Thursday, April 28, 2011

Captain Goodvibes - Mutants Of Modern Disco (Volume 1)

Captain Goodvibes, aka the Pig of Steel, was the creation of Australian
cartoonist Tony Edwards and became an icon of Australian
surfing culture in the 1970s.
This is what is called a maxi single, 8 tracks coming to us thanks to
Matt and his amazing record collection.
Thanks Matt!

"... the Pig Of Steel, former pork chop, mutated into
existence courtesy
of a nuclear plant explosion
(and tony edwards) in the early 1970's.

First appearing in surfing magazine Tracks,
the Captain also turned out
in his own comic books,
a radio show show on (the then) Double J, a

remarkable short film "hot to trot" (god bless youtube...),
and this
piece of radioactive vinyl from 1978,
on the Sticky label (through
Regular Records).
check out his website if this makes no(n)sense for

Edwards own history/explanation/alibi and
a selection of tasty comic

Track List
01 Welcome To My World
02 An Awful Warning
03 Born Dead
04 Drivels Of Babylon
05 Booogy Woogy Bogy-Man
06 The Bad News
07 Burning Off My Baby
08 Goodnight Everyone Everywhere

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pam and the Pashions

Dunno what the deal with this single is.. A one off project featuring Damien Lovelock with surfing champion Pam Burridge with a couple of Wet Taxi / New Christ members, future Ed producer n guitarist Bruce Calloway and the best dang sax player australia has to offer - Louise Elliot.
I've not seen a picture cover for this single but I imagine it sold well as a film clip was produced and it ended up on the Hot records compilation that was featured years back on Striped Sunlight - found here.

The flipside features a reworking of the Monkees tune - Sunny Girl Friend.

Big thanks to Tony for the single artwork!

Download single here.

Celibate Rifles clippings

I saw these peeps live a few times in the mid eighties - both times at the QIT Garden club from memory. Once with the Triffids with Rifles in support. A strange mix but both were on Hot records. I liked the Rifles live experience especially with a belly full of bourbon , but the records never really got me at the time ( since picked up a few things). The recent Matty posts reminded me how great the band was (is?- are they still active?)
The Damien Lovelock side / solo projects always struck me as fantastic. The FishGrass solo album is excellent, as is the No Dance e.p. featured here and the next post....

Trash of all Nations - poster and Time Off article

Never saw these peeps live but have the poster for some reason. Got a copy of the first 12" and related Tape Loops single cos they are Brisbane folk worth remembering for their efforts. You can download and read all things trashy at the A Records Blog found here.

Time Off - 6th November 1987 page4

fast forward article from 'sonics' mag oct 1982

I've been searching the dungeon for weeks looking for a scrap of paper for an upcoming post - it's been driving me nuts! I know I wouldnt have thrown it out - my Scottish ancestory forbids it ( you should see my collection of used string) - but to date no luck :(

The upside is I keep stumbling across old magazines and lately a stash of mid eighties 'time off' papers that have some interesting articles that seem relevant to past and present Striped sunlight posts.

The first of these today is a great article on the 'Fast Forward" cassette releases that Bob (with Steve) posted back in Feb and March 2010. The article comes from a magazine called "Sonics" and this is from the Oct/Dec issue from 1982.

I just noticed all the Fast Forward releases have now found a new home over at the spill records site in the archive FF section found here 
with a nice intro by David Nichols.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sacred Cowboys - Nothing Grows In Texas BW Is Nothing Sacred

"this is the worst group I've seen in five years" - Molly Meldrum

Unlike Molly I love the Sacred Cowboys, it is said Gary Gray
and Mark Ferrie thought of the name after watching
"The Groovy Guru", an episode of the classic TV comedy
series Get Smart. In it, the Groovy Guru and his rock band,
the Sacred Cows, use psychedelic music to control the
minds of young people.
A special Easter post for the SSS.
Thanks to Matty for this little beauty!

"... debut single from the sacred cowboys.
with both tracks having already turned up
here previously on the 'self titled album' posting
(april '09), here they are again in the
art-for-art(efact)'s-sake form,

as the 7" single on white label records from 1982.
famously "challenged" molly to let them perform
this single on countdown. not sure who the
"victor" turned out to be..."

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuff Monks - After The Fireworks 7"

"That single was like a jam session we had in the studio
which lasted about 2 hours and we never even finished...
How on earth they could release it I really don't know.
It's ludicrous, a travesty... The whole point of the exercise
was no one was meant to be credited.
It was just meant to be 'The Tuff Monks',
no explanation, nothing."

Mick Harvey

The story behind this 1982 7" legendary collusion
between the Go-betweens and the Birthday Party
makes for interesting reading, you can read it on
wikpedia Here
Thanks to Matty for sharing more amazing
singles from his collection.

"... interesting collaboration (go)between
(birthday)parties for this 7"
vinyl from 1982
on the Au-go-go label. nick cave, vocals, mick
piano, grant mclennen, robert forster and
howard, guitars, and lindy morrison on drums.
both tracks eventually resurfaced- on the
cd reissue of "drunk on the pope's blood"
on missing
link, and the a-side only,
on the go-
betweens cd reissue of
"send me a
lullaby" on circus records..."


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Celibate Rifles - 6 Days On The Road BW Groupie Girl and Merry Xmas Blues BW Summer Holiday Blues

Two fantastic singles from the legendary Celibate Rifles
a band I saw at least once and I also once saw their
very funny lead singer Damien Lovelock do a spoken
word performance.
Thanks Matt!

"... a couple of early belters from oz-rock bard boys,
the celibate
rifles. two non-album 7-inchers from
the early eighties, both released
on hot records.
a dual covers single from 1985 featuring the dave
truckin' memoir "6 days on the road",
backed by tony joe white's lament
on the existence,
use, and fate, of said "groupie girls".
Plus 1983's
'blues' offering "merry xmas blues"/
"summer holidays blues". both these
singles were
later reissued on the mummy-i-simply-must-have-it

compilation album "Platters du Joir", also on Hot,
compiling the early
singles and ep releases..."

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Goodbye Notes - Unheard Of

David from Friends of the Iguana and this band
the Goodbye Notes has put together this wonderful post
for the SSS blog,
This is a beautiful collection of songs from a
truly special band which has ended after 13 years.
They split up just after releasing their second album
in 2009.
Over the last year David has been posting songs from
the band's vault on the group's facebook page,
many are still there...

The excellent photos of the band are by Grant Heaton.

Thank you David for sharing this wonderful music
and band with us.

Brisbane’s The Goodbye Notes may be outside
current pop vogue,but if well-crafted ‘roots’
songs and excellent musicianship were
predominant criteria, they’d be destined for
upper reaches of the charts.
Rhythms July 2001

The Goodbye Notes (1996-2009)
were an unusual Brisband:
melodic, acoustic and unironic.

Fronted by Barbara Fordham, and completely focused
on original material, the group’s clean, layered sound
drew on influences as disparate as Natalie Merchant,
Billy Bragg, EBTG, The Beautiful South, The Smiths and
Fleetwood Mac. The music press compared them to
Ron Sexsmith, Joni Mitchell and even The Seekers.
This selection of studio demos, covers and album cuts
offers a different perspective on the group.

Barbara and David Megarrity had worked together in
Brisbane theatre, and each had their own band:
Barbara The Hot Potatoes/Barb and the Bordellos,
and David Megarrity’s Friends of the Iguana.
A duo gig at the 1997 Brisbane Winter Solstice
Festival in Davies Park West End inspired songwriting,
and a first demo which included the take on
Billy Bragg’s Tank Park Salute found here.

A rhythm section Paul Morris (Ex-Spiral-I, Watertower)
and Neil Neilsen (Ex- cApe dIEM, The Gutless Wonders,
Adolf Jesus) was gathered, and the band played live
to fund the recording. Pianist Kellee Green often joined
them live and in the studio. Sets at venues like Rics
and The Press Club were bolstered by selected covers,
including the take on the Toothfaeries
Leaky Boat recorded in 2001 for Radio 4ZZZ’s
Rockdebanana competition.

Their critically acclaimed debut album
Tender Document
was released in 2000. One Extra, included here,
can be found on Tender Document.

Tender Document is a …
great rock-pop record that’s as

addictive as one of its standout tracks –
chocolate, red wine, coffee and cigarettes.
Noel Mengel, Courier Mail 17 April 2000

By 2003 the group had several new children in the mix
and things had slowed down a bit. The only gig that year
was in the Spiegeltent at the Brisbane Biennial.
The band rounded off the year with a live demo session
of new material plus a version of Depeche Mode’s
‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.

Songwriting for the next album naturally turned to
considerations closer to home. The demo for blues track
Find the Time was shortlisted in 2007’s Q-Song Competition.
Demoing took in an acoustic cover of Scottish group
Trashcan Sinatras ‘Weightlifting’ (listen for the gecko).
The band premiered new songs at a
rooftop concert in Spring Hill.

The sold-out Tender Document was re-released.
Reasons to Stay was recorded in 2008/9, again by
Simon Monsour.
Album track Handmedowns is included in this collection.
The band celebrated the album’s release by breaking up.
Let You Go (live at the West End Club) is a sound desk
recording from the band’s last gig as a five piece.
David now represents ukulele player Tyrone,
and Barbara plays with her trio and in children’s act
Whoa Tilly.
Both the band’s albums are available for purchase online.

THE GOODBYE NOTES’ name is intrinsically
linked to the subject
matter of their songs:
if they’re not about nearly finding

somebody they’re about losing them.
But don’t get the idea this band plays sad songs –
their delivery is so positive,
there’s no way you can leave with a sinking heart.
Eileen Dick: Live Review @ Ric’s Time Off 6.4.00

Track List

Blanket (Demo)
Just Can't Get Enough (version)
Leaky Boat (Demo)
Let You Go (live)
One Extra
Tank Park Salute (Demo)
Weightlifting (version)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Headstones - When You're Down/ All The Things You Do and You Got Love / Gimme Love

Matt shares with us 2 singles from Brisbane band
The Headstones.
Thanks Matt.

"... escaped brisbanians, the headstones were
a fantastic
into one glorious sweaty beast.
as tight as a warwick capper pants and
fueled by one of rocks more
pleasing set of vocal chords.
Went out on a limb, and left brisbane to

ply their trade in sydney in 1986...
Two singles for your listening pleasure,
"When You're Down/ All The
Things You Do",
the debut single from 1986, and its follow up
Songs" from 1987,
Both released on Waterfront records..."

matty t.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

TB and the Plague - She's Cheatin B/W Toy Doll

A great single by a band I hadn't heard of,
I did go to school with one of the members
and he introduced me to another.
Another project of Brisbane music legend
Coogee, not sure if this band preceded the 5 Hanks
I'm guessing so, its very much in the same in the same vein,
that psycho rockabilly sound!

Sent to me by the wonderful Mr K and ripped
by Tony Johnstone,
thanks guys.

TB and The Plague : 1986 single

"She's Cheatin / Toy Doll"

Simon Dalton aka Simon Walker,
Cameron D. Sharp & Rusty Pic

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