Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Saints - Live in a Mud Hut

I bought this Lp on import as you had to back in the days before in internet,
its a French release on New Rose, which was never released here in Australia.
It captures faithfully Chris Baileys Saints after the brilliant
A Little Madness to be Free (1984) and before the even better
All Fool's Day (1986)
I have an incredibly rare solo album from round the same period
of Chris's, which has the first recorded version on "Ghost Ships"
which was originally called "Wait Until Tomorrow"
Anyway this is another great performance from
Chris Bailey.

Track List
1.Follow the leader
2.Let's Pretend
4.Walk Away
7.Ghost Ships
8.Someone to tell me
9.On the Waterfront
11.Know Your Product

Download Here


Anonymous said...

The best australian band in my opinion.

Thanks from France.

Chris D.

bob nebe said...

I'd have to agree
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a club by name of Mudd Club. New Rose renamed it allegedly to avoid having to pay the arrangers any fees. I was there. Nuff said. Great band, never forgotten. /R

bob nebe said...

Fantastic bit of information, the record cover is rather vague.
"Recorded in a mud hut somewhere in Europe. Sometime in 1984"
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I don't remember who the other guys in the band were, but Ivor Hay was there. Got signed copies by Ivor H & Chris B of All Fool's Day and the 12 inch Temple of the Lord. Good blog, this. /R

Anonymous said...

I'm a french of the saints and other australian group, the link of this post is dead, could you repost?
Thanks a lot

bob nebe said...

back up again

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Bob
Same problems with Angie Pepper & the Passengers - It´s Just That I Miss You, Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective,
Ed Kuepper and the Oxley Creek Boys - Live
Links are dead.If you can't do something
A lot of thanks


sambson said...

My understanding is that Kim Bradshaw is the bassist on the studio album, but The Birthday Party's Tracy Pew played on this tour. So does that mean this is the only recording of The Saints with Tracey?

bob nebe said...

Kim was only on the first album in the original line up with Ed Kuepper. Tracey appears to only played with Chris's saints in 1984

The wiki entry for a little maddness to be free says

A Little Madness to Be Free was the sixth album to be released by Australian band The Saints. This time around, frontman Chris Bailey persuaded original members, Kim Bradshaw (bass) and Ivor Hay (drums), to rejoin the band. On the album tour, the bass player was ex-The Birthday Party man Tracy Pew.

Live in a mud hut was from that tour so i guess its the only recording with tracey

Anonymous said...

HI there - I have been trying to get a copy of this online forever!! Id love to download a copy, but the I guess as this post is very old its broken... Can you pls get back to me with how I can get it? Thanks!! DYG