Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Aints 27-10-18 Brisbane at The Triffid

The aints lunched their new album last night at the Triffid
in what was an incredible 3 set evening, covering some solo
material, the original Saints, the laughing clowns and
the entire new album

Made up from songs, musical elements and bits and prices that
Sir Ed wrote from when he began high school in 1969 and
started seriously fantasising about being in a band through to
The Saints implosion in 1978,
The Church of Simultaneous Existence is an album 40 years in the making.

Some are calling it the 4th saints album
I thing it sits in between Prehistoric sounds and the Laughing Clowns
But in a way that is a whole lot more drawing on Ed experience
and craft honed to what it is after 40 years
Along for the ride is an incredible band that is the 2018
incarnation of the Aints

Ed is in the drivers seat, along for the ride are
Peter Oxley on Bass
Paul Larsen on Drums
Alister Spence on Keyboards
Eamon Dilworth on Trumpet and a couple of other
guys on brass

Staring with a solo performance with Earon on Trumpet
for a short first set
Followed with a full band set of original saints material
and lastly a performance of the complete new album
It was a 3 hour full on ride
The 3 song encore was the icing on the cake
Finishing with the Laughing Clowns Theme song,
River deep Mountain high and an incendiary
Nights in Venice
We were all very happy punters indeed

 At the end of this post is a few videos I live streamed
so a couple of friends could watch on
If you get a chance make sure you see the tour
You can find the dater here

The opening performance with Ed and his trumpet player
doing Fever Dream and Pavane.

Also from the 1st performance Eternally Yours

From the 2nd set with the full band and all original Saints songs
The Prisoner

And also from the 2nd set 
Know Your Product