Monday, October 11, 2010

The Girlies

Another legendary Brisbane band I never got to see live . :(

The good news is I see on the newly updated Girlies Myspace that they have been featured on the long awaited Do The POP! vol3, the bad news is - no download for stripey fans for the single "Pussycat" until I find out if it is the song on the new CD. I cant see any other details for the elusive Vol3 that was due years ago according to notes inside Vol2, so if anyone has some inside gossip on this please email Bob so the Stripey blog doesnt clash with its contents. In keeping with Bob's ideals of not stepping on ppl or stuffing up an income source you will have to download this little gem someplace else.
More good luck is that you can stream this song and many others from the myspace, while you read the incredible story that the Girlies lived. Lots of Lime Spider connections here and Shane Cooke again, amongst many others.

The second pressing was a Pink background front cover - a bit easier to see the graphics and runs with the pink fettish of the band .. .The myspace says it should be Fluro orange as the pic they have but this jpg came with a download from years ago..



According to Dave Laing "Do the Pop" 3& 4 will be out early next year.
The new Hitmen 2CD set of demos and live stuff from 78/79 is due at the end of November.

The Girlies said...

You can now to download all the vinyl releases from the mySpace page in a .rar file :

or search the torrents sites for "The Girlies - Australian Band"

Thanks Bob for your Blog.

The Girlies said...

The entire vinyl releases collection is now available for free download.

as a .rar file archive from the band's mySpace page:


as a torrent: Search for "The Girlies Australian Band torrent"

Special thanks to Bob for his fantastic blog about Brisbane & Australian bands.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we (HDTK) did support the Dark Carnival on an east coast tour with Niagra on lead vocals, and the legendary Ron Ashton on Guitar. And thanks for your interest of the music scene during these times, I didn't intend to come across all hybrow.

I did get around a bit in many bands during this time, not due to any great talent rather my enthusiasm to get involved.

I note you hadn’t heard of Kcrunch in amongst your writings. Now, this was an interesting lineup with ex-New Christs/Ed Kuepper/Lime Spiders persons onboard. for a pop song example and I think Wilko has a site on Myspace dedicated to them.

Thanks Chuck and Bob, you Rock n Roll Soldiers!


bob nebe said...

Rock and roll soldiers, I'm pretty happy to be called that and I'm sure Chuck is too, Thanks Shane

chuck said...

fuk! i really should back read posts more often :/ thanks for the links/ comments and roll n roll soldier status :))