Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marseille and going out on the town with Annie.

What I did on my holiday part2.

Marseille what a wonderful place, famous for its history, its ancient
port,its Bouillabaisse and of course its home for Annie who runs
Meltingpod, the greatest Rock and Roll Podcast on the planet.
Marseille is France's 2nd largest city and Frances capital of Rock
music. Right on the Mediterranean its a wonderful place with its
North African cultural influence, near islands and beachs.
It is one place I shall return to and spend much more time

We met Annie ( pictured on the left above with my wife Carmen)
the afternoon we arrived and being the weekend She had a full
weekend ahead. She took us through the wonderful Souk like
markets, we spent some time at her home ( the first pic is the
view from her balcony), went out to tea in a hip restaurant
and after headed to Enthrophy, a small very underground
nightclub to see a couple local bands.
We entered via a back laneway, where you had know which
big heavy metal door to bang on.
No sign or anything, very do it yourself punk style!

Clan Edison were an energtic 3 piece that warmed up the crowd,
you can read more here
Described as follows

powerful and heavy, bluesy rock mixture where you can feel the
influences of Fugazi and the Gun Club,
but you'll hear the spirit of Nick Cave

The headline act was Conger! Conger! a favorite of Annie's who
showed us some of her video of them earlier. Their myspace site is
Alt post punk, bloody funny at times, they had loyal fans enthralled.
Annie has a review and some video of them up here
Here's how she described filming the band,
this really made me laugh!

I couldn’t really filmed in front of the stage because of the
usual pogo and I escaped behind jumping on a chair…

though there I filmed with one hand, the other one was
busy to quietly stop a young excited punk whose hands
walked too much on my legs and tried to put my nylons

Ahh France its like nowhere else!

We had a really fantastic time in Marseille, I could go on for hours,
the markets and the nearby Islands blew me away.
And Annie helped our time there to be especially special.
So all get along to Her web site if you haven't already
Meltingpod is found Here


Meltingpod said...

Thanks Bob for your kind words and compliments.
It was a pleasure to spend that night with you and Carmen !
Though the punky hands on my legs were in another show and venue...:)
I saw Conger!Conger! again last night and it was still another great pleasure with a lot of new songs : a video on Meltingpod soon, and I hope in a few weeks an interview-podcast with them !
btw : you took a very nice pic from Patrice the drummer...:)
I saw Clan Edison as well last week and they gave me their album so they will be on meltingpod too soon.