Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slab of Vic - Various Artists, Melbourne 1985 - 86

I received this wonderful 1986 Au-go-go compilation of Melbourne
bands from a friend who was living down that way at the time.
Theres some great bands on here and a lot I know nothing about.
First up is the magnificent "Slaughtermen", the only band on here
I could say I followed, I have a few records of theirs to post,
fantastic stuff.

Also recommended are the "Zimmermen",
"Cattletruck" and the fantastic "Shower Scene from Psycho"
All in all fun and enjoyable package.
For all you guys from down south I'm after any other various
artists compilations from down there,
this is all I have below Sydney.

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Great post Bob, some good music on this album

The shower scene from psycho were a very good melbourne 80's band

mialee said...

Time to share a link and this one's a real good one.
The Aints - S.L.S.Q. Very Live

bob nebe said...

Thanks guys, that aints album is great. Ive got it on vinyl,
Ed doing loads of saints songs
ciao bob

skids said...

great post, thanks bob ;-)

bob nebe said...

glad that you enjoyed it skids
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Gas Babies were an awsome band back in the day where can you get these vinyls.

shame corpse grinders never made this comp.

Anonymous said...

"shame corpse grinders never made this comp"

thats Arthur Grinder on the cover.

Simon said...

Damn, download links are dead. :-(

bob nebe said...

back up!

Mike said...

It's a long time ago but I won a copy of this album, plus a t shirt and a slab of Vic in a competition - possibly 3RRR. The album still survives, along with great memories of the music of that era.

Raga said...

Another one I'd love to get a copy of if you still have a copy, Cheers Bob!

bob nebe said...

back up