Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Angie Pepper & the Passengers - It´s Just That I Miss You

The Passengers were born from the Sydney inner city punk culture
in 1979. They were the first band released by Phantom Records.
The Phantom label began some time after the shop with a single
by the Passengers in early 1980.
Taking their name from an Iggy Pop song,
the band was fronted by Angie Pepper, and also included former
Survivor and future New Christ Jim Dickson on bass,
with Jeff Sullivan (later of the Flaming Hands)on guitar
and Steve Harris on keyboards.
Peppers vocals and the sixties girl-group nature of the lyrics
made an instant comparison to Blondie inevitable,
but Harris electric piano sound was substantially different from
Blondie's approach.
This Cd is a long-awaited collection of material both from the
Passengers and solo Angie Pepper tracks which were written
and produced by(and featured the guitar of) her husband,
Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek
Frozen World was a minor hit in Sydney upon its original release
n the mid-80s, as was Girlfriend's Boyfriend.
Also featured is the gorgeous track It's Just That I Miss You,
later recorded by the Flaming Hands and a version of The Visitors
Miss You Too Much.

Track Listing:

1. Frozen World
2. Miss You Too Much
3. Last Chance
4. Why Tell Me?
5. It's Not Easy
6. It's Just That I Miss You
7. Blind Night Out
8. Only One Way Out
9. Face With No Name
10. Love Execution
11. Back To The Dance
12. Girlfriend's Boyfriend
13. Sad Day

Download here


Frank K said...

THANK YOU! I have been wanting to hear this for a while.

bob nebe said...

No problem Frank, I have another passengers cd to post soon
ciao bob

jeffen said...

Glad to get to hear more Passengers


bob nebe said...

Nice blog Jeffen, I'm going to link to you and if your looking for so more passengers Jeffen has another Cd
up on his site
or found here
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

This is great, Bob, thank you! My old french vinyl copy of this isn't in very good nick. (It's green, though!)

RYP said...

Thanks for the Angie Pepper album! I have her great single "Frozen World" since the 80s and I ever wanted to listen more... before the internet it was reallly difficult to get more Australian Music here in Germany...


bob nebe said...

Glad to help RYP hope you find plenty more great music round here
I think Ed Kueppers in Germany right now, support for nick cave, check it out if its anywhere near you
ciao bob

Roger said...

Thanks Bob, this is a very solid album. Like Birdman without all the shouting.
Check out my post punk discography site if you like: http://mywebsite.bigpond.com/roger.griffin/postpunk/index.html

bob nebe said...

Fantastic site Roger i've put you in my links to great blogs section where you belong, thanks for all the feedback and if you see any covers here you haven't got or are after let me know
ciao bob

Roger said...

Thanks for the nice comment and the link - glad you like it. I'm hoping to expand it timewise but I also want to start a blog - so much music, so little time...

Anonymous said...

Great big blog.
Some old Zshare download are dead like it and Saints live in amud hut.
Could you repost these?
Long live Saints

MARC from France

bob nebe said...

back up

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Comtessa d´Angeville said...

Oh, I love Angie Pepper...

and love your blog!

bob nebe said...

Thanks Comtessa

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this!

thtfkneric said...

Thanks for this post! Though, it would be pretty helpful if you can re-upload the album again, since almost all of them are either taken off or weren't active for ages! But again, thanks for this!

bangkok curry said...

Hey, would you mind re-upping? Just heard the Frozen World single but can't find it anywhere