Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Blackeyed Vendors Of Paradise

Steve from Melbourne a long time contributor to the SSS blog
and sharer of much fine music has sent this rare and wonderful
recording from a 3RRR live to air of a band that has a line up
like the who's who of Australian music!
Many thanks to Steve yet again.
Now over to Steve!

A combination of Rob, Phil, Kathy and Mark from
The Blackeyed Susans and Graham and Marko from
the Paradise Vendors.
Also along are Robert and David McComb from
the Triffids who at that time were on
(eventually permanent) hiatus.
Graham and Dave were not in the 1992 incarnation
of The Blackeyed Susans.
This was a 3RRR lunch time gig and there are sound balance
problems in the first couple of songs.
Also, not the best generation tape but the songs shine through.

The Blackeyed Vendors Of Paradise

3RRR Melbourne, March 1992

Mark Dawson (Drums)
Marko Halstead (Dobro/Vocals^)
Phil Kakulas (Bass)
Graham Lee (Guitar/Pedal Steel)
David McComb (Guitar/Vocals#)
Robert McComb (Guitar/Violin)
Rob Snarski (Guitar/Vocals*)
Kathy Wemyss (Trumpet/Vocals+)

01 You're My Flaw*
02 Ocean Of You*
03 Will's Blues*
04 Trick Of The Light#
05 In The Pines#
06 Anchor Me*
07 Before And After Love^
08 Morning Dew Intro
09 Morning Dew^
10 Sheets Of Rain*
11 Tell Me^
12 Who's That By The Window+
13 You're Draggng Me*
14 Raining Pleasure#
15 What Goes On#


chuck said...


many thx again Steve for gems like this .

chuck said...
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willsteed said...

i played in a similar conglomerate: Paradise Vendors and Jackson Code: Graham, Marko, Kath, Kenny Davis, me, Dawson. Coupla shows,Sydney, 94. Fun.

Robert Lukins said...

Wow, nice one, thanks. I wasn't aware of this combo - great setlist and what a band. Cheers.

Infrasonic said...

Sounds great....could you please re-up this? The link seems to be dead. Cheers

bob nebe said...

back up

Infrasonic said...

Wooh, great! Thanks a lot. Makes me wanna move down under and see bands like this every week.