Friday, May 4, 2012

Grant McLennan - Rose, Shamrock And Thistle, Sydney, 10 - 6 - 91.

Its been almost 6 years now and I'm exactly the age Grant was 
when he died so suddenly. Its of course very tragic that such 
a talented man should die so young.
He is missed by so many. 

I have found this very nice recording which is Grant McLennan 
and Phil Kakulas on stand-up bass at the Rose,Shamrock And Thistle 
(3 Weeds) in Sydney on 10 June, 1991.
He was support for Dave Graney.
Turns out its a recording from Steve, a long time contributor
here at the SSS blog, so thanks Steve for recording this.

Its not so easy to find solo recordings of Grant so enjoy this
on this long weekend with a drink or two to the memory of a great man!

 Track List
01 This Is What Love's Gonna Do (cuts in)
02 Easy Come Easy Go
03 Stones For You
04 Black Mule
05 Making It Right For Her
06 Right Here
07 Bound To Fall
08 Sally's Revolution 
09 Just Get That Straight (cuts out right at end)

Download Here


bazzil said...

Thanks Bob!
looking forward to hearing this.
It's a damn tragedy he passed away at such a young age. Brisbane lost one of their best.

Flotrey Monde said...

As everytime I try to download something I seem to have to download new software I would be keen to hear any reliable ways to do these downloads

bob nebe said...

Ok dont click the top link that says premium download, that takes you to ividid, go to the bottom of the page. Wait till the page fetches the download links, there are 6 of them. Pick the hosting site you wish and click the " Click Here" button. That redirects you to another page,
click the " please CLICK HERE to go to your download page " Then download from that site

garagekings said...

Grant was 9 months younger than me. His passing affected me like no other and continues to do so. I think of his legacy constantly, but especially every May. Although I knew him not, he seemed like a gentle, wise and romantic person. He cannot be replaced.

Thnak you for posting this live recording.