Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kutcha Edwards - Hope

Well its that time of the year we here in Australia
very strangely celebrate the birth of a nation
of the day a bunch of british land thieves landed
or as Kev Carmody put it "the first boat people land"
And the destruction of the oldest continuing society  
on earth began.
The incredible bad taste I view this with is almost
as big as the contempt I feel for Nationalism and
its inevitable displays of contempt for those who
have suffered as a result of this evil
Kutcha Edwards isn't as well known as some of the
amazing murri koori artists but he should be.
His story is inspirational, his songs so very moving
and this album is a landmark album in that regard
His song " Is that what we deserve is" is a song that
should be played around the country tomorrow,
Cause we all know that's the message this country
needs to hear, maybe then you can all pick a nicer
date for your flag waving.
So download this brilliant work and play it loud
Tomorrow also is the day this blog celebrates its
birthday and in 2016 the SSS blog turns 8 years old.

Download Here


Old Man Emu said...

Many happies SSS

Anonymous said...

Hey stripedsunlight, I'd be thrilled if you could reupload "Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen - Midnight Rain", and "The Ugly Truth" if that's possible. Great blog, thanks! Really nice finds
I realize it's been years since it was posted, I'm hoping you still have a copy. Just happy to see your blog isn't abandoned.

Anonymous said...

I want a reupload of custards wacked not wacky and butter cup Bedford thanks