 Black Is Beautiful (Dance Version)
04 I Wanna Dance With You
05 Red Dustroad
06 Don't Forget That I Love You
07 Born Aborigine
08 Whale Dance Song
09 Rhythm Of Nature
10 Survival
11 Black Is Beautiful (Acoustic Version)
12 I Remember You
13 Love Grows Stronger
14 Sound Of The Whale
15 Miss You
16 Forgotten Tribe

Download Here

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ed Kuepper - Eternally Yours Video

Have I mentioned what a great night I had at the recent Ed Kuepper gig at the Old Museum in Brisbane... well it was fucking great!!!
Ed is kicking off his mini-tour on saturday night down the gold coast with a few extra gigs in coming weeks - see poster for details or get on his facebook page and make requests here  - 
Apparently it will be last set of solo gigs for Sir Ed for some time as he soon joins the Bad Seeds for the world tour circuit for the new cd "Push the Sky Away"
info here -

Joshua Watson mentioned and seen in the above clip on the fiddle made a nice doco last year about Brisbane local music.. check it out.

Brisbane 2012 from Joshua Watson on Vimeo.