Wednesday, September 15, 2010

→ ↑ → - Venitian Rendezvous E.P.

This is the first E.P. from the band → ↑ → (pronounced as three clicks, often written incorrectly as Tsk Tsk Tsk or Tch Tch Tch)called Venitian Rendezvous released in april 1979.

The cover is a fold around single paper sheet and the single has a blank label with a 33third written in texta on presumabably the a side ... DiY :)
I think this is a second pressing as indicated by cover notes.

→ ↑ →  was an Australian experimental music project formed in Melbourne in 1977 and led by Philip Brophy. Aside from performing music the project displayed artwork, made films and plays, and wrote literature.

 Clifton Hill's Community Music Centre was the base for Philip Brophy's project, → ↑ →. Sometimes compared to Andy Warhol's Factory collective, the group provided experimental music (Brophy on drums or synthesiser), films, videos, and live theatrical performances exploring his aesthetic and cultural interests, often on a minimal budget. Musically the group touched upon a wide range of experimental styles including minimalism, punk rock, muzak, krautrock and disco, usually with no vocalist. (info from wiki)

A good article from Brophy appears in ratsack fanzine posted here.
Check out for details on post → ↑ → work..

Download ep here

Some other → ↑ →  (tsk tsk tsk) stuff is on the mutant sounds blog and worth checking is the terse tapes compilation "One Stop Shopping" from the good folk at severed heads.


bob nebe said...

Hey great work my friend, a great looking post that I shall have to download on my return.
Right now I'm in berlin, what a place!

Mylene McSnapper said...

They recorded three eps in one day at LaTrobe University and then put them out over the next year and a bit. Venitian Rendezvous and Nice Noise sold out really quickly and got massive airplay on triple r so they were repressed in cheaper covers. The originals look great btw.

Unknown said...

o0 McSnapper ... you've done it again ! :) thanks for the info you kick in here at the stripey sound.

and Bob - happy to see your still clocking in.. hope europe is treating u nice

Mylene McSnapper said...

The records were pressed at Astor in Melbourne and they were cheaper if you used blank labels. What they actually did was turned existing labels upside down. I'm pretty sure most of the tch tch tch records were upside down KISS labels. Suck on that KISS completists

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you return to put this link, please? I will look at this during this week or the near one. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

The download links seem to be not working. Would you be so kind as to post new ones?

bob nebe said...

Hi Shawn looks like I never did download this one myself, I shall have to get on to Chuck and he maybe or may not be able to find it

Holly said...

Would also love to download if anyone ever finds a copy... thank you!

Anonymous said...

"Would also love to download if anyone ever finds a copy... thank you!"


JoeE said...

This EP is fetching/asking silly money online but I'd love to hear it. Any chance of a re-up somewhere? I've been listening to a live gig of theirs which was recorded for 3RRR in 1979.