Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Costar / David McComb - Unreleased Tracks

One of the songs of David McComb that was played on Thursday
night was the track 'The Good Life Never Ends'
Its a beautiful track that was recorded by David's last band
Costar. It was part of what was to be a single or Ep for the
band, it was never released.

Graham Lee talks here of those final years

"I spent a lot of time with Dave, not enough obviously
but can't worry about that now. He wanted to release
the costar stuff, but he really needed to get himself
back on an even keel physically and mentally before
anything great would happen musically,
although he was writing constantly and certainly
hadn't lost his strength in that area.
The New Year's Eve that brought in 1999 was the last
time I stood on stage with him at The Standard Hotel
in Fitzroy, Melbourne. He was very ill and
it was almost too much to bear."

Track List
01 - I Kept My Eye On You
02 - Murder In The Dark
03 - Lucky For Some
04 - The Goodlife Never Ends
05 - Devil Please
06 - The Good Life Never Ends
07 - The Good Life Never Ends (minus intro)

And here Oh Mercys Alex Gow performs
The Good Life Never Ends.


Theo said...


The link doesn't seem to work. Just a heads up/wouldn't mind getting the tracks.

More suited to your last post, but that show at the powerhouse really was fantastic. Way too young to ever see them first time round, but Born Sandy Devotional is deadset one of my favourite albums and it was a real treat to hear it live in full.

Anyway, all the best,


bob nebe said...

Thanks Theo its working now

timfop said...


I've tried and failed to download these tracks here in the UK.
Is there a simple way to get them as MP3's that'll work on my trusty ipod?


timfop said...

...oh and thanks for keeping David's memory alive

bob nebe said...

I just tried and the mediafire link works

timfop said...

Thanks Bob - partial success. Mediafire link worked, cheers. I downloaded OK ... but these 'rar' files (whatever they are) seem not to open in my itunes so I can listed or put on my ipod! Ho hum.

bob nebe said...

You cant upload unzipped files to file share sites they have to to zipped. You need to unzip it at your end and you will have MP3s
This program will do it


timfop said...

That worked like a dream. Lovely to hear David's voice again. Thanks Bob.

Unknown said...


I trying to download teh costar songs rar file but I cannot is there anyone could help?

Unknown said...


is there one could provide a working link to Davd mcComb Costar rar file|? thank you

bob nebe said...

back up