Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I did on my holidays part 1, The Hamburg Blues Brothers

Ive been back now a couple of weeks and its time to start blogging
again. That doesn't mean you can stop Chuck!
Too many fans of your good work for that to happen.
I have a few musical stories to share from my time in Europe,
starting with this story from Hamburg.
Hamburg for those who don't know has a long long seafaring
history. Its Germany's 2nd largest city and its a port city.
One of the more interesting Lonely Planet entries for Hamburg
concerned the "famous" Fishmarket held every Sunday morning
from 5am till 10am.

So it was up early for the bus ride across town in the rather
cold weather that Hamburg has.
Not so much a Fish market as a market for everything and what
caught my eye was the free concert part of the market which is
held in the old Fish auction house. A wonderful building which as
you can see was crammed with people many of whom were drinking
beer with the kind of gusto rarely seen on a Sunday morning at 9am.
The band was a real crowdpleaser, all those blues brother standards
and more, they had them eating out of their hand.
You'd have to wonder how many of the crowd were still partying
from the night before.

It was all a bit surreal, very enjoyable however.
After checking out the market and being told by loudspeaker to leave
the area at 10 because the market was now over.
We made the 15 minute walk up the hill to the Reeperbahn,
which is the largest red light district in Europe, bigger than Amsterdam.
Hamburg was a city of surprises!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kim Salmon and the Business - studio 22

This audio is from the ABC tv show called Studio 22 that ran for a few seasons circa 1999 - 2003

The band consists of :
Kim Salmon - Guitar and vocals
Stuart Thomas - Bass & vocals
Greg Bainbridge - Drums
Leon de Bruin - Trumpet, flugel horn
Michael Redman - Saxophone, flute

and they performed :

Behave Yourself
And Here Are Your New Clothes
Savin' Me From Me
Caesars Lament
I'll Be Around

 Great sounds !

You can catch repeats of studio22 on ABC2 from time to time..  keep a dvd-r in your recorder in case this one pops up!

Download studio22 audio here

You can catch a stream of Kim Salmon and the Surrealists recent cd "The Grand Unifying Theory" over at this web site -

and some nice stuff here for the Salmon project -

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Scientists - Atom Bomb Baby

This is my favourite Scientists vinyl.

Recorded @ Berry Street Studios, London in January 1985.
In 1985 the band had a falling out with their label Au-Go-Go which from that moment on resulted in several parallel releases on the band's new label Karbon and several repackagings/compilations on Au-Go-Go. In this case Au-Go-Go managed to secure copies of the multi track recordings and mixed them without any involvement of the Scientists or their producer, Peter Watts.   info from  -a site well worth checking out for the full discography and all things Birthday Party as well.

Download here

B Side issue 6

Here is an old magazine / fanzine called "B Side" that has a great article on the Perth music scene featuring Dave Faulkner, James Baker and Kim Salmon and others of that era. It features a rock tree to help explain the many players in that scene.

Download PDF here.

 A good read can be had over at the site about the band "The Geeks" and its many connections.

the Gurus - television addict live

Back before the Hoodoo Gurus, way back before Le Hoodoo Gurus - Dave Faulkner played with James Baker in a band called - The Vicitms.

you can grab this single from the Rat Shit sando blog or the television addict song is here on striped sunlight with the post - Inner Sanctum missing link compilation.

The Hoodoo Gurus released a live version of Television Addict on a cd single for  "You open my eyes"  that can be downloaded here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Things - The sound and the fury !

The single has been posted on Striped blog before-- here

This post is a pdf of a funtastic article / interview about the Fun Things and other Brad Sheperd related goodies from the rock historian guru Ian McFarlane

Download PDF here

Four Horsemen - World to End all Wars

I did get to see these guys play once.. supporting Ups and Downs and Died Pretty at Easts Leagues Club in 1985 I think. I found this ad for the gig in an old 4ZZZ radio Times booklet.

This is the last Shane Cooke related thing I can find today... after this band he joined up with Matt Lenoury, fellow Vampire Lover and guitarist from Four Horsemen in the Hitmen DTK.  info on the VL wiki shows the evolution.
This band has Murray Shepherd from the Fun Things / Screaming Tribesmen and others on drums. He is the brother of Jason who played with a late line up of VL and also the brother of  Mr Guru Brad . ... small town this Brisbane . . . ....

A good article can be found over at Prehistoric Sounds blog on the Sheperds

Download single here

The Girlies

Another legendary Brisbane band I never got to see live . :(

The good news is I see on the newly updated Girlies Myspace that they have been featured on the long awaited Do The POP! vol3, the bad news is - no download for stripey fans for the single "Pussycat" until I find out if it is the song on the new CD. I cant see any other details for the elusive Vol3 that was due years ago according to notes inside Vol2, so if anyone has some inside gossip on this please email Bob so the Stripey blog doesnt clash with its contents. In keeping with Bob's ideals of not stepping on ppl or stuffing up an income source you will have to download this little gem someplace else.
More good luck is that you can stream this song and many others from the myspace, while you read the incredible story that the Girlies lived. Lots of Lime Spider connections here and Shane Cooke again, amongst many others.

The second pressing was a Pink background front cover - a bit easier to see the graphics and runs with the pink fettish of the band .. .The myspace says it should be Fluro orange as the pic they have but this jpg came with a download from years ago..

Vampire Lovers - poster

This post is to start a few Shane Cooke related goodies. The poster here shows a support slot for Iggy Pop on his Instinct tour of 1989. Supporting the Ig ! I missed this gig but sure sounds like fun.

Shane played with the Vampire Lovers for years and had interests in the Girlies and with VL guitarist Matt Lenoury in the Four Horsemen and later in 1991 was in a line up of Hitmen DTK with Matt for the Moronic Inferno LP.
Not bad for a bass player !