Friday, March 23, 2012

David Hudson - Rainbow Serpent

David Hudson is one of the leading masters of the didjeridu,

A Murri from the Tjapukai people in Kuranda, North Queensland,
he mastered the didjeridu and interpretive dances of his tribe at an
early age. He was co-founder of the Tjapukai Dance Company which,
over the past decade, has become one of Australia's premier tourist
attractions. Based outside of Cairns the group started offering short
performances, expanded into a purpose-built theatre and has
developed into Australia's first Aboriginal theme park.
Rainbow Serpent is his 1994 Celestial Harmonies release,
a masterpiece of ancient tradition fused with the digital under
the watchful eye of pioneering ambient electronic musician
Steve Roach.

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Anonymous said...

this is epic!


beetor said...

Cool, thanks! :)