Friday, February 8, 2008

Ambience - Various artists

This 1987 release was a project of the ambience radio show on JJJ, which
was on sunday nights. I never heard the show but liked the look of this
compilation which quickly became one of my favorites.
When the program was conceived in late 84 such music by Australian artists
was rare, a situation changed in part by artists on this Cd.
There are the artists that you'll be familiar with, such as Not Drowning Waving,
Steve Kilbey, Chris Abrahams and the wonderful Gondwanaland.
I plan to cover all these artists, however this really special Cd will serve as an
If your wondering what this is like its very beautiful instrumental music, its
also very intelligent and very relaxing, I remember many years ago camped
at the Lamington national park camp site, playing this round sunset and
people coming up and asking what it was, being quite blowen away by this
If anyone knows more about the artists, or the radio program please tell us
via the comments.

Track list
01 - Movement One (Beginnings) - Andrew Wilson.
02 - Ephemeral Lakes - Gondwanaland
03 - Orpheus - The Umbrellas
04 - Water drops - Not Drowning, Waving
05 - The Cheshire Cat - Not Drowning, Waving
06 - Bin Dancing - John Elder
07 - Twirly- Bird - Michael Atherton
08 - CFD - Chris Abrahams
09 - A sad Little Piano Piece - Steve Kilbey
10 - Napoleon's Army, Christmas Eve, Outside Moscow - Steve Kilbey

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob , very nice post!! I picked up the tape of this when it first came out and had similiar reaction from people that heard it as what you had...they always wanted to know more about it.

I haven't listened to this for a long time and I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks so much for posting it.

bob nebe said...

Hi bottletoe,
I'm glad someone else remembers this,
I had it on cassette too, which I wore out. I was glad on find it on Cd.
Enjoy ciao bob

Anonymous said...

G'day Bob, I missed this when it first came out so I'm really looking forward to it. Love the blog (even though I'm from NSW).

bob nebe said...

Its a very good cd stav , i hope you enjoy it and NSW is fine i hope im not too queensland centric
ciao bob

Hello Beautiful People said...

Hi Bob
I've been looking for this album for years! I used to love the JJJ Sunday night show with Arnold Frolows. Could you pretty please get this download link up again, I'd be really grateful. Great Blog btw I'm loving it!
Lee Sydney

Paul13 said...

G'day Bob, mate this is my most fav 'tape'or it was, as I can no longer find it. Would love it if you could upload the link again. It is the most awesome chillout music. Thanks Paul

bob nebe said...

New link uploaded!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I have strong and bittersweet memories of that album.

Anonymous said...

Very fond memories : this was a sublime and beautiful album. I seem to recall a track called 'Carnarvon' but the artist escapes me (Steve Roach?) that was part of the mix. Nice to see it given recognition - thanks for your post