Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Humans - Teen Idol

I don't know much about these peeps circa 1979.. I think that Tim Collett the guitarist and vocalist went onto the band 'the Convertibles' that played around town for years and released a 12" in 1989 { cant find my copy:(}.
I was under the impression the Humans had a harder punk sound b4 I located this single at a Vinnies a few decades ago. I remember getting this home and putting it on the turntable and thinking "fuk-done my fiddy cents on this one .." I've actually come around to thinking it's a couple of classy pop songs these days..
A year or two after this release Graeme Hutchinson would join on drums and later move to the 'Riptides'. mentions this in it's history page.

ad 'time off' 27may 1988

 Download here.


Donat said...

Somewhere among my piles of papers, there's a mention of the Humans having recorded a full length album that got shelved as the band broke up. I believe it was mentioned in an issue of Backstage.

Don Pagwell was the alias of a one Mark Purchess, the mixer of choice during the first phase of the Pineapples from the Dawn of Time.

Mark played in early 'new wave' Brisbane band, Metro Taxi around the days of the Queens and the Curry Shop. His post Humans life was spent playing double bass in a host of rockabilly bands including the Convertibles.

chuck said...

interesting info Donat. To actually finish an LP would have been quite an effort in 79-80. most bands were flat out affording a single or EP.. a shame they shelved it. A short piece on metro taxi in the FAD fanzine posted by mark today.
a good heads up on the alias too... can never understand why ppl need to use fake names :/

Unknown said...

I'm wondering if Stick Acton is the pseudonym for Graeme 'Hutch' Hutchinson? In info about Hutchinson joining the Riptides he is credited as being ex-Humans