Saturday, May 23, 2009

Custard - Buttercup

Released in 1992 independently by Custard after winning the
Australian Academy of Music's Encouragement Award in 1991
they used the Encouragement Award's prize of $500 recording
time to put down about 13 songs in eight hours, most of which
comprise Buttercup/Bedford, the band's first album.

The dual title refers to the fact that some of the artwork calls
the album "Buttercup" while the rest calls it "Bedford."
The CD was held up eight months in manufacture,
lost somewhere in Canada. In the meantime, after a handful of
tours to Sydney and Melbourne, Custard secured a recording deal
with new label RA, a subsidiary of rooArt
RA wanted to release an EP. Custard insisted on "Bedford" being
used from the "Buttercup" sessions, and, therefore, Gastanked,
Custard 's debut RA EP, consists of one pre-record company track
and five new tracks. This album is a great example of that indy spirit
and is bloody hard to find these days.

Track list
01. Bedford
02. Island Wedding
03. Delerious
04. Fuming Out
05. Charlie Brown
06. Psychobilly
07. 'C' is for Cookie
08. Anna Lucia
09. D-E-A-F
10. Shannon
11. I Live by the River

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bryzo said...

Great great stuff! Any chance you could upload the "Gastanked" ep?? Looking forward to more gems being unearthed that myself & others will have missed. Rock on!

bob nebe said...

Sorry bryzo I don't have that one, thanks for the kind words

monkeytreehouse said...

d'oh, the download doesn't work... any chance of getting a re post?

bob nebe said...

Sorry I cant find a copy of this

amacoz said...

Is there any chance of a re post please?

e6gMan said...

Any chance for a reup, please? Would love to hear this. Thanks!