Saturday, February 9, 2008

Go-Betweens - live-to-air Brisbane 4ZZZ 10/11/79

This is a very rare and historically important recording,
I've collected a lot of Go-betweens shows,
but this has to be the oldest.
Recorded by 4zzz and broadcast live I assume it was at
a market day this was the highlight of a weekend of fundraising
mayhem zzz would undertake sometime every year in October so with the date given as November I could be wrong bout that.
I was a bit young to be getting to things like market
days in 79, but I went to a few later ones before the
station was booted off the uni campus.
They were loads of fun with bands playing and stalls
selling all sorts of weird stuff, food like cane toad burgers
(not really made from cane toads), a nick cave look a like
contest one year and the AM radio throwing contest.
I remember one year comedian Gerry Connelly dressed
up as the Queen opening the festivities and very
nearly getting hit by one of those small transistor
radios which someone had thrown farer than expected.
Enjoy this, its a great recording, bit of a rough performance, but well worth having

Track List

01. Lee Remick

02. Help Or Something
03. Don't Let Him Come Back

04. Lies

05. Stop Before You Say It
06. Waiting Here So Long

07. What The Sea Wants
08. Green Light
09. Only Sinners Care
10. The Sound Of Rain
11. First Time Ever

12. Karen

13. Hope

14. But You're Close

15. People Say

16. Breathing In The Cold Air

Download Here


misha said...

Thank you so much bob! I think I'll upload some more bootlegs of the gobees too. Anyway, this recording is
very important historically. Thank you again.

bob nebe said...

I've got some great Gobs stuff, even an excellent Grant boot, but
there seems to be a lack of Robert shows, so if you'll got any that would be fantastic
ciao bob

misha said...

Really a boot of grant's? Maybe I have finally found a recording of a performance of grant & bob together during their "intermission", but I have no solo concert. That'd be so great. My next post will be on krautrock, but the one after that definetely a gobees'boot.

Overhere said...

I always knew that I would get a copy of this - I'm just glad it was from you and your blog - cheers Bob - keep up the blinding work

Tom said...

Thanks for this. Would love to hear any more early go-bes shows, particularly Lullaby, Hollywood era stuff. Did they play much in Australia in that period, or were they stuck in the UK?

bob nebe said...

The first time I saw them was when they had just released before hollywood and were touring to promote it, they were
still a three piece, but were no longer based in Brisbane.It was at east leagues club somtime in 1983,
I remember they played lee remick
which was pretty exciting cause I couldn't buy it anywhere.

ciao bob

mr.kenneth said...

thanks for this Bob ... keen to hear it!

and congrats on a fabulous selection of shares so far ... many thanks!

lucky you getting to the Kuepper/Died Pretty gig ... the Tivoli is my favourite venue in this town ... and your review was great to read ... if only envy inducing! :)

best wishes

bob nebe said...

Mr.K, glad to see you round this part os cyberspace and thanks for your kind words. I hope your not getting to wet over your side of the bridge
ciao bob

bazzil said...

Hey Bob, thanks for this.
I remember 4ZzZ playing live gigs every Friday night (The show was called Friday Night Live strangely enough) and I did record a few, although the only one I can find now is Jimmy and The Boys.
You don't by chance have any others do you ?

bob nebe said...

No sorry Bazzil, no more zzz live to air
stuff. I can't remember the show you speak of, but they must of covered some interesting bands.
ciao bob

mialee said...

Just came across this and thought you'd be interested:
Keep up your good work.

bob nebe said...

Thanks for the link mialee ,I love
the demo boots
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

thanks heaps for this bob. I came to the go-betweens late and have bought all their commercially available albums. so any concerts or the like that I get my hands on are a great bonus.
lindy was one of my son's teachers last year at TAFE, as was rob younger.

great blog by the way.

bob nebe said...

Fancy having teachers like that and thanks for your encouraging comments,
I hope you got the earlier go-betweens post "Very quick on the eye"
ciao bob